Small Hanyou, Big Problem

Chapter 1:

"Ye must concentrate child." Keade told Kagome.

Kagome had been training with Keade for a month now. She was learning how to control her Miko powers, and was doing very well. Right now, she was learning how to shrink things.

They were standing in front of a tree, a tree that Inuyasha was resting in.

"Kagome, ye need to concentrate on that tree." Keade told Kagome.

"OK. Here it goes." Kagome said as a ball of light form in her hand and blasted towards the tree. The tree shrunk, and so did Inuyasha.

"What the?!" Inuyasha yelled as he jumped out of the tree. He looked in front of him. The grass was as tall as him, and he could see Kagome. She was huge.

"Hey Kagome!" Inuyasha screamed.

Kagome looked around. She could've sworn she heard Inuyasha calling her, but he was out somewhere, wasn't he?

Then Kagome felt something on her shoulder. "Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled in Kagome's ear.

Kagome lifted her hand onto her shoulder and grabbed something. She looked at what she had in her hand. It was..."INUYASHA?!" Kagome screamed, then she fainted.

"Kagome!" Keade yelled as she knelt beside Kagome. Then Keade noticed Inuyasha in Kagome's hand.

"Hey! Hag! How the hell did I get like this?!" Inuyasha screamed.

"Inuyasha?" Keade asked. "This is not good." Keade said as she took Inuyasha in her hands. "You must have been sitting in the tree Kagome used her powers on."

"How the hell to do I get back to normal?!" Inuyasha whined.

"It will take a while for me to make a potion." Keade replied.

"How long?!" Inuyasha continued to whine.

"Twenty days." Keade replied.

"TWENTY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Inuyasha screamed. "I can't stay like this for twenty days! How will survive?!" Inuyasha complained.

"Will ye be quiet Inuyasha?" Keade asked. "We must wait for Kagome to wake."

"Feh! She's the one who did this to me!" Inuyasha yelled.

"But ye was sittin in that tree, weren't ye?" Keade asked.

Inuyasha figured he should shut-up until Kagome woke up. Then they could figure out what to do about Inuyasha.

An Hour Later...

"What happened?" Kagome moaned. "I had a weird dream. Inuyasha was the size of my hand and he jumped on my shoulder and-" Then Kagome noticed Inuyasha. "INUYASHA!!!" She felt light headed again.

"Don't' you dare faint again!" Inuyasha yelled.

"What happened to you?!" Kagome yelled.

"You shrunk me stupid!" Inuyasha replied.

"Sorry." Then Kagome turned to Keade. "How do we reverse it?"

"It will take me twenty days to make the potion. I have already started." Keade replied as she stirred something. "Ye should take Inuyasha to your time. He shall be much safer there."

"I guess you're right." Kagome replied as she stood. "OK, Inuyasha, let's go." Kagome said as she picked up the shrunken hanyou and carried him to the well.

"What am I supposed to do in your time?!" Inuyasha yelled.

"You don't really have a choice you know!" Kagome yelled back. "So stop complaining! You're coming with me whether you like it or not!"

"Whatever." Inuyasha replied, since he really didn't have a choice because Kagome was holding him in her hands.