Spongebob meets Nemo and friends

Chapter 1 This is my first story with both shows in it. I wrote one other story in story format and I'm going to try it with this story so i hope its good. So anyways here's chapter one. This is my first Nemo story so enjoy. Spongebob gets a great fry cook job opurtunity in Sydney and he brings Patrick along with him while he is their he meets another Sponge and falls in love. He has to choose between the love of his life and his friends back home.
This story is mainly about Spongebob finding his true love while he gets a job in Sydney,
Austrailia. On his way to Sydney he meets some of the gang from Finding Nemo and stays there for a couple of days. This is really my first kind of story that isn't in script and I'm doing as well as i can. As they always say "Practice makes perfect" so I thought I would give this a try since I thought it up.

P.S. This story is entiery from memory i haven't wrote it down at all. So when your done reading please give me a review and tell me if you thought it was good. Well here it goes...

Spongebob was walking alone on his way to work saying hi to everyone he meets. Spongebob decided to take the bus because he is not feeling himself today he is feeling very lonely.
Patrick walked onto the bus to follow him around. Hey Spongebob patrick said as he sat down by Spongebob. Hey Patrick. spongebob sighed.Patrick had no idea how Spongebob was feeling. Spongebob was so upset he really wanted to get married sometime soon but no one except Sandy would wan't to marry him but Sandy couldn't marry him because she has to have air to breath.
and he was upset about his job. Though he loved working 24/7 he needed to getout of there for ahwile and think about this. He couldn't go on working for a cheapskate all of his life their has to be something better for him.Patrick he started do you think that i'll ever get out of being a fry cook? spongebob said. Well I don't know Spongebob I mean you always loved this job working for the krabs all your life. Spongebob was really confused about what to do he loved this place but somethings changing. I can't keep working here he said. Patrick started to say something and Spongebob burst into tears whats wrong

Spongebob? Patrick said. A few minutes later the Krusty Krab was coming into sight. I can'tlet Mr. Krabs see me like this I'm always cheery in the morning if he sees me like this he'll want to know whats wrong. spongebob thought. They got off the bus and walked into the Krusty Krab where everyone seemed to be having a joyious morning breakfast and some fish were even with their families before they headed off to work or school. As usual Mr. Krabs came up to Spongebob Hiya me boy Mr. Krabs stated why are you so blue me boy? Spongebob answered no reason I just need some time away from here sometime to think. You can do all the thinking you want during your lunch break this afternoon but now get back to work people are waiting for their meals. Later that night Spongebob is sitting in his lounging chair when he gets a phone call. Spongebob picks up the phone "hello?" Spongebob asked. Who is this? the person on the other line even though it is very staticy he can hear the person well. Hello is this the Squarepants residence?
Spongebob answered yes it is who is this? This is Megan Carley in Sydney, Austrailia offering you a one time only job as the Fry Cook for spices resteraunt. Will you accept this offer?
Spongebob was speechless he was still in his chair not moving and the shell phone fell on the floorcause he has never had an offer like this before. Hello? Are you still there?

Spongebob finally answered yes I'am but I need to think about this before I give you any final decisions ok? ok Spongebob but you need to give us your answer by tomarrow at 10 P.m ok? Spongebob was fine with that. Ok I will then. After they hung up Spongebob was dancing all over his living room yelling YES! I Can't believe it they actually want me over there ya! Now I can actually think and have a good time ya! How am i going to tell this to Krabs? The very next morning Spongebob told Mr.Krabs. Mr.Krabs screamed NO! you can't go! you won't make it! you have to stay here. No mr. Krabs I'm going in a week and if I like it I'm staying in Sydney besides Squidward can take over for awhile. I mean I'm coming back before I actually move their. Mr. Krabs is almost crying by this time, but Spongebob you just can't your whole life is here in Bikini Bottom. Spongebob was getting irritated by this point. Mr. krabs I'll come and visit i know my whole life is here but a move may be good for me. Patrick's coming on this trip so I won't be alone. This is a one in a life time oppurtunity so just let me do this ok? Mr. Krabs? Mr. Krabs was stuttering o...o..o...ok I'll let you go since your on your own anyways and you can make your own decisions. What you doing with Gary? Spongebob started Sandy's watching him she'll go over their twice a day. Well bye Mr.
Krabs I'll see you in the morning.Spongebob was thrilled that he gets to go to Sydney and that he can get away from all of this pressure and crazyness. Spongebob ran to his room and did a dance then fell on his bed and wrote in his diary.
Dear Diary,
Its me Spongebob I know it has been a long time since I wrote Feburary 10th, 2004 to be exact but today is different he continued... in one week I'm going to Austrailia because i got a job offer over there. i think this change will be good for me because I need to get out of here and possibley I may find someone I really love and get married and have kids thats my lifes dream. I would love to have some kids that tell me "I love you Daddy" "goodnight Daddy" Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night cause I don't have a family and I don't like living by myself. I have Gary but thats different i need someone that would love to have me around. Other times I have great dreams about being a parent were the kids are about 5 or 6 yrs. old and we are playing tag and swimming in Goo Lagoon. Then we go to a theme park and ride the rides and then as the sun is setting we go chase it till it is down. Then i wake up and realize it was all just a dream then sometimes I start crying. I want to marry Sandy so much but i just can't cause she's a squirrl and I'm a Sponge that would be impossible. She need this air and I need water so it wouldn't work. So I hope to find a lady Sponge in Sydney.
well so long for now until next time Spongebob.

