Friends to the Rescue

By: Prayrgurl333

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Friends to the Rescue

By: Prayrgurl333

"Lillian Evans! WAKE. UP!" Sarah Jordan (a tall brown haired 17 year old gryffindor girl, whose hazel eyes would turn to the shade of red when she was angry. Lee Jordan's aunt) yelled, positioning a bucket of water over lilies head," You'll be sorry if you don't. GET. UP. NOW!"

"Leave... alone," Lily, said, her words muffled by her pillow.( Lily is a tall 17 year old gryffindor girl, with long red hair and emerald green eyes that expressed what she was feeling when you looked in them. She is slim and the top witch in her year and is also Head girl.)

"Okay if that's what you want." Sarah muttered a spell and all the water fell onto Lily's head.

"AHHH!" Lily screamed," Why You Little!"

Lily started chasing Sarah around the room.

"AH! HELP ME! AH! SHE'S GONNA KILL ME! AHH! JAMES! REMUS! SIRIUS! TAYLOR! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE! ANY ONE! HELP!" Sarah screamed as she was chased into the gryffindor common room by a P/O'd Lily.

"YOU. ARE. GOING. TO. PAY. YOU. LITTLE..." Lily panted. Then suddenly hands grab the back of Lilies PJ's. It was Taylor (a petite, 17 year old, blonde girl who's eyes were turquoise but golden when she was ticked off.) Longbottom (frank's older sister) and Caitlin Malfoy (Draco's aunt, Lucius's little sister, she was in gryffindor to her parents disappointment and was disowned. Has long black hair and had black eyes that turned silver when the full moon was coming, she is tall and sort of on the weird side)

"Lil's shut up", The two girls stopped running and stared at the petite and the tall girls. "Sit!" They obediently sat on the armchairs next to them, they knew not to mess with Caitlin or Taylor when they had just woken up, or been woken up by someone else.

"Okay now Lil's why may I ask are you chasing loud mouth around?" Taylor asked rubbing her head and pointing her wand to herself, and she became fully dressed in her school uniform and fully smelling like vanilla (she is obsessed with vanilla anything)and her teeth sparkling white along with brushed hair that she was now putting into a pony tail.

"She. Poured. Water. On. Me. When. I. Was. Sleeping!" Lily yelled between breaths. Taylor and Caitlin looked at Sarah, Taylor's eyes a golden and Caitlin's laughing silently.

"Hey it's not my fault she missed morning classes."

"WHAT?!" a look of pure panic came over Lily's face." OMG! I'm a prefect and I missed morning classes!" Lily pointed at herself and whispered the same spell Taylor did and summoned her books. "I'm gonna go apologize to the teachers." Lily then ran out of the common room, while Sarah and Taylor started laughing their heads off.

"Guys that was mean... you really shouldn't have done that now when she finds out that classes were canceled she's gonna blow a gasket." Caitlin said shaking her head, to Sarah and Taylor's big surprise.

"Hey don't tell us off you made up the plan we just carried it through." Taylor said.

Lily's POV

" Professor Mcgonagall, I'm so sorry that I missed this morning classes. I over slept and my room mates didn't wake me up..." Lily quickly explained to the strictest teacher of the school.

"What are you talking about Miss Evans? Today's classes were canceled due to the fact that today is the first day back and professor Dumbledor wanted to give everyone a nice sunny day before classes started. I suggest you go back to your commonroom and relax while you can." replied the professor.

"Oh... um... okay...Bye," Lily ran out of Mcgonagall's office and began running to the gryffindor commonroom.

Oh they'll pay, Oh will they pay Lily thought as she said the password (Bravery) to get passed the fat lady and into Gryffindor tower.

"Hey lily. What's up?" greeted James (17 yrs. old, black unruly hair, glasses, loves Lily, also Lily's best friend) and giving Lily a big bear hug.

"James...ger...Off...can't...BREATH!" choked Lily.

"Oh sorry."

"Hey, do you know where Sarah and Taylor are?" she asked her eyes on fire. She looked around the commonroom and spotted Caitlin reading a book, she asked Caitlin w/ her eyes but Caitlin shrugged and went back to her book.

" think they said something about... hold on let me put it in their exact words..."Outy, gotta go, lils fuming, gallon water, hide, see ya"...yeah...that's right."

"Thanks James, Bye." She ran back out of the portrait hole and went to the only place Sarah and Taylor were stupid enough to hide...The Girls Lavatory. Lily opened the door the lavatory and walked in, silent as a mouse. She could hear whispers and giggles coming from the last cubicle.

"Shh. She's gonna find us if you don't shut it."

Lily tiptoed over and opened the door. There was Taylor and Sarah, both standing on the toilet and covering eachothers mouths.

"So, Miss Longbottom and Miss Lee... it's time for a little payback."Lily pointed her wand at Taylor first. "Fijian" Taylor's hair suddenly turned rainbow colored and her outfit from her school uniform to a tight pink, blue polka-dotted bikini,

"Now for you." Lily pointed her wand and said the incantation again. She then levitated the two struggling girls into the Great hall and on top of the Slytherin (Taylor to her GREAT unhappiness, and I mean what SANE Gryffindor would be happy about that?) and gryffindor (Sarah but she was greatful that she wasn't as unlucky as Taylor) tables while the castle was eating Lunch.

"Fenga." The two girls started dancing.

"Lily, Please! Make it STOP!"Pleaded Sarah while doing a salsa dance at the Gryffindor table, with boys hooting and making Sarah feel VERY uncomfortable.

"Sorry, did you say something?" replied Lily sitting down next to James and taking a bite out of her French Toast.

"Professor Dumbledor! Please make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!" pleaded Taylor as she did the cancan.

"Pengago," Dumbledor roared. Taylor and Sarah stopped dancing, and tried to catch their breath.

"Thank...(pant) BREATH)... prof-fes-fes-or."Sarah panted while Taylor slumped down to sit on the table, But still keeping her distance from the Slytherins, who were (to Taylor's great displeasure) starting to pull on her bikini strap making it snap onto Taylor's back and also making her yelp in pain. Taylor's eyes started to turn golden.

"Miss Longbottom, Miss Lee Please escort your selves to gryffindor commonrooms and change into your school uniforms, please."Dumbledor asked his eyes twinkling with laughter. Sarah and Taylor, Suddenly started up and full of energy, Bounced off the tables onto the stone floor and through the big doors and into the Entrance Hall( but not before Taylor punched the Slytherin who snapped her strap) and out of sight. The hall burst out laughing.

"That was the best prank in the schools history." Remus said, gasping for air, for he was laughing very hard.

'I'll have to object Moony. The best is yet to come." Sirius said back watching Lily with sure knowing. Suddenly Taylor and Sarah came marching in, fully dressed and beat red.

"Now ladies, please, sit down and eat your Lunch. Oh and please see me after." The two girls sat down across from Lily and the marauders, with looks of Hatred on their faces.

"You will pay for that, RAVEN, You will pay." Sarah muttered under her breath.

"See if you can come up with a come back, Whisper." Lily said her eyes twinkling as Dumbledors had moments ago.

"I'm sure we will." Taylor grimaced and started whispering into Sarah's ear. Sarah got the same evil grin on her face.

"LUNCH IS NOW OVER PLEASE HAVE A NICE DAY." Said a voice that rang from all around the room. The students then started deserting the Great Hall, heading to their commonrooms or to other parts of the castle. Sarah pulled Taylor off to the side of the Hall.

"Okay tonight at midnight we put our plan into action."

"All right."


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