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Baby Joy

Harry was sat in the garden swing, watching as leaves fell from the trees in the early autumn morning. He was now almost nine months pregnant, and to himself he looked like a beached whale, though Draco had insisted that he was still gorgeous and being pregnant made him glow with health. Harry and Draco were very excited; their baby boy was due in two weeks.

He got up from the swing and slowly waddled his way into the cottage. He went to the study, where Draco was already working. Draco had stayed home from work when Harry went into false labour the week before. The young man was worried that in case something were to happen if he was away at the offices, he didn't want to leave it to chance, so he stayed home with Harry.

Draco's blonde head was bent over pieces of paper. Occasionally dipping his quill into the inkwell was the only thing he did, as well as scratching notes on said paper. Harry made his way to the couch Draco had put in there for when Harry wanted to be with him. Sitting down with care, Harry watched his husband at work. He could hear the slight mummer of words coming from him, as he read aloud.

A shape pain in Harry's lower back brought him from his musings. He brushed it off until it happened again, but this time it was more painful than the last, he gasped sharply. Draco's head shot up at the sound. He turned towards the sound, noticing it was coming from Harry.

Draco got up out of his chair and rushed to Harry's side and said worriedly, "Harry what's wrong?"

Harry looked through inky black bangs and replied, "I think its Leon."

Draco helped Harry stand and walked him slowly into the bedroom. As he laid Harry down, Harry had another contraction. Draco ran out of the room and fire called Poppy and Severus to come over and that it was time. The two were soon in the cottage. Poppy helped Harry and Severus got out his potions to help Harry with the pain.

Remus had stayed behind at their Manor, so he could fire call the others and tell them that Harry had gone into labour. He called Hermione, who was not at work that day. She said she'll come over, as soon as Ron got home from work; he was out on a mission. He called Molly next, who said that she had the twins with her and would tell Fred and Oliver, George and Katie what was happening. She also said she would fire call Charlie and Neville. Remus sighed in relief, 'Well that was everyone,' he thought to himself, as he prepared to floo over to Harry and Draco's to see what was happening.

Remus arrived and went straight to the bedroom, where he could hear Harry yelling something very nasty at Draco. The only thing Draco said in return was reassurance that everything would be fine and there was nothing to worry about. Knocking on the door, he waited to see if it would be answered.

Draco went to the door and opened it with a look of utter relief he pulled Remus inside the room and said, "Remus, thank Merlin can you help me with Harry he's panicking, he's two weeks early and is working himself into a state."

He looked over to Harry who' face was red and tears feel down the reddened checks. "Yes of course," Remus answered, seeing the state Harry was working himself into was evident.

Harry pushed one final time, and with his yell was soon joined by a scream from their baby boy Leon Drake Potter-Malfoy. Harry laughed with relief, after the last 15 hours of labour disappeared to the back of his mind. Poppy cleaned the little baby boy up and wrapped him in the forest green, dragon blanket Molly had given them at the baby shower.

Leon was placed in to Harry's arms. Tears of joy began to fall as he looked into the silver-blue eyes of his child. He gently ran his fingers through the mostly blonde mop of hair; there was a streak of black on the left side of the head going from the parting to his little ear. He was gorgeous.

Draco and Remus went out of the room and to all of those that were waiting in the living room for news. They walked in and Draco's smile and tears said all they needed to know what had happen. Draco was congratulated by all of them; he told them that they could see Harry a little later, as he was tired from the birth.

Everyone said they would stay here for a while, in the hopes of seeing Harry earlier instead of later. Draco left the cheers and congratulations to get back to his son and husband. Entering the bedroom, he found that Harry was still awake.

"I thought you would be asleep now," Draco said jokingly, as he went and sat next to him on the bed.

"I don't think I can, I just want to look at him and never let him go," Harry responded softly, as Draco gently brushed his fingers through the baby's hair.

Draco turned to look at Harry, who yawned. "Get some sleep Harry he'll still be here," he whispered softly, as he took Leon and placed him in the bassinet to sleep.

Draco sat next to Harry and pulled the tired form into his arms. Listening to Draco's heartbeat, Harry fell asleep lulled by its steady erythematic beat. Draco fell to sleep not too long after.

They awoke to the baby screaming for attention, Little Leon was hungry; Draco summoned one of the bottles Poppy had done for them. Picking him up, he started to feed the little one. Harry watched on, smiling at the sight Draco made.

Harry was holding Leon once again, as the whole of his 'family' came into the room. They all gushed over the little boy, especially the way his hair was. Hermione commented that he would never have to dye his hair for a cool look. Everyone laughed softly at that, so not to wake Leon up.

Leon slept straight through being handed to each person in the room; Molly, Remus, Severus, Ron, Hermione, Fred, Oliver, George, Katie, Neville and Charlie, who had both gotten a little time off work to come and see Harry and the baby. Harry fell to sleep, as his child was passed around, but Draco stood watching everyone.

Noticing Harry was fast asleep, he got everyone out of the bedroom. He put Leon in the bassinet and lay next to his husband and father, though to him mother, of his child. He fell to sleep, yet again, as he held onto Harry and watched the tiny chest of his baby boy rise and fall with each breath.

The End

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