Epilogue: The Mystery

Ash, Brock, Yoshi, Ayako, Sabrina, Duplica, Pikachu, Togepi, Prof. Oak, Ranma, and Dr.
Tofu stood inside the room that Dr. Tofu set up for Misty. Since they got back, her breathing
has returned to normal and she even sneezed. A sure sign that she was going to be all right.
Everybody watched as the blue eyes that Ash found so captivating slowly opened. They
decided to keep a few feet back so Misty doesn't get startled when she sees all the faces.

Misty groaned. "What happened to me? Who are you?"

"I am Doctor Tofu. You are in my clinic. You've been like this for a couple of days."

"If I've been asleep for all this time, how come I still feel tired?"

"It's the drugs we had to give you to keep you from slipping into a deeper coma then you
were already in," Dr. Tofu explained. "Don't worry, in a few days, you'll feel like yourself

"That's good." Misty then saw Ash and the others. "Um... Doctor, can I ask you a

"Sure, Misty. Go ahead."

"Who are all these people?"

To Be Continued

The Anime Crossover Saga will continue in:

Pokemon/Dragonball Z: The Wish