Alright guys! Here is the 2nd chapter that I've spent FOREVER on! FORGIVE ME! -Prayrgurl333 Chapter Two

"Shh! You're going too wake her up!" Taylor whispered hastily, creeping over to Lily's bed.

"Here…" Sarah then put a silencing charm on herself and Taylor, but also made it so that they could talk to each other without the rest of the dorm hearing. "Here this is what we'll do, First you go get James. When you get back, I will levitate Lily into the Great Hall and you will follow me with him, all right?"

"All right" Taylor then left to the Boys dorm room. When she came back a minute later she asked "Do you have the sticky glue spell?"


"Okay then, let's go!"

The girls levitated Lily and James out of the Gryffindor Dorms, silently giggling at what they were about to do.

Lily's POV

A bright light shone from the front of Lily's face.

"Ugh…." She groaned as she opened her eyes still crusted with sleep. And that's when she saw the two giant lion face roaring at her. "OH MY GOD! AH!" She screamed, trying to back away from the frightening face. However she didn't succeed. As she looked down to see why she didn't move she saw four long wooden tables beneath her and another pair of feet next to her. As she looked up to see who it was she saw a mess of pitch-black hair and glasses. James Potter.

"ACK! James!" She shrieked, waking him up with a start.

"AHH! Lily what in the bloody hell was that for!" He shouted back. Then looked down and saw what the bloody hell her scream was for. "Oh My God! Lily why are we up here!"

"I don't know!"

"Well how the hell do we get down!"

"James if I knew how then I would have gotten us down a long time ago!"

A voice came from below, " Having fun are we?"

The two looked down and saw Sarah and Taylor giving each other high-fives and laughing evilly.

"SARAH! TAYLOR!" The two howled with spite, "GET US DOWN NOW!"

"You want to know something?" Taylor said,"I really don't think I want to. I think I will just leave you here in your under clothes for when everyone comes in for breakfast. Doesn't that sound like a blast Sarah?"

"Oh yes Taylor, I think that I would enjoy that very much!" She agreed with a twinkle of laughter in her eye.

With this the two mischief-makers left, swinging their hips from side-to-side in perfect unison.

Lily and James both watched the two girls strut away, Lily struggling to get free and to kill them both, and James watching their hips in a lustful way.

"James, I think they took my wand…James?" She looked over to see her friends eyes follow the pattern of her other friends hips. She started seething,"JAMES POTTER!"

He looked up with a start," hmm? Wa-What?"

"I think they took my wand. Is yours gone too?"

James wiggled around," Yep…I usually keep it…" He looked down. He was only wearing boxers. It was evident where he usually kept it.

"Does that mean they…" She looked disgusted at his boxers then up at James. He had a look of utter violation on his face. "EWWWW!"

A sudden boom was heard from the end of the hall. The doors began to open. And hundreds of students poured into the Great Hall. All of them immediately noticing James and Lily in their undergarments and laughing.

"Oh great…this is just great…Lily why the hell did you have to make Taylor and Sarah dance on the tables yesterday? You are the whole reason why we are in this mess!"

"Oh shut up James!"

"Miss Evans! Mr. Potter what in heavens name is going on here!" called the stern voice of Professor Mcgonagall.

"Oh…Umm…Hello Professor!" James said with a smirk on his face. "Lovely day isn't it!"

"Gortigur", she said with a wave and a flick of her wand.

Lily and James both drifted down from the ceiling, Lily trying to cover up her exposed chest and stomach, and James flexing for everyone to stare at in awe.

"Would you both please explain why you were up on the ceiling? And in your undergarments no less!" Professor Mcgonagall asked.

"Well you see Professor…" James started. Then Lily cut in,

"Professor, do you remember the little show that Miss Jordan and Miss Longbottom did yesterday morning? Well as revenge they put James and me on the ceiling so that we would be embarrassed too. Please forgive us all!" She then cried, getting down on her knees and pleading with the sour old woman.

"Miss Evans get up this second. Professor Dumbledore and I will speak to you both after classes and be sure to bring Miss Jordan and Miss Longbottom." She said sternly.

"Yes Ma'am" Lily replied running toward the doors with fascinating speed, James following close behind. Still flexing his muscles for all to see.

Once they had gotten out of the Hall, Lily Screamed.

"Oh My God! Can you believe them! To think my own friends would do that to me! When I think about It makes want to…just…GRRR!" She fumed with James following close behind.

"You know Lily…" He started" You should really see yourself from behind. It's not a bad picture." He smiled before seeing Lily's face and stopping." But then again you don't want to hear that right now do you. Hee hee. Sorry."

"We need to make a plan. A super Revenge plan that will never be beaten."

She stopped and began pacing up and down the hallway. Hand on chin in a thoughtful motion.

The she stopped," I've got it!"

She ran over to James and began whispering. James' face going from a silly grin to an evil smirk. "Next week" She said," We let the plan unfold."