Rings or Vows

It was sunny and warm on the day of Draco and Harry's bonding ceremony. Draco and Harry were in separate tents waiting for the start of the ceremony. The ceremony was to take place at Hogwarts, next to lake. Guest had arrived and the twins were with Hermione and Remus. The decorations were in pale green and a pale blue. They were so many to seat as half of the students of the school had turned up to wish them well on their journey together.

Draco was nervous, his uncle Severus was trying to keep him calm. He had asked him as soon as he saw him after he had given birth to the twins. Harry had asked Ron, his first friend. They had both gone to Headmaster Dumbledore and asked him if he would officiate the bonding ceremony fro them. He had been delighted with the request and had said yes to them.

The ceremony was starting, Draco and Harry exited from their tents and met each other at the top of the aisle. With their hand joined they walked down the aisle to the little stage that over looked the lake. The golden trim on their pure white robes shone in the sunlight.. Their smile's of happiness was there for all the guest to see.

Ron and Severus followed a few steps behind them. Their own silver trim on the royal blue robes sparkling in the sunlight as well. Draco and Harry had reached the stage and were now stood in front of Headmaster Dumbledore. Ron and Severus went to the side of their friend and stood waiting to be called upon for their part.

Dumbledore smiled at the two in front of them and said to all that had gathered "Welcome to the ceremony for the bonding of souls between Draco Richard Malfoy and Harry James Potter."

"Do you Draco Richard Malfoy agree to be joined to Harry James Potter from here until eternity?" Dumbledore asked as he looked towards the blonde young man.

Draco's eyes shone with happiness as he gave his answer "Yes I will bond with Harry for all eternity."

"Now do you Harry James Potter agree to be joined to Draco Richard Malfoy from here until eternity?" he then asked the young man that he had consider a grandson since the day he walked into Hogwarts.

"Harry looked at Draco and smiled lovingly at him and replied "Yes I will bond with Draco for all eternity."

Dumbledore then looked at Severus and said "Severus Salazar Snape, do you agree to this bonding of souls?"

Severus smiled at the two and replied gently "I agree with heart and mind to this bonding of souls."

"Ronald Samuel Weasley do you agree to this bonding of souls?" he then asked Harry's best friend.

"I agree with heart and mind to this bonding of souls." he said as he smiled happily at his friends.

"does anyone here wish any ill or harm to this bonding please stand and make yourself known." Dumbledore said to the guest, no one stood up to oppose them.

"please join together your right hands." he told Harry and Draco, they did so and Dumbledore placed a golden rope around their wrist to join them. It glowed brightly, and in a flash the rope had disappeared and was now visible on the wrist of Draco and Harry, they had bondend. "Severus, Ron the rings if you please."

Severus and Ron gave the rings to their friend and stepped back. The rings were the same including the inscription inside of them. 'D & H for all eternity'. the rings were exchanged between each other. The silver band with the golden Celtic design shone in the sunlight.

They turned to face the guest and Dumbledore said proudly "May I now present to you all Draco and Harry Potter Malfoy. May you years together be many upon this Earth."

Those that had gathered clapped for the two newly bonded. They hoped the journey they were now sharing was a pleasant one for each of them, they both deserved the happiness that could be seen on their joyful faces. The clapping had also woken the twins up, though they were not crying they were gurgling happily in Hermione and Remus' arms.