A few hrs. later Spongebob got a knock at the door. It was Patrick he still hadn't told Patrick that he was taking him along on the trip so Spongebob decided to take Patrick out to lunch and then tell him there. Um... Patrick? He started do you wan't to go to the Krusty Krab for a burger? Patrick was confused cause he never heard Spongebob ask him to lunch before. Uh... sure Spongebob I'll go to lunch with you.Ok Patrick meet me outside your house in 10 minutes. Spongebob said. 10 minutes later they were both walking towards the Krusty Krab. Hey Pat I have some great news when we get there. What is it Spongebob? You getting fired from the Krusty Krabs? Patrick asked curiously. No Patrick its nothing like that I think you'll love the surprise.Well, he paused and took a deep breath then said really, really, really, fast, please,please,please,please tell me your secret. Spongebob was trying to calm Patrick down till he told the boy. Then he knew just knew Patrick would be histarical and it would be nearly impossible to calm him down then. He would lierally be bouncing off walls.Patrick stop it! Spongebob yelled as they were nearing the restaurant. I'll tell you so come on in Spongebob said as they went into the door. Squidward saw them coming in as he was taking another order.
Great here comes the 2 idiots who don't know how to order he thought. He Squidy spongebob said,Patrick and I want to order 2 double Krabby Pattys with 2 DR. Kelps. ya! Dr. Kelp! yelled Patrick. Quiet Patrick do you wan't everyone to hear you? Squidward asked.UHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Patrick was trying to figure out the question. Come on Patrick lets take our seats and wait for the order to go through. A couple minutes later their order was done and Spongebob was ready to tell Patrick the good news. Um Patrick? Spongebob asked.What is it

Spongebob, well Patrick he began, the big surprise is that remember how I said I was going on vacation? Well I decided that I'am going to take you with me Patrick! Patrick was sitting at his desk speechless and motionless not knowing what to do he never thought in a million years Spongebob would take him anywhere and now he's going. After Patrick sat for the longest time ever not moving he finally got up out of his seat and started yelling,woooooooohhhhhhhhhh!
Spongebob is actually taking me to Austrailia! I've always wanted to go to Austrailia and now is my chance yea! As patrick is yelling patrick started running back and forth up and down the walls he even got such great speed that he flew up the wall to the roof then he fell back to the floor and got knocked out for a bit cause he was so excited. Patrick! Patrick! are you ok?
Please Patrick wake up! Spongebob started screaming in fear of Patrick being dead but Patrick was just so shocked that he would have passed out anyways. Patrick woke up with a huge grin on his face and thanked Spongebob for taking him to Sydney. Later that night Spongebob walked over to Sandy's to tell him about him leaving and he was sure she would watch Gary for him. Hey

Sandy? Spongebob said as he walked into her dome. Hey Spongebob what you doing here at this hour? Well Sandy I was just wondering if you could take care of gary for me while I'm gone?
Sure Spongebob I'll do it. Where are you going? I'm going to Sydney, Austrailia in one week because somebody gave me this great job offer and I need to be there in a week besides I may find the woman of my dreams when I'm there. Sandy looked very sad to hear all of this. She was about to lose her best friend to a job offer in Australia which is more then half way around the world from where they live and she may never see him again especially if he goes off and gets married. Spongebob but what about this place are you happy here arn't you going to miss Bikini Bottom? Of course I'am Sandy and just because I'm leaving for awhile doesn't mean I could ever forget about you. As he said these words she started to let a few tears go. He held her head in the palm of his hands and they made eye contact.Its ok Sandy I'll write to you every week which means I really care for you. Sandy what happens if I don't except this job offer? Well it means that you stay here with me and your friends. Well ya but...but I have a feeling I might like it and except it. Sandy? Are you going to be ok? Yes Spongebob I'll be fine as he was leaving he could see the tears well up in her eyes and he knew right then how much she really cared for him. He still wasn't sure if he was excepting the job but it felt like this was the last time they would ever see each other...

To be continued... So is it really good?