Hey guys, Phantom 1 here. Here is the Special Edition of the pilot of my Pokemon/Anime

crossover series. I hope you enjoy.

I don't own any of the characters of Pokemon or Ranma 1/2. Those belong to Nintendo, Rumiko

Takahashi, 4 Kids Entertainment, etc...

Pokemon/Ranma 1/2 X-Over: Ultimate Evil, Ultimate Power


Ash and his friends live on an island unofficially (but shall be known in this story) named

"Pokemon Island." It is 5 hours away from Japan in the South Pacific.

While the citizens of Pokemon Island do know about the world, the world does not know about

It takes place an estimate over two months after the "Mew Two Incident" which Ash and the
others have no knowledge of.

In this story, Ash and his friends will be joined by other trainers. One such trainer's name
is Kojiyoshi. His arsenal of Pokemon include Charmander, Porygon, Bulbasaur, Primeape, and

Brock recently captured a Rhyhorn.

A pokebelt is a special belt that contains pokeballs. All Pokemon trainers, masters, and gym
leaders have one.

"" shows what the Pokemon are saying.

All Pokemon except Mew will have a translation.

Jigglypuff has become Misty's Pokemon. It promises not to sing unless asked to.

Ash has gotten back his Butterfree and now Butterfree's mate and their Catterpie babies are
living with Ash's mother in Pallett Town.

Jessie and James have a whole new arsenal of Pokemon which will be revealed in all due time.

Some people are confused as to how to spell the name of Misty's egg Pokemon like "T-O-G-E-P-I"
or T-O-G-E-P-Y." For this fanfic, it will be called "Togepi" because it makes the name easier
to pronounce.

Ranma 1/2
A new character has come to Nerima. His name is Ki-Master. His sole mission is to stop people
like Happosai from stealing. Unlike the others, he does not have a grudge against Ranma or
desires to marry Akane.

Ranma has the hiryuu shoten ha and the mokuo takahibisha.

Some of the characters have new powers.


Mew and Mew Two were now good friends. Mew was able to teach Mew Two about the world and
about itself. Through their travels, Mew Two learned about how Pokemon battle for fun, not to
murder other Pokemon. Mew Two learned about honor and justice. About fairness. And most
importantly, about love.
As they approached an uncharted island, a rumbling began taking place.

What is that? Mew Two asked its "parent" vie telepathy.
"Mew." Mew shrugged showing it did not know as well.
As the two rare psychic Pokemon landed on the island, they saw a humungous creature emerge from
what looked like a volcano. It was human-shaped, a beige-type color. The skin was shiny, like
metal. It's eyes were two golden triangles that could pierce even the most toughest of souls.
The creature suddenly grabbed Mew Two and threw it to the ground. Mew let loose a
psychic blast that would've comatose a Gyradose but didn't even phase the creature. Mew and
Mew Two threw all their psychic energies into one big blast.
It knocked the creature on its butt but did nothing else.

"Mew-Mew-Mew," Mew commented as the creature headed out toward ocean.
I agree, Mew Two replied. We're going to need help.