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Part One: Feto Freeze

Seventeen year old wizard, Harry Potter, dodged another curse that flew its way towards him, and sent one back, making the Death Eater fall unconscious to the ground. He looked around him quickly; Professor Sprout was nearby fight two Death Eaters. A green light shot out of one of the wands and surrounded the head of Hufflepuff house. The kind and gentle woman fell to the ground, unmoving, and the two Death Eaters moved on to new victims.

Green lights of the 'Avada Kedavra' curse appeared and there was a few of the light and some of the dark succumbed to the deadly curse. Snape killed another Death Eater as he fought his way towards Harry to help him get to Voldemort. Neville came up to Harry and smiled encouragingly as he and Harry started to fight side by side.

Harry hears two cold and cruel voices shout the word 'crucio' from behind him, before Harry could react Neville moved behind him, protecting him from the debilitating pain. After a few seconds Neville's screams were heard. Harry sent many hexes and curses towards the two Death Eaters that were hurting his friend. The Death Eaters fell to the ground and the curses lifted, Neville mouthed the words 'keep going' before he passed out form the prolonged and double curses he had been hit with.

Harry heard the familiar yell of his lover Draco; he looked around the battle field to see him fall to the ground. "no!" came Harry's pain filled cry at the sight of his fallen lover. Severus Snape had finally reached Harry's side. He placed a calming hand on Harry's shoulder and stopped him from running to Draco's side.

Severus and Harry once again turned their attention towards the battle going on around them as Death Eaters swamped down on them; anger fuelled Harry's curses as another Death Eater fell before him. Severus took out another two and they continued on their way to confront Voldemort.

A Cruciatus curse flew towards Harry, but Severus blocked its path, letting the curse hit him instead. Harry turned to face the one who sent the curse, McNair. He sent hexes and curses toward him and the last few hit there mark. Severus came out from under the curses effects. Voldemort apparated from the battle; the Death Eaters that were left threw curse after cruse at him.

He dodged as many as he could, but finally one of the Cruciatus curses hit him. Another two joined in torturing and tormenting him with pain. He screamed in agony and fought to lift his wand. He sent curses in every direction trying to hit one of the three Death Eaters. One fell under his 'Petrificus Totalus' leaving two others for him to fight against. A stupefy curse hit another. The edges of his vision were starting to go black. He heard the killing curse from behind him. The curses hit the remaining Death Eater and not him, finally the Cruciatus curses was lifted. The world turned black and he fell into the waiting darkness that comforted him. The last thing he felt was gentle arms catching him as he collapsed.

Severus shot a stupefy curse at the last remaining Death Eater that was standing, cursing Harry. The Death Eater fell and Severus made his way to the man's feet and went over to Harry, who started to collapse to the ground as he took a step towards him. Rushing as fast as he could, Severus caught Harry before he could reach the ground. He picked up the fallen young man up and made his way to Hogwarts. The battle had ended not long after Harry had fallen when the Death Eaters that were still standing had fled the area, following the Dark Lord. Those that had fallen were being taken care of and the Death Eaters were being taken prisoner.

Severus entered the hospital wing with Harry in his arms; the hospital wing was a little busy, though most of the injured were being taken care of at St Mungo's. He walked over to one of the empty beds and gently laid Harry down. He then went and told Poppy that Harry was there. She went over to take care of Harry.

Severus went to the potions storage room and got some Anti-Cruciatus Pain potion for everyone that had suffered from the curse. He took one vial and drank it, shuddering from the taste. He returned to Poppy's side and got Harry to swallow a vial of the potion to counteract the curses effects.

Poppy then started to scan the young man as he was still unconscious. Dumbledore came up behind them both as they worked in tandem. Severus then went of and gave out the potion vials to others before he returned to Poppy. He noticed Dumbledore and quickly greeted the aged wizard.

"How is our young Mr Potter?" Albus Dumbledore asked, as Poppy finished scanning Harry.

"Hello Albus. His suffered from numerous Cruciatus curses, has a high number of bruises and a few cuts. Nothing too serious." Poppy informed him after she had finished the scans.

"Poppy I hear a but at the end of that sentence." Albus said as he looked at the overworked and worried looking medi-witch.

"I ran a scan to make sure he had no internal injuries." she started to explain, "What I found was something very different."

"What is wrong Poppy?" Severus asked as he put down the nearly empty potion case.

"He is around three months pregnant Albus, Severus," she answered, in almost panic.

