Character Limericks

Really not that good; I made them when I was waiting for mummy-dear to pick me up from X-Country. That last one is a tad inappropriate.


There once was a centaur named Foaly,

Who was so very melancholy,

He couldn't get a date,

So he went celibate,

And was thus announced roly-poly.


Holly the elf loved her job,

Since she loved to punish those that rob'd,

She became oh-so-surly,

When they called her a girly,

And she was killed by a Humans' Rights mob.


There once was an elf named Root,

About others he couldn't give a hoot,

He made such a fuss,

When called Julius!

And died during Foaly's lawsuit.

Artemis (Junior)

Artemis Fowl was a Mud Man,

Whose exploits gained many fans,

Fowl Manor was seiged,

By Fangirls (if you believe),

And now Arty wishes to move to other lands.


There once was a man named Butler,

Whose ways are so much subtler,

Althoug some say he's stupid,

He's certainly Cupid,

Since Arty thinks he's worth going after.

Hehehe… Don't say I didn't warn ya. (Blue Yeti; that last one was for you).


Nallasariel the Weeper