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Title: Wait For Me

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Pairing: G/S (Who else??) ;)

Rating: G (No reason not to be, really....)

She stood there staring at him, her brown eyes focused on his blue ones. Neither one of them moved. She was mad at him again, and the reason for that, neither knew.

"I'm going for a walk Gil," she said to him, and left him there, not waiting for a response.

He didn't say anything as she opened their front door and exited the room.

Out in the chilly winter air, Sara slowly made her way down the garden path and opened the small gate at the end. The creaking metal frame opened easily and allowed her to walk through. She closed it behind her, the noise it made reminding her of poor quality whiteboard markers in use against a whiteboard. Wrapping her long jacket tighter around her cold body, Sara headed off down the long, quiet street.

Sara slowly began walking, feeling grateful that she could take her time. A gust of freezing wind blew her hair in crazy swirls above her head as she leaned forward against the invisible force. Brown, brittle leaves were rolling down the road like tumbleweed accompanied by the occasional piece of rubbish – plastic mostly. 'Why is it so hard to put a piece of rubbish in the bin these days?' Sara wondered to herself as she trudged on. 'It's such a danger to animals and our environment.'

Wrapping her arms around her body, Sara stopped under a park tree to rest. She was nearly there, but her aging body was telling her to stop a while. Years of crouching to seek out evidence were finally taking their toll on her knees and back, and a task as simple as walking a few kilometers had now become such a tough challenge. But she was tough, always had been, and it would take more than a few aging bones to stop her.

And so Sara began walking again, and it only took a few more minutes until she reached her destination.

She slid through the small gap between the large metal gates and headed down the dirt path. Tall, lifeless trees towered above her either side of the path, making Sara feel short-a strange feeling for the tall brunette. The graveyard had never been one of her favorite places to visit in the past, but recently it had become a regular place to stop.

'Now if I recall correctly....'

Turning her head from left, to right, to left, to right, Sara finally found what she was looking for. She walked over to the tombstone positioned under a leafless dying tree and stood before it, looking down at the ground.

The plastic flowers placed by her old co-workers were now fading, and the card that one of them had left behind was water-damaged. The candles which were nestled in the grass had long been without a flame, after years of lying there unused.

"Your picture still remains on my wall, Gil", she said. "And I nearly threw a plate at it this morning when I couldn't find those pins I told you to put in the cupboard a while ago. Remember? You said you'd 'do it in a minute.'" Sara smiled at the thought.

"Gosh Gil, I miss you so much. It's so hard so sit around waiting for my day to come. But you'll wait for me, won't you? Of course you will."

Sara turned to leave but stopped as she remembered something.

"Oh and by the way, happy anniversary Gil."


Sara (Quote): "For everyone that parts...

...one stands above ground." (end Quote)

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