Who Are You? – Part One.

Author: Carly
Rating: PG
Category: DRR/MSR Angst
Summary: Over a year has passed since the finale, and after their safety is restored Mulder and Scully are home. Mulder is finding it difficult to ajust to normal life again. He misses his son. Reyes offers him advice and thus begins the spiral of events that not even Mulder ends up being able to control. Reyes has to ask questions that Mulder wants answers to. But is she ready for what she'll discover about herself?

"Bad day?" Mulder turned around to see Agent Reyes walking towards him with a big warm smile on her face.

"No worse than any other this week."

"That good huh?"

"Oh yeah. Can I get you a drink?"

"Sure." Mulder ordered Reyes' drink and they moved to a table in the corner of the bar.

"So, what are you doing drinking alone on a Friday night? No date?"

"John is joining me as soon as he's finished with a case report."

"Oh I see, well I'll be sure to leave before that joyous event."

"Why do you give him such a hard time?"

"Because he gives me one. It's not that I don't like Agent Doggett, I just... I don't really

like him..."

"Ah I see, well thanks for clearing that up. So, why were you sat alone in a bar that is known to be regularly frequented by FBI agents?"

"Nostalgia. Gives me a sense of what it used to be like to belong somewhere."

"You'd come back to the bureau?"

"God no. I'd go back to the x-files. They never really fell under what you'd call working for the FBI."

"They still don't. But I would have thought that you and Dana were glad to be back, that you could finally get on with your lives."

"You mean because there's no longer a government conspiracy full of men and women plotting to bring us both down and kill us no matter what the costs? Oh yeah, everything's coming up roses."

"Wow, you really are having a bad case of 'the world is against me'."

"Well technically it is. December 22nd 2012. It's only nine years and ten days away."

"A lot can change in nine years and ten days."

"Not this. For a year Scully and I tried to find a way to stop it, we risked our own lives to

protect every innocent person on this sorry ass planet. And for what? To be contacted by you and told that 'hey, it's ok, you can come back, you're heads are no longer wanted on a


"Well in my book that's classed as good news."

"And what exactly did we have to come back to? We've been back almost six months, Scully's back at Quantico and desperately trying to get me a job somewhere within the bureau, but I just don't care."

"You're a kept man."

"Yeah. Only things would be different if..."

"If what?"

"If my son were here. I'd be the twenty-first century dad that stays at home to take care of

the kid whilst the mom goes to work. I should be taking care of William."

"I'm sorry you never got to spend much time with him. He was a very sweet boy."

"It just feels so wrong to have a two year old son that I haven't seen since he was a couple

of days old. I'd fight to get him back tomorrow if I could."

"Well have you tried?"

"Well, no. But I can't see that it's going to be a case of 'daddy's home and your parents

aren't on the run anymore so we'll just hand you right back over'."

"Mulder you are far too cynical. If you really want your son back I refuse to believe that it is impossible. No child should be brought up without knowing who its birth parents are."

"You sound as if you know what you're talking about."

"I do."

"You were adopted?"

"Yes. I tried to use my personal experience to convince Dana to keep William; I couldn't stand the thought of him being brought up by strangers when there were so many people who adored him at home. I loved to take care of him and help Dana out, her mom did, John did, and it worked for a while. But I was there when she let him go. I've never seen somebody's heart so broken. You weren't here, so the decision was hers alone. It was the hardest thing to get through. I think that if you talked to her about it, maybe you could decide on the first steps to getting William back."

"I don't know."

"I know nothing about how adoption works, as odd as that may sound given my own situation, but I know that if you truly want your son back then you should let nothing stand in your way." As Reyes stopped speaking Agent Doggett appeared at the table, clearly he was assessing the situation, his girlfriend was sitting drinking with a man that never hid his dislike for him.

"Agent Doggett."


"Well, I'll leave you two to it. Thank for the advice Agent Reyes."

"Any time." Mulder finished his drink and stood up. He walked around the table and Doggett quickly took his place and kissed Reyes softly on the lips. Reyes was impressed; he was marking his territory and had been jealous to see Mulder with her. It made her smile, and it reassured her that he loved her as much as she loved him. Mulder left and contemplated going home to talk to Scully about their son.

Doggett and Reyes didn't stay in the bar long. They went back to her place and snuggled up on the sofa in front of the TV. They had been dating for almost a year. A year ago on December 20th they had been Christmas shopping together and then to a Christmas party at the bureau. It sounded cliché, but they got caught underneath some mistletoe and ended up at Doggett's place by the end of the night. They spent Christmas together and on Boxing Day Doggett flew to New York to see his family and Reyes to Mexico. Both were supposed to stay with their families until the New Year, both flew back to DC to see the New Year in together.

Things were going great, and they were always together, for a relationship that they had

agreed to take slowly, things were certainly moving fast.

Mulder didn't sleep at all that night. He watched Scully sleep and was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he was lying in bed with the woman he loved. He would move the world for this woman; he just hadn't been able to ensure the world would go on past 2012 for her. They had never discussed William once they had shared the grief of giving him up for adoption. It was a subject that was too painful for Scully to even think about, there were no signs anywhere that a child had ever lived in the apartment. But Mulder had seen the photograph of William that Scully kept in her workbag. It seemed foolish to him that they should both want him so badly but not be able to talk about it.

So he made a decision. He would look into how they could fight the adoption and only bring it up with Scully if he thought they had a good chance of getting him back. He wasn't going to risk breaking her heart again by talking about it and disappointing her. He would take the lead on this. He owed it to Scully.