A/N: This is my first fanfiction...please go easy on me. My main character is royalty (Valkaria is a fictious county I have no clue if it exists but it sounded cool to me). Her father stepped down from the throne in an attempt to let his brother-in-law take over, he knew his sons were horrible. He also owns a company, which has been raided. The plan to oust his sons backfired and he failed. His older son will now take the throne over in a week putting everyone in danger. Anyway I just figured I'd give some back info. I hope to get constructive criticisms and I know I will be able to update fairly quickly. I don't own any Yu-Gi-Oh characters, but I do own my made up characters....

Chapter 1

Fierce determination, she thought to herself, and an unbending will. There was no way she was going to leave her Father, not in the condition he was in. The corporation he owned, started from the ground up, was under attack, and though her mind raced she could figure no way out. "Damn corporate raider," she absently played with a stray piece of her hair, a nervous habit of hers that she cursed. She knew all about big business, hell, what angered her was she could raid corporations better than anyone she knew. Perhaps, if she had only paid more attention to the shares that were being swallowed up instead of trying to topple the competition, she would have realized what was going on months ago. Her pride was going before her Father's fall and she would regret that forever.

"Iolite," she turned at the mention of her name, "I was looking all over for you." Her eyes took in the sight of her friend, and the first smile of her day was granted to him.

Breath-taking he thought to himself, there she stood amidst a tumble of honey blonde, softly curling hair, that cleared her hips. The way the sun filtered through the windows made her look like she was on fire. She stood there, ethereal, as if heaven itself had set an angel free on earth. Her eyes were the most amazing feature of her delicate face, and were also her namesake.

"'Iolite' is the gem stone that Vikings used to guide their way. Even Leif Eriksson would use it to aid him when he crossed the Atlantic. It was quite a weapon, once you lost sight of coastline you could look through an iolite filter at the sun and determine your exact position. Her eyes are that same deep blue, with a hint of purple," Edward said. "It shall be her name." His wife eyed him with glee, he was so taken with this tiny infant daughter of his. "You are aware that a baby's eye color could change, and then her name would no longer suit her," she smiled. "Nonsense," he quipped, "her eyes will remain this color, and she will always know who she is and where she is loved most." The Queen winked at him, "if it is your wish highness, then so it shall be."

"What do you want Ryan?" she asked, her eyes never leaving his.

"I wanted to know when you were leaving, so I could give you a proper send off," he crossed the room and pulled her tightly up against him.

She pushed at his shoulders and remained stiff in his embrace, "I'm not leaving and you should take your hands off me...NOW!"

He laughed, releasing her. He knew all too well you can't hold a female who doesn't accept the embrace. Iolite had taught him that in spades, his body and his ego were equally bruised. It did feel wonderful when he managed to grab her, he reminded himself of that fact, sometimes the ends did justify the means. Curves like hers were meant to be explored, but he wasn't stupid enough to attempt anything without her permission.

"I'm telling my father, in a few minutes, that I'm staying," she said, her chin defiantly in the air. "No one can tell me what to do, I'm not exactly a child anymore. I refuse to be ordered about."

Her father's hand was on the door handle. He paused when he heard her talking with Ryan. Every word she said had an edge to it, she was scared, he was too. Edward tried to protect his jewel by moving her to the United States when she was younger; her older brothers were brutal. Torment was their favorite game, their young sister was easy prey for the carnivorous predators. It started with locking her up in different rooms of the castle, continued with stealing her possessions (which led to the death of her prized stallion) and then, the final straw, was when their friends started to partake in the fun. Edward knew his daughter's hold over men, he also knew she wasn't aware of it, it was only a matter of time before one of the boys would do irreparable harm. She was sent to live with her favorite Uncle in New York. Edward missed her horribly, especially since she was the only light in his life since his wife died, a year after Iolite's birth. She resembled her mother immensely, except for those eyes...

Edward only brought her home a few months ago. She was even more intelligent then when she left. She knew the ins and outs of big business, having taken a major interest in the stock market when she lived in New York. She was so cut throat in stocks that in mere months she had become a corporate raider and was amazing. Few people knew this secret about her, a priveleged few. Edward was balanced in a precarious position. The throne was gone and his business attempt had been pulled out from under him, he had no means to protect her. So, now here he was sending her off once again, this time possibly for good.

"What is this I hear that you won't be leaving?" He asked gently as he entered the room.

"Daddy," she came to him and threw her arms around his neck, "I can't leave, there are things I can do right here and now to help you recover the company!"

"Shhhhhh," he soothed her hair, holding her close, "there is nothing anyone can do at this point my heart." He looked down at her, "I have to protect you foremost, the sharks are circling, and not just my company. Your brothers are coming, heaven knows what Aron will do with you once he takes the throne."

Iolite closed her eyes and sighed heavily. The take over of her Father's company was bad, her brothers were worse. "I wish you wouldn't have abdicated the throne, why on Earth would you do that knowing it would open the gates of hell up?!" She bit her lip, realizing she had just yelled at him.

He shook his head slowly, "My Heart, there was no way around it, if I had kept my position I would not have been able to protect you."

"I don't need protection! I can handle myself and I hate that your world revolves around me," she swallowed hard, "It didn't work, here we are, you without a throne, me without protection and the scheme to elevate Uncle Warren to King failing miserably."

"It was worth a try, I hoped I could stop Aron and Simon from ascending, but, you're right, I failed." Edward shook his head in disbelief, "Your brothers aren't as empty headed as I thought."

She could feel the tears brimming in her eyes. She quashed them as best she could.

'Tears mean we win Sister,' Aron taunted, 'Now you get to stay locked in the closet for the rest of the day! Or maybe we should shoot that nag of yours for penance...crying shows weakness...you underling wench!'

"I have my own company Dad I'll be fine, just don't make me leave." She whispered in a last attempt to win her case.

"I would love for you to stay, but with Aron as King you are in grave jeopardy. All the business savy you have can't wage a war against a King. Keep your company incognito as you always have and run." His eyes filled with tears as he pulled her close, "It will be hard for you to start over with no family beside you, but you will not be friendless. Solomon Motou will be there to help you," Edward tilted Iolite's chin up, "He runs a card shop that sells cards to that dueling game you're entranced with."

Iolite sighed heavily, her heart protested, but her mind knew he was right. Aron would be too powerful to stand up to, he was horrible to her when he was merely her brother, what tortures would he put her through as her King? "My heart will stay with you father, but I'll go to make you happy."

He knew she was dying on the inside, it was his fault she was so loyal to him. He kept her close to him all through her life, except when he went off on business issues and to meet with diplomats. It was at those times she bore the brunt of the attacks by her own brothers. He didn't have any idea how both boys turned out so evil, it was a blessing when they ran off to live like party animals. Iolite was their polar opposite. His sons returning would not be the death of him, saying good bye to her would be.

Ryan drove her to the airport in silence. She clung to him at the gate, he held on to her for dear life, she was leaving... She pulled slightly away from him in order to look into his eyes, she searched them for an emotion she wasn't sure of. He closed his eyes and kissed her passionately, she welcomed the kiss, clinging to a dream that would never be. Without saying a word she pulled away and boarded the private jet that would take her to Solomon Motou. She would soon be a continent away from everyone and everything she loved.