My first Zoids fic, so constructive criticism is welcomed. Not to mention that this is set in the Fuzors universe, even though it isn't finished yet, so some characters may be a bit OOC.



A lone dragon - winged figure sat atop a rocky outcrop, surveying the landscape. Her powerful dragon claws gripped the stone hard as she stared out into the night sky with cool purple eyes, reddish - brown hair blown back by the breeze. She was an Organoid/human fuzor, possessing immense strength and powers that made her like a scaled down version of a Zoid.

Once, she was two beings, a girl named Arianna Blancmanche and a black Organoid called Shadow. They had been the closest of friends – along with Ari's Zoid, the Arctic Fox – but when a power surge caused the two to fuse together, they had fled to the wilderness in fear. That was five years ago, and Shadow Ari had had to keep her power level up so she could fire energy bolts by draining power sources of their power. Normally, that wouldn't be a was just that as she grew, so did the power level needed. Now she was all over the news...or at least the results of her power – draining sprees was.

Getting to her feet, Ari slid down from the rocks, the leather jacket and pants keeping her from being hurt by the sharp edges sticking out. At the next ledge, she halted, wings and tail spread out for balance as she closed her eyes, searching for the nearest power source. After a few seconds, she opened them, turning to look in the direction of her next feeding stop.

Ironically, that next stop was the Savage Hammer's base.

This was one decision that would change her life forever.

So, how was it? Admittedly that was a rather short (and probably boring) prologue, but I had to do something to introduce my character...Anyway please tell me what you think!