"How is that possible? Only a potions master knows how to brew the male pregnancy potions as they are a guarded secret," Severus wondered out loud.

"It looks natural, his body changed by its own magic creating the womb needed as well as an egg for conception. Albus a natural pregnancy like this hasn't happened in over 400 years," Poppy explained, as she looked from the unconscious Harry to Albus' worried face.

"How is Harry's body coping? And is the baby alright?" Severus asked to two questions quietly.

"The baby is fine and so is Harry. His body is coping well with the changes," Poppy answered him, as they walked to her office for some privacy.

"What about the war, will he no longer be able to fight?" Severus asked everyone as they sat down.

"He will have to stop, if he miscarries, it may kill him." Poppy said sombrely as she remembered reading about natural male pregnancies. "The womb is not attached to Harry the normal way, it relies on magic, with a miscarriage the baby dies because of outside interference; the baby's magic is given to Harry. The stronger the magic of the child the more it will hurt Harry. It can kill him if the baby has a strong magical signature, and from what I can tell his child has a very strong signature," she explained it to them as best as she could.

"He must stop fighting there is no question about that," Severus said looking at the quiet Albus.

"There is another way to let Harry keep the child and to continue to fight," Albus told them, looking at the other two.

"How Albus if he continues to fight and is hurt more severely a miscarriage could kill him," Severus said, as he looked at the headmaster in wonder.

"There is a spell I can perform an old one at that. It is very safe, but unheard of because most want to let their pregnancy carry on as normal." Albus started to explain.

"What does it do exactly?" Poppy asked, thinking what the spell is.

"It freezes the foetus in its state for a period of time," he stated simply.

"But Harry could still miscarry, Albus, how will that help?" Severus thought out loud.

"The spell also puts a protective barrier around the womb keeping the baby safe from outside harm. The only way for the baby to die is if Harry himself dies," Albus explained the spell in full.

"Well we best tell Harry this news as soon as he wakes up," Severus said, nodding his approval for the spells use.

"No, that would not be a good idea Severus," Albus said firmly, looking at Severus.

"Why in the name of Merlin not, he has a right to know," Poppy argued, a look of anger slipping onto her face.

"And so does Draco after all this is his child too," Severus added anger apparent in his voice but nothing showing on his face.

"If we tell them they will not fight and forbid the spell to be used," Albus started to explain, "He's still a target even though he is not participating in battle."

They sat arguing a few more points, but they finally agreed in the end that using the spell and not telling the two of their unborn child would be the best course of action. Harry would no doubt stop fighting and they needed him. They went back out into the hospital wing and went over to Harry's bed. Harry was still unconscious because of exhaustion from battle; Poppy explained after a quick scan.

Albus took out his wand and cast the spell 'Feto Freeze' on Harry. A bright red light shot out of the wand and flew to Harry, it entered Harry's abdomen and the bright light turned purple. It surrounded the area where the little baby was sleeping unaware of what is happening. The light got brighter, before fading into Harry. The young man continued to sleep on; unaware of what was happening to him and the life of his and Draco's unborn child.

"Oh Merlin" Harry groaned aloud as he woke up several hours later. He looked around squinting from the lack of glasses. He noticed the whitewash walls and sterile smell of the hospital wing.

Poppy's voice came floating towards him, as the medi-witch walked towards the bed. "Ah Harry, I'm glad to see you awake."

"Poppy, is everyone okay?" he asked, as Poppy reached his bed and checked him over making sure he was alright. "Draco! He was hurt is he aright?" Harry panicked slightly, remembering that Draco had fallen during the battle.

"Draco is recovering and will be up and about soon, so don't worry Harry," she answered softly, reassuring him of his lover's safety.

"And the others, how are they?" he asked, prompting Poppy to tell him the end of the battle.

"Many were hurt. Unfortunately very few were killed, this time." she answered gently. "We lost professor Sprout, Seamus Finnegan and Bill Weasley." she told him of those that had died during the latest battle against Voldemort.

"What about the Death Eater's?" Harry asked, as he sat up a little to drink a mild healing potion.

"We captured a number of them. Most escaped with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." she told him as she took the empty vial from his hands. "A number are dead, the Ministry is sorting that all out now." she added gently, as she looked at the young man, who had aged far more than those around him.

He yawned as sleep began to work its way through his body. "Right."

"Get some more sleep, Harry. Rest while you can," she said softly. Harry's eyes fluttered shut as he gently slipped into a restful, but troubled sleep.

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