Broken Sky: Act 4 Part 1

Threat Rising

A Fanfic by Anthony Edwards

Author note: My very first attempt at a Fan Fiction story, please read and review, all comments gratefully accepted. I don't own any of the Broken Sky Characters, nor any of the themes depicted in the Broken Sky series, they belong to Chris Wooding.

Chapter 1

In the years following the Integration Wars many subtle changes came over both the Dominions and Kiran Taq. Many of these subtle changes didn't affect the everyday person and the few that did were not noticed much. Both worlds were now in the capable hands of a democratically elected government instigated by the Parrakans, these government soon gained a foothold and began to develop of their own accord needing no further input from the Parrakan organisation.

One of the biggest projects was the rebuilding of Tusani City, which had been destroyed by the Mau Grist and the Fal Juja rampaging through the city until one careened into the Magma Derricks that powered the bustling Metropolis, and the resulting explosion levelled the city. The rebuilding got underway pretty much as soon as the Wars were over. Kirans, sensing a kind of kinship with the folk of the Dominions came in droves through the Ley Boosters to help their long lost brethren. But even as the Dominions were still reeling from the Deepwater creatures there was a slow and steady recovery that allowed the people of the Dominions and the people of Kiran Taq to gain trust of one another finally dispelling the fear that the deposed King Macaan had installed in both peoples.

It was soon decided that Parraka was no longer needed to maintain the peace and the council of Parraka decided to disband the organisation. Many of the members that had made their home at Gar Jenna, the secret city and base of operations for Parraka, decided to stay and the city began to grow and trade with the wider world. For some members though the Integration Wars had claimed the lives of many loved ones and they decided that they wished to leave the fair city behind, some to settle in the mountains, for a quieter life, and others to join the masses of people flooding across the sea to the new land discovered by the first ship to have a miniature Pulse Hammer on board.

The first settlers christened this new land; they called it the New Dominions. The rate of progress on the new continent was slow as the required materials to develop a port only slowly filtered across the great ocean that separated the new form the old, but slowly and surely the first port was built and the ships that traversed the sea became larger and faster as the Mechanists Guild designed new and better technology, for both worlds, to transport both people and materials across the sea.

But even as the two worlds integrated fully there were still problems to overcome and glitches that needed to be rectified, and the government handled each situation as it came, but little did they know that on the horizon of both worlds, storm clouds were gathering and soon the twin worlds would be in need again.

Only this time the heroes of the Integration Wars would be separated, their powers divided. Only if they return to each other will their powers be great enough to beat the new enemy, only if they all returned could they save the destiny of both worlds.