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Blushing, I felt Kish's hands slide over my stomach and his lips kiss the back of my neck. His kisses trailed down to my shoulder, where he moved my shirt to the side so he could go a little farther. I reached over and took his hand and kissed it before leading him over to the bed. I knew what was about to happen, and to be honest, I had wanted this for a few days now. Finally looking over at him, I smiled lightly. I knew I was red, but he was too- so it was okay. "It's... My first time..." I whispered to him shyly, and was rewarded with a hug and his voice in my ear.

"Mine too..."

Even Trade Final

By: Satashi

He laid me gently onto the bed and was on top of me a few moments later. His lips found mine and his hands slid under my shirt, rubbing my sides. I ran my hands along his back and under his shirt as well. I trailed my fingers over the slight scars on his back from his previous battle. The bandages had come off yesterday, and I knew he was still sensitive to them.

Gasping, I felt my body being raised up enough for my shirt to come off. Blushing, I felt his mouth against the skin of my neck and slowly work its way down. Leaving a soft trail to my chest, his fingers slid under me to undo the clasp of my bra. Lifting up to allow him to do so, I couldn't help but grin after he failed after a few seconds. "Need some help?" I whispered to him, smiling.

Kish blushed darkly and looked away. "Damned infernal contraption..."

Sitting up a little, I reached behind me and simply undid the clasp. Smiling at him, I made a slow show of removing my bra and then put it around the back of his neck, pulling him down with me as I laid back and bringing his face to my chest. When he positioned himself comfortably above me, I let my bra slide off the bed and replaced its last position with my hand, massaging his neck while he kissed my skin.

Feeling him finally reach my breast, I closed my eyes and ran one hand through his hair while the other rubbed his neck and shoulders. He moved slowly over my skin, leaving small kisses around me before gently taking my nipple into his mouth and sucking on it lightly. I allowed myself to let out a content sigh and simply enjoy it. He continued to do so for several minutes before slowly starting to kiss down my stomach and to my waist.

Blushing darkly, I realized what he was going for. Reaching down, I cupped his face and brought it up gently, leading it back to my lips. Once I had his attention there, I reached back down and clumsily undid the button on my blue jeans and unzip them. He moved to pull back a little, but I reached up and placed my hand back on his neck, keeping him focused. "Don't watch," I whispered to him shyly. He nodded in understanding and allowed me to slowly slide my pants down and kick them off.

Nodding to him, he kissed my cheek and then made his way back down my body. Stopping at my stomach, he blew across it lightly, making me shiver. He smiled up at me and then went back down, kissing my waist and then my leg to my inner thigh. Shifting a little, I blushed darkly and allowed him to slowly run his tongue over me. Instantly I gasped out and shot both hands down to his hair.

I felt a little dirty at first, but that feeling quickly passed over me as he continued. Squirming, I couldn't help but pant loudly and moan. I was so embarrassed, but it felt so good at the same time. Finally Kish found that spot and I gasped out. My back arched a little and I pulled on his hair a lightly. "Do that again..." I panted out, getting a small chuckle in return.

A moment later, I found him leaning back up and planting a small kiss on my nose. Giggling lightly, I pulled him down and kissed him fully, running my tongue over his and sighing contently into his mouth. When he pulled back, I scrunched my nose a little bit and made a face. He only chuckled to himself and hugged me, whispering playfully in my ear. "Hey now, I thought it tasted pretty good."

"Kish!" I blushed darkly and turned away when he looked at me again. "You're embarrassing me..."

"I'm sorry," He nipped at my neck again and played with my ear with his lips. Deciding to forgive him, I pulled off his shirt as well. His mouth found mine again and I was once again kissing him passionately. Eyes closed, I could feel him taking off his pants as well. I blushed when he leaned back over me and pulled away only just enough for us to speak while our foreheads touched. "Are you sure...?"

Swallowing, I nodded up at him. "Be gentle..."

