Got this idea while cleaning the car. My typo that I made before stated that Jesse was six meters. That's kind tall…I meant, six feet but that doesn't rhyme. So, two meters…



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20 Things I Hate About You

I hate the stupid books you read, like Critical Theory Since Plato,

I hate it when I look at you, and I got red like a tomato.

I hate it how my voice goes squeaky, when you're in vicinity,

I hate it how Father Dom thinks you're dangerous to my virginity.

I hate it how I can't kiss anyone, coz I just love you so much,

I hate it how I turn to jelly with just a single touch.

I hate it how you swear in Spanish, can't you just say "shit"?

I hate it whenever I mention Paul, you have a total fit.

I hate your stupid 1800s boots, and that shirt that shows your abs,

I hate it so much it makes me crazy, I'm SO gonna need rehab.

I hate it how my world spins fast, when you say "querida,"

I hate it how you're so damn tall, like, almost two meters.

I hate it how you're always sitting there, on my window seat,

I hate it how you don't cringe, when you bandage up my feet.

I hate it when you don't get my jokes, because I was born too late,

I hate it – God, it burns me up - how we can't go on a date.

I hate it how you kiss me softly and then you leave for days,

I hate it so much, Jesse, when you sadly avoid my gaze.

I hate it how I can't hate you, because you're perfect in every way,

I hate it how we can't be together, but someday, Jesse.