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Author Redwulf

Author's note: Just something to bring a tear to your eye, hopefully.

He stood on a gargoyle, a favorite childhood perch. Alone and lonely,

unloved and unloveable, the tears streamed down his face.

He saw his father's horror at his actions, and rightfully so. The

former boy wonder looked down, not for the first time tonight, at the

fifty story drop below him and thought of just letting go, ending this

travesty that was life.

"Murderer" The voice in his head was Bruces' even his his father had

never said it.

"Traitor!" Tim seemed to scream at him. 'Sorry, so sorry little brother.'

"Why?" Cass's question was hard, she was so naive in so many ways.

But the hardest was you "You fucked her!" Babs voice filled with

horror. Yes Babs don't you see I never deserved you. Yes I fucked my

Dark Princess, so like a vampire his dark princess, she was dark,

alluring and evil. She drained the life from him like a vampire

drained blood, but she was all he had left now. One second, one act

had betrayed everyone he loved, so now he suffered alone with his


He fired off a line to return to Bludhaven. Like a child caught in

the wrong he went to his room to contemplate his sins.

Twenty stories higher Nightwing didn't notice the shadow of the Bat.

If he had he wouldn't have beleived the sight as the grim and

determind protector of Gotham shook in silent tears. The voice in Bruce's mind

"I failed you son."