Kish leaned over slowly and kissed me. Wrapping my arms around his neck and bending them to hold him close; I slowly parted my legs for him and wrapped them around his waist so they would cross at the ankles.

I took a slow intake through my nose as I felt him press against me and slowly push inside. Pulling away a little, I closed my eyes tight and made a small sound. Kish stopped instantly and looked down at me worried. "Did I hurt you?"

I shook my head, and pulled on him a little with my legs to encourage him. "Slowly..." I squinted a little more and yelped lightly. Once again he paused and kissed me this time. "Ichigo..."

I opened my eyes and gaped lightly. He said it. He finally said it. Not 'Kitten', 'cat eared girl' 'woman' or anything else...He said my name...

Looking up at him, I felt tears come to my eyes. Blinking them away, I smiled and pulled him close. Kissing his cheek while holding him, I once again put some pressure on his waist and held him tight as he entered the rest of the way into me. "Don't stop," I whispered into his ear softly, making him hug me tighter to him.

I felt warm all over, spreading from my abdomen and across my stomach. A calming feeling that was intense at the very same time. It felt nice, soothing, but somehow frantic as it continued. Before I realized what I was doing, I found my hips already starting to move against him to match his movements. The feeling grew hotter and I was no longer satisfied with just holding him.

Moving back a little, I managed to capture his mouth in a kiss. His tongue met mine quickly and I ran mine across his frantically. Panting into his mouth, we fought for air while not breaking our connection. His pace sped up and my legs came unlocked from his back, moving instead to press against the bed to better start to match his thrust.

Finally needing to breathe fully, Kish broke our kiss and rested his forehead against mine, looking into my eyes. I was panting hard and could feel my hair matted to my head from sweat. I could tell I was perspiring as well. My whole body felt wet, and I could feel a light layer of sweat all over me. But his lips turned to a smile and kissed me again before speaking to me. "You're beautiful..."

I smiled up at him and hugged him again. "Thank you..." I spoke into his ear softly, gently guiding him to roll over so he was below me. He looked a little surprised, but quickly shifted so I was straddling his waist while sitting on my knees.

Placing my hands on either side of his head, I leaned over and kissed him. I rose up lightly and then moved back down, making Kish gasp out and imitate me by wrapping his arms around me. Smiling, I kissed him and did it again, faster now. My breath was getting even faster now and I couldn't quite seem to get enough air into my body. Moving quickly now, I pulled back from him enough to sit up on his waist and bounce on him. His eyes trailed over my body and I couldn't help but feel shy when his eyes landed on my breast, bouncing from my movement.

Moving my hands to take his, I diverted his attention from my chest and to my face, where I kissed his hand. He smiled up at me and closed his eyes, rocking against me. From the new position and the amount of movement I was doing now, I felt my hair start to stick to my back and small trails of sweat appear on my body, collecting under my breast and around my thighs.

Kish's hands grabbed my waist and held onto me tightly. Blushing darkly, I realized why when I saw his face again. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was holding back. Bending over, I kissed him and hugged him tightly. "Ichigo..."

I felt him inside me. Soft and warm, spreading deep inside as if he was now a part of me. Finally collapsing onto him, I lay against his chest and panted hard. I felt his chest raise and fall rapidly and his arms wrapped around me. He held me close and tightly, breathing almost in rhythm with me.

Curling against his chest, I closed my eyes and sighed contently. Covers were raised around me and I snuggled deeper against the crook in his neck. Wrapping one arm around him, I ran one of my legs over his and snuggled close to his body. "Kish...?"

"Yes, Ichigo?" He laid one of his hands over his chest and took mine in his.

"...I love you, Kish."

"I love you, too. My little Kitten... My Ichigo." He squeezed my hand and I smiled. Closing my eyes, I inhaled his scent mixed with mine and slowly let it out. I then rested against him and just laid there with him until we went to sleep. I felt so wonderful now, so loved and wanted. And it was all thanks to him. My lover.

"Are you sure this is what you want to do?" Pudding asked Tart as we all stood outside the Mew Mew café.

