Chapter 4

Well here is the next chapter sorry it took like a year to get this going but I just need to finish it. Not to much longer though. I'm finally done with school for the year so now I will have more time to write and I will get this done very soon. I couldn't even remember where I left off. On with the story…

Spongebob and Patrick sat down at the restaurant as their food was ordered wondering how much longer it will be to get to the Sydney Harbor. "Gosh Patrick we have been traveling for a long time how much longer?" Spongebob said worried that they were now traveling in circles. "Spongebob don't worry its fine we will get there eventually," Patrick said in his own dazed look. Later after they were done eating they decided to head further west in hopes of finding Sydney. He started up the boat and they took off to Australia.

Over the next week Spongebob wasn't sure about what Patrick had said actually he didn't believe him much he thought his dream meant much more. Maybe that something will happen to her while he is away but he just couldn't think that way he had a new life to start in Australia. He finally called her and asked basically to compare what was said by Patrick it made sense but he still couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to happen once he got there. He asked and asked but the fish just laughed at him and laughed at him just like he was crazy.

By the end of the week Spongebob found a small group of fish that seemed to know what he was talking about. "Hello I'm Spongebob Squarepants and I'm trying to find Sydney, Australia?" Spongebob asked as he looked at the strange bunch of fish. "Sure Spongebob you came to the right place, we have been there a time or two," said the little clownfish called Nemo. "You are headed in the right direction," said the little clownfish and Nemo pointed him in the right direction. Spongebob decided to stay for the night at the Great Barrier Reef and get to know the bunch. "So where did you come from?" said Nemo as he and his father ate dinner. "Bikini Bottom Northwest of here," Spongebob said as he sat down with them. Spongebob and Nemo spent the night exploring the Reef and Spongebob was amazed because he has never seen anything so cool in his life. "So this is where you live? It is so amazing look at all the color," Spongebob said as he was looking all over the place and how busy it is. They traveled for hours and hours until it got so dark they couldn't see anything anymore and went home.

Spongebob and Patrick shared the same room as Nemo and they stayed up half the night messing around wrestling and such. Marlin had to come in a bunch of times to chill the boys out. "Hey, hey, hey chill Nemo you have to get up bright and early for school tomorrow morning," Marlin said as he came into the room and found all three of them on the ground hitting each other. "Sorry dad he said as he lay back down on the coral. Over the next couple of days Spongebob and Patrick found some more fish and got rides to the Sydney harbor. As soon as he got there he found his job. "Hello Mr. Price I'm Spongebob Squarepants and I just came in from Bikini Bottom," Spongebob said as he sat down in the manager's office a bit nervous. "Hello Spongebob you can start as soon as you would like to," Mr. Price said as Spongebob just looked around at his new surroundings it looked somewhat like the Krusty Krab only this manager isn't as cheap. A bit later Spongebob started his fry cooking business and he was enjoying it. Wow I think I'm going to really like it here, Spongebob said to himself as he was taking orders from Jennifer. He took one look at her and he thought he was going to die she was the most precious looking sponge he ever laid his eye's one.

She has deep green eyes, blue tank top with cute blue jeans. She is wearing a necklace with a whale on it that reminds Spongebob of Pearl and Mr. Krabs who just then he started crying. "Spongebob are you ok?" Jen said as she had a worried look on her face. "No I just thought of my old boss and it made me really sad I miss him so much," Spongebob said as he just cried. Jen came in and gave him a hug. "Its ok Spongebob I know how you must feel I had a best friend move from here to the other side of the country so long ago I didn't know what to do but I always kept in touch and that helped a lot," Jen said, as she knew this was helping her new friend.

That evening Spongebob and Jen went out on a date to cheer him up he didn't know what else to do. They went to dinner and since Spongebob loves food she took him to the buffet. "So Spongebob did you have the same job where you came from as here?" she asked with her sweet eyes and cute lips. "Yes actually I got a job offer here and I had to accept it I thought it would be the best," he said with a full mouth. She just giggled as he was chomping down food. "Other than missing my friends I love it here it is so awesome," Spongebob said as he glanced around the restaurant.

Months passed and Spongebob and Jen got really close she was able to help him overcome his homesickness since Patrick went back home. Spongebob knew he could trust her and that they would always be great friends. Spongebob decided he couldn't be without her and he decided that they should get married. He popped the question and they were going to get married back in Bikini Bottom.

He couldn't believe that he actually asked someone to marry him that he just fainted. Their wedding day was unbelievable it was so perfect. Both of them looked just gorgeous in their outfits. Spongebob didn't know what to do he stuttered through the whole thing but managed to get the kiss right and that went on for a while.

Spongebob went back to Sandy and gave her a big hug and they just cried. "Sandy I am going to miss you so much I love you so much. We have to see each other a lot more I will come home every summer and visit. We can do a get together," Spongebob said as he hugged Sandy a final time as she let some more tears roll down her cheek. "Bye Spongebob I love you," she said. " I love you to," Spongebob said as they got in the boat and headed to their honeymoon spot in Hawaii.

Ok sorry this was so fast but I really needed to get it finished I might update it someday but for now this is it. So have fun reading it and bye for now.