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"Ugh!! Stupid wallmaster!! Go pick on a foot your own size!!"

I growled at the television. I was playing Ocarina of Time on my Nintendo 64. And I had gotten to the Shadow Temple. But me...being so SLOW to cut across the bridge and ignoring Navi's warning about the shadows, I was thrown back to the freaking entrance! Whats up with that?

Of course, I had already beaten the game. But playing it again was so much fun! Ever since I had played it when I was young(of course I only played it back then for riding on Epona) I vowed to buy the game and what luck! Blockbuster was selling them a few months ago!

So here I was sitting on my messed up sheets, in the Shadow Temple.

I yawned and looked at the time. 11:35 PM. Ha! My mom told me to go to bed 2 hours ago.

But she wouldnt know that I was awake. I could hear her heavy footsteps from all the way across the house.

Well I havent told you about me have I? Me name's Josie. Of course you may know me from Madison and Modesty's story. But this one isnt about them. I have red hair(always in a pony tail!) and brown eyes. I dressed up as Ginny Weasley for Halloween last year.

Though since its so late at night, I took my hair down. Speaking of which....where's my scrunchie?

I sighed and got up from the warm sheets and walked over to my white dresser, looking for my scrunchie box. I couldnt see much in the dark, but the glow from the tv was helping slightly.

My hand rubbed against something warm and I pulled back.

"Sev?" I called out, thinking it was my black cat. Which I had named after my favorite character off of HP. I ran my hands down the warm thing. But felt no fur and I remembered letting Sev outside for the night.

I pulled the object to my eyes and gasped slightly when I saw it was the Triforce off of Zelda game.

What in the world was it doing in MY room? Okay I REALLY need to go to bed....this sleep deprivation is getting to me. I was about to set it down, but it glowed lightly. I took a closer look at it, and felt a searing pain in my head before everything went green....The last thought of mine was 'Isnt it supposed to go black or white? I shouldnt of eaten the goolash Madison made'
When I awoke, I wes met by 2 pairs of green and blue eyes.

"AHHHH!!!" I screamed and jumped up. I saw a boy with blonde hair, a fair face, deep blue, eyes and long pointy ears.

I stopped screaming. "Did Legolas get a haircut or something?" I asked him. He blinked in confusion.

I saw a girl with green hair, green eyes, and pointy ears also.

They sure do look familiar.

"Umm who are you? Where am I?"

The girl answered. "My name is Saria. His-" She pointed at the boy "-name is Link. Your in Kokiri forest of course! You are a Kokiri after all! Though strange....I never seen one with red hair before....." She trailed off, still staring at me.

I blinked and walked over to a pond of water and looked at my reflection.

"SWEET ORLANDO BLOOM'S DEAR HOT ASS! I'M A MIDGET!!" I yelled in horror. I had pointy ears, I was drssed in green clothing, and my hair was still down(A/n let me point this out....I NEVER let my hair down)

I looked up and walked back to Saria.

"......Do you have a scrunchie?"

"Whats that?" Link asked.

"Grrr...nevermind. Look here....people who live in my nintendo....I dont belong here...I hope. I live in a nnn....n.nnn...no---....AGH!! I CANT SAY IT!! N-O-R-M-AL place called earth. YOU are in my nintendo. I control YOU!" I pointed at Link. " YOU dont exist! I need to get back home so I can eat me a Mr.Goodbar. Got it?"

They both blinked at me. Okay this wasnt going to work. I thought for a second about the game and asked.

"May I please see...the Great Deku Tree?"

Saria nodded. "Sure! Link can take you there! I have to go talk the Know-It-All brothers for a minute."

She walked up the hill, her green fairy following.

I turned to Link. "Soooo...we better get going!" He nodded.

"Follow me!"

I followed him and asked. "So where did you find me?"

"Saria and I were talking when we saw a figure laying on the ground, we walked over to you and saw three triangles glowing on your forehead before disappearing then you woke up."


Just then I felt something nudging me in the back of my neck.

"What the..?"

I turned my head and saw a red thingy floating in front of me.


Link blinked(hee hee link blink) "Thats just your fairy."

I stopped and peered at the fairy. "I have a fairy?"

The fairy stopped and said in a annoyed tone. "JOSIE!! WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING HERE?!"


"Yes its me you idiot! There I was, listening to the radio about to fall asleep, then the next moment I have wings and am in your shirt! And damn! Its scary in there!....But I have wings! Yay!"

She floated around her head for a moment, squealing happily.

I groaned. Great.

"Well, Link. I have discovered my fairy idiot-"


"- so I guess we should be heading toward the Great Deku Tree."

He nodded and they walked down the grassy plain.

I'm stupid and I know it.