Pai, Tart, and Kish were standing in front of us, each holding a mew aqua source. The deal had gone over smoothly and we all agreed that them returning with our mew aqua would be a better solution than fighting and using them against the aliens. I fidgeted lightly, looking down. Kish would be leaving soon, and I would never be able to see him again. I should have known better than to fall in love with him... I should have realized it would ultimately lead to my heart break...

"It's the best course of action for each of us," Pai answered Pudding's question for Tart. "No more war, we get a good planet again, and you all survive. All though our lord will not be resurrected, his goal is still achieved." He looked at his two companions. "Kish, Tart, we should go. It's a long way back home. Everyone is waiting."

"Yeah..." Tart looked over at Pudding and grinned lightly before floating into the air a little bit, followed by Pai.

"Pai... Tart..."

The two stopped in the air and looked down at him, still on the ground. "Something the matter, Kish?"

"I'm...not going back, guys."

I gasped, bringing my hands to my mouth. He wasn't going to...stay here?

"What do you mean?" Tart asked slowly, floating down to him.

Kish looked up at him and smiled lightly. "Sorry Tart. I think my future lies here, on this planet." He turned and threw his mew aqua source up to Pai, who caught it.

"Kish... you don't mean..."

"Yeah." He nodded, determined now. Walking past him, he came up over to me and drew his nightsticks. Instantly everyone went into a defensive stance, but he sat them onto the ground in front of me before placing his foot on one of them and kneeling down on the other. "Ichigo..." He took my hand and looked up at me. "I know that I'm not really the prime choice for you...but... I know that I can't leave you now. It may be a little difficult at first until I understand this planet fully, but...What I'm trying to say is...I want you to be mine...forever..."

"Kneeling on weapons is a military tradition showing that he puts the person before his own battle. In other words, he places the person he kneels to over everything else, including his main purpose in life, to fight. I think on your planet you would call this a proposal for marriage." Pai spoke down to us from the air.

"Marry...Kish?" I asked softly as he kissed my hand, waiting for my response. "You're...asking me to marry you?" His eyes looked up at me and met mine. Swallowing, I felt tears quickly run down my cheeks. Before I could stop myself, I tackled him to the ground and clawed at him roughly; trying to pull every part of him I could against me in a hug. "Yes! Yes!"

Kish's arms wrapped around me and he hugged me back, laughing. "All right!" Looking up over me, he yelled up at Tart. "Hey, little brother! I'm going to get married!"

Tart smiled lightly and floated down next to us. "I guess this is goodbye for now, huh?" He asked, obviously sad. "What am I going to tell my Mom and Dad?"

Kish released me and stood up, allowing me to hold onto his arm. "Tell them the truth I guess. I fell in love with a very special person here on Earth. And tell them...Tell them I said 'thanks' for looking after me when I had no one else...Even if I was a pretty crummy son for them."

Tart nodded, eyes misting. "I'll miss you..."

"Hey, don't be like that." Kish punched Tart's shoulder lightly. "This isn't goodbye. Come on, Tart. I don't groove on that sad face."

"Yeah...Yeah, you're right." He nodded and shook Kish's hand before giving each other a quick, but tight, hug. "Don't go doing anything stupid now."

"Right." He nodded and then looked up at Pai. "Yo, Pai...Thanks man. For everything."

Pai nodded down at Kish. "Be safe, Kish. Live a good life."

"Ah. You too."

The two aliens flew up into the air, and with one final wave, teleported off. After watching them go, I looked up at Kish, who grinned back down at me. A moment later, I jumped up and grabbed his neck, pulling him down into a loving kiss.


I turned and looked at Pudding, who was making a face. Everyone else was looking just as stunned. Blushing, I put one hand behind my head and used the other to motion to Kish. "Um...Guys, this is my boyfri...fiancée...Kish...I'm sure you've met him..."

Then Kish, in all his glory and respectful manor that we've all come to know and love, simply waved to them all. "Yo! Sup girls?"

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