Three months later. May 18th. William Mulder's 3rd birthday. On February 16th Mr and Mrs Van de Kamp had been instructed to bring William to a neutral location and allow his parents to take him home. They had done so with a heavy heart and gone home devastated, as the small boy didn't even notice they had left.

Scully watched as her son walked around the room laughing as his father chased after him. She had never dared believe completely that this day would ever arrive. Mulder was the full time stay at home dad that he had been dreaming of becoming, and Scully found herself getting home from work earlier every day just so that she could be with her family.

Dana Scully and Fox Mulder's son had been living with them for three and a half months and he had fit back into life with his parents as if he had never been away. He instantly took a liking to Mulder, who he hadn't seen since being just two days old, and he knew within days that these people were his parents. He didn't try and call them anything but 'mommy' and 'daddy'.

For his birthday this year he was being truly spoilt. There were unopened gifts lying around everywhere because it was impossible to get a three year old to show interest in more than one toy at any one given time, Mulder was having more fun looking at all the different toys than his son was. Scully had been working hard in the kitchen with help from her mom to prepare a small spread for the family, and Doggett and Reyes were due to join them any time.

She felt silly to think it but it was all Scully had ever wanted. A family, and a secure job. She was finally able to relax and enjoy her life for the first time in a long while. When

Mulder joined her in the kitchen with a sticky faced William in his arms she playfully wiped his face clean and Grandma Scully took him back to his toys as Mulder took advantage of getting Scully alone.

"Mulder, my mom's in the next room..."

"She had four children Scully, she knows how this works..."

"We can't..." Mulder was kissing Scully and she was only half fighting his hands away as they pawed at her clothes trying to unbutton her shirt. She laughed as they lay on their bed and then they just looked at each other.

"God, I can't believe that this day is finally here."


"Our first birthday with our son." Mulder smiled, as he knew exactly what Scully was feeling.

"I only wish that it wasn't his 3rd. I'm so sorry that you lost those first birthdays


"We lost them Mulder. Not me." He smiled at her again and she kissed him and stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my mom before she suspects anything."

"Scully we have a child, I think she knows that you like to have your wicked way with me."

Scully laughed sarcastically.

"The only wicked person in the bedroom is you Mr Mulder." Mulder stood up and took her into her arms just for a simple hug. They had used this to show affection for each other so much that it was just as intimate as anything else they could have done.

"I love you Scully."

"I know. I love you too." They walked out into the kitchen together and were joined by a very sugar high William. Scully picked him up and kissed him as he hugged his mom tightly. William was a little afraid that he might lose this familiar redhead again. He wanted to make sure that he never let her go.

Mulder picked up an envelope off the table and looked at it suspiciously. It was from the

Van de Kamps. A birthday card for William. He didn't even open it; he threw it into the bin and went into the living room to Scully's mother. He didn't think Scully had been watching him but she had. And she had been debating what to do with the small envelope all morning. She was glad that Mulder had had the courage to do what she had wanted to do as soon as she had seen it. William was her son, and he would get cards and presents from her family and friends. It was finally over.

"Monica will you hurry up! It's a three year olds birthday for cryin' out loud, it doesn't matter what you wear!"

"Don't be so impatient! And don't ever say it doesn't matter what I wear! You're the one that gets to take it all off afterwards..." Doggett smiled to himself and decided to wait quietly in the living room.

Reyes had spent a lot of time with Scully and William since his homecoming and she adored him, she was certain that he could remember her. She had been getting along with Mulder rather well too, which she found a huge blessing she was almost enjoying that fact that it was a small ready-made family that she was a part of. And of course she and Doggett were having a great time living together. Everything had worked out for the best. And as she took a final look at herself in the mirror she knew she was good to go.

"Finally, can we go now?"

"I know you're only in a hurry because you want to play with William's gift."

"Oh come on. The boxy says for ages 3 and up."

"I saw you in the store, you wanted your own."

"Whatever you say sweetheart, whatever you say." Reyes loved it when he called her 'sweetheart', she kissed him as she picked up her jacket and they went for the door. As Doggett opened it and Oliver ran outside to the car the phone rang. He was willing to leave it but Reyes wanted to pick it up.

"It's probably Dana asking where the hell we are!"

"Well then I'll answer it and I'll tell her we're on our way." Reyes picked up the phone and answered it whilst smiling innocently to Doggett who just laughed at her playful nature and was tempted to just stay in with her for the afternoon. But when the smile on Reyes' face dropped he walked inside to her and stood beside her shaking body.

Gibson praise had only two words for Reyes.

"They're back." She knew exactly whom he meant by 'they'.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. You have to protect William. They don't care about Mulder anymore, there's somebody else they have an interest in. You're in danger Monica. Protect the boy."

Gibson hung up the phone and Reyes turned to look at Doggett with a look of complete fear in her eyes.

"Monica what is it? Who was that?"

"It was Gibson. We should go..."


"We have to get to Scully. I'll explain in the car." Doggett followed Reyes out of the house and got into the car quickly. He had no idea what she was going to tell him, but he knew that it wasn't good news and he knew that just when he thought everybody's lives were working out for the best, things were about to change. And soon.