Alright..this...WOULD be a update chapter..but..I am still working on the chappy..and have had to stop my work..because..around Thurday..I obtained a bladder infection..and...peeing hurts.. (cries) I am on simple medication which is just easing the pain and making my pee look like pumpkin juice(its orange XD) but I wont be able to see a doctor until Tuesday..because..well..its Memorial weekend. And HOPEFULLY I wont obtain a kidney infection and have to go the emergency room. Great way to start off my summer vacation. Oh! And June 22 through July 7 I wont be week will be in California in Disneyland and the other week in Arizona with my darling Crevvy Wevvy...So...expect no updates then. So..wish me well..and hope I don't get worse or something...and pity me for I can't have my source of soda for a long time. I am gonna DIE.