Chapter 21:

Kagome was the first to wake up. It was morning, but the sun wasn't up yet. She decided to wake up extra early so she would be able to see Inuyasha her size before he was small again. Maybe they could go back early too?

Better not. Kagome thought as she walked down the steps quietly. Kkeade will probably still be asleep.

Then Kagome got downstairs. She saw Inuyasha was still dead asleep. This was perfect.

Kagome loved watching Inuyasha sleep. He looked so much cuter. Like an angel when he slept. But when he was awake, he was as stubborn as a bull. It was so not fun usually.

Kagome only looked at Inuyasha. She brushed the bangs away from his face so she could see the rest of his face more clearly.

She smiled. He was so hot.

Then Kagome noticed that he was smiling too.

"Huh?" Kagome asked.

Then Kagome felt herself being tackle to the floor and held there.

"Good morning." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha! Ge-"

Then Inuyasha pressed his lips against Kagome's, making her quiet.

Then Inuyasha pulled away.

Kagome looked at him.

"Do you want your mom to wake up?" Inuyasha asked.

"Sorry. You just surprised me." Kagome said.

"It was really good shits and giggles though." Inuyasha laughs.

"What did you?" Kagome asked.

"I heard you talking to your friends a few times." Inuyasha told her.

"Do you even know what shits and giggles are?" Kagome asked.

"Not exactly. But I got a pretty good definition of it from how you guys were using it to describe the dare you did to kiss the geek, as you called him." Inuyasha replied.

"Oh." Kagome said.

"So was I your first real kiss or was the geek?" Inuyasha asked.

"Umm..." Kagome said with a blush.

"Umm?" Inuyasha asked.

"You were my first REAL kiss." Kagome said with a smile, even though she knew she was lying.

"Good." Inuyasha said as he lowered his head to kiss Kagome with a smile.

Then Kagome pushed him up.

"Can you get off me?" She asked.

"Sorry." Inuyasha said as he slid off of Kagome.

Then Kagome went at him for a kiss, surprising Inuyasha because he wasn't ready for it.

Then Kagome pulled away. "We should probably go hom soon." She said.

"Sure." Inuyasha said.

Then Kagome got up and went to her room.

About an hour later..............

Inuyasha sat downstairs while waiting for Kagome to get ready to go.

They were all packed up. So all Kagome had to do was get a shower and get dressed. Other than that, they should be ready. So Inuyasha didn't see what could have been taking Kagome so long!

Then Inuyasha saw the sum rising behind the windows. Then a puff of smoke surrounded Inuyasha.

Kagome was just coming down the steps when she saw Inuyasha transforming.

Then the smoke dissappeared, and Inuyasha was back to normal, but small again.

Kagome had hoped she would be downstairs before he changed back. But they were going back to the feudal era today and Inuyasha would be back to normal in no time. So Kagome walked over to Inuyasha and bent down to kiss him on the head. "You ready?" She asked.

"Yeah." Inuyasha replied.

Then Kagome gave Inuyasha his kimono back so he could get changed. (He was still wearing the jeans and t-shirt Kagome lent him.) "I'll be back. I just have to leave a note for my mom so she won't worry about me." Kagome said as she waled out of the room.

Inuyasha got changed into his kimono while Kagome was gone. And by the time she got back, he was ready to go.

"Ready?" Kagome asked.

"Yep." Inuyasha said.

Then Kagome picked Inuyasha up on her hand and put him on her shoulder before heading out the door and going to the well.

Kagome sat on the rim of the well and looked at Inuyasha, who was still on her shoulder.

"Hold on." Kagome told him.

Inuyasha nodded in return.

Then Kagome jumped.

They landed in the feudal era, where it was bright as day.

"Let's go." Kagome said as she climbed out of the well.

Then they headed straight to Keade's village, where Keade had the potion ready for Inuyasha.

Kagome walked into where Keade lived to find Keade already awake and cooking something.

"Kagome!" The old priestess exclaimed.

"Good morning Lady Keade." Kagome greeted Keade.

"Did ye bring Inuyasha?" Keade asked.

"I'm right here!" Inuyasha yelled.

Yep. He was back to his tubborn self again.

"Inuyasha. Ye need to drink this. And ye should change back to ye normal self again." Keade told Inuyasha.

"How do I drink it?" Inuyasha asked. Then cup was his height. There was no way he was going to lift it.

Then Kagome picked Inuyasha up and dipped him into the potion.

"HEY!!!!" Inuyasha yelled.

"DRINK!!!" Kagome screamed.

Inuyasha got scared when she screamed at him like that. He wasn't scared of the demons he fought at all. He wasn't afraind of Naraku. And he wasn't afraid of any of his enemies. But he WAS afraid of Kagome!

Then Inuyasha started to drink the potion, until it was all gone, surprising Kagome that he could drink that much.

Then Inuyasha got out of the cup and fell over. Stomach as full as it was gonna get with that potion.

But the a cloud of smoke surrounded Inuyasha.

Kagome's face lit up! It was working!

Then the smoke cleared. And Inuyasha was back to normal. Not feeling too good, but normal.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome exclaimed as she kissed Inuyasha, and Inuyasha not able to return the kiss because of how upset his stomach was at the moment.

Then Kagome pulled away.

Inuyasha really didn't look so good, and he was letting out moans that let Kagome know that he didn't feel too good either.

"You OK Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.

"He will feel ill for the next few days. I had to use herbs that demons do not deal with very well in the potion. It was the only way for me to make the potion." Keade explained.

Inuyasha let out a moan.

Kagome placed a hand on his head.

"Will he be OK Keade?" Kagome asked.

"He'll be fine. He just needs to rest." Keade said.

Inuyasha let out another moan.

"Would you stop that Inuyasha?!" Kagome yelled.

"I don't feel so good." Inuyasha told Kagome.

"Well stop moaning!" Kagome yelled.

"I ca't help it." Inuyasha moaned. "My stomach hurts so much."

"Here!" Kagome yelled as she opened Inuyasha's mouth and and put a TUMS in it. "Chew and swallow. It should make your stomach feel better."

Inuyasha chewed the small tablet and swallowed it.

"It's not working." He told Kagome.

"You have to give it a little while." Kagome said..

Inuyasha let out a moan of pain.

"STOP THAT!!!" Kagome yelled.

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