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Chapter 28

Iolite entered the bedroom, finally, after a long day avoiding this part of the huge mansion. She had been trying to build her courage up but hadn't succeeded at all, truth be told, she felt like a stumbling idiot. What happened if all of Raine's insights were wrong? What if the reason Kaiba gave her the company and her freedom weren't motivated by feelings for her? She shook her head slowly as she closed the bedroom door.

Well, win, lose or draw tonight would usher in a new start to her relationship with Seto Kaiba. Was that why her hands were shaking? Two hours, she reminded herself, he would enter the room in two small hours. She had a few things to do before he came.

"Ahhh Princess," a familiar voice rang in her ears. Before she could recognize it she let out a startled scream, no one was suppose to be in here.

She whirled around as the bedroom door slammed open. Raine stormed in as Ryan stood. She was quickly shoved behind Raine as Ryan came out from behind the desk.

"Just what in the hell are you doing here?" An enraged Raine questioned a smug looking Ryan.

"I wanted to make sure Io was alright. I've kept my distance since the party, but I couldn't any longer." He looked from Raine to Iolite and smiled slowly.

"I'm fine Ryan." She sighed in exasperation; clearly she was annoyed with the intrusion.

"Have you worked everything out with Kaiba?" He asked as her as he examined his fingernails distractedly. She was now sure he was waiting to hear how she hated Seto and that the divorce was eminent. Suddenly it occurred to her how Kaiba managed to wrestle her shares away for Mortimer's company. A slow grin slid across her face.

"Kaiba and I are fine," she answered with agitation. "You on the other hand are in trouble. It just came to me…" She moved closer to him, "The only way Kaiba could have attained my shares was through treachery. I know you Ryan, you are a devious man when you see fit." The hand that she had been clenching now connected with Ryan's jaw.

"What did you do?" She asked through clenched teeth. A very amused Raine chuckled.

Ryan smiled widely at her, after recovering from the impact. Mockingly he held a hand to his chest, "Who me?"

"You handed them over to him. You're the only one capable of doing it. I mean Kaiba's hacking skills are amazing, but I had things so well protected only you could access things." She wasn't quite furious, but getting there. "Now I'll have you reason."

Ryan smiled at her. "Seto Kaiba was the only person who could save you. I gave him the means."

:"Then the only reason he came after me was because of you?" She was so confused and hurt.

"He was coming after you regardless," Raine interjected. "He wasn't going to let your brother get his hands on you. Mortimer's company merely gave him an edge."

"You needed to be saved and he saved you. I just couldn't let it slide, you needed to know that the betrayal came from me not Seto Kaiba. That's my reason for being here. I came to take the blame I deserve."

"Why would you do this? Why confess now?" She moved closer to her friend.

"You'll never look at me the way you look at him." Ryan tilted her chin up and searched her face, "I'm fine with being your friend, though I will be doing it in another country. I'm returning to Valkaria."

Her heart lurched, she was losing her friend. "Why?"

"You need time to adjust to being a wife to Seto Kaiba. Besides, it would kill me to watch you newlyweds prance about."

She snickered at the thought of Seto prancing.

"I will miss you," she whispered. He kissed her forehead.

"You aren't done with me Io, just rid of me for a spell. I have a company to help run, Cathway is being sorely neglected by its owner."

"I'm just busy." She amended.

"Then be busy with your husband." He looked at Raine and gave the guard a teasing salute. Raine nodded in approval. "Take care of her." He walked towards the balcony and laughed over his shoulder, "Oh, and Raine warn the poor boy about her left hook!" With that he disappeared into the night. She smiled as she recalled all the times he'd been there for her and now he was opening the door for her future. He had just wiped Kaiba's slate clean.

"You better get ready for your date Princess." Raine left her alone in the room.

She glanced at the clock and a nervous tremor passed through her. Slowly she walked over to the fireplace and picked up the box of long matches. She took a steadying breath and struck one on the side. Using her hand to shield the small flame she walked around the room lighting the candles one by one. All the while she silently forgave Seto of any wrong doings. She forgave the coldness, the abandonment, the thievery, the lies and the secrets. Everything that had gone wrong would now be put right.

She glanced around. The candles and the fireplace were glowing with warmth. The scene was set. She shut the lights and went into the huge closet. She silently thanked Mai for the nightgown that had been her wedding gift.

Kaiba entered the room a bit earlier then expected. Prolonging the inevitable was taking its toll on him. He looked around the room at the lit candles and the roaring fire. Somehow it seemed appropriate. The candles that he hated, though he couldn't detect a flowery scent, should be lit for her good bye speech.

She was going to tell him she was sorry. Sorry that her pride had gotten in the way. Sorry that she hadn't been able to let him in. Raine was right, Kaiba had made a grand gesture and now it was her turn.

Her convictions were firm until she opened the door and entered the bedroom. He stood staring out the window completely lost in his thoughts. It was one thing to be full of pride, but another to confront your husband, who each night found reasons to avoid your bed. Her bare feet were silent on the plush carpet as she went to stand a few feet behind him.

Kaiba sensed, more than saw, her presence. Slowly he turned towards her and his breath caught. Her hair looked darker in the candlelight, it added a warm glow to her ivory skin. The white silk robe she wore clung to her curves. He couldn't speak. The stillness of the room, the flickering of the warm flames and the nearness of her were more than his dreams.

"I don't know if this was what you were expecting," she whispered, breaking the silence.

His eyes searched hers.

"I have no right to ask you to forgive me. The truth is, I've behaved horribly towards you. I think it's time to rectify all that has gone wrong." She waited for a response. It took all her strength not to launch herself into his arms.

"We have had a problem with communicating," she explained.

"You have a problem with keeping secrets," he amended.

"I keep secrets very well," she countered. She blushed madly at her own stupidity.

"You shouldn't keep any from me." He said seriously.

"You keep plenty from me," she spat, realizing they were starting to fight again.

His deep blue eyes looked nearly black in the candlelight. Were they still at a stalemate? Would they ever get past everything?

"I won't keep anymore from you Kaiba, all you have to do is ask and I'll answer your questions," she bit her lip and cast her eyes down, "truthfully."

"I'll do what I can," Kaiba offered. She figured that was as good as it would get from him. He was a man of few sweet words and she knew his past had broken him. Her patience would bring him around eventually and then maybe he would love her.

Kaiba looked around the room. He realized that there was more to this meeting than just a truce. He folded his arms across his chest and waited for her to proceed. It would have been better if his eyes weren't narrowed on her, he realized, but had a very hard time concentrating due to the setting and her clothing, or rather, the lack there of.

Damn him, she thought, he looked furious with her. Was there any way to please this man? Slowly she walked to the table and lifted the dissolution papers.

"Do you still want my absence?" She asked, the fear evident in her voice.

"I gave you your freedom, not because I want your absence, but because you want mine." He shrugged the thought off, but never took his eyes from her.

"Do you, truthfully, want my signature on these papers?" She asked with a catch in her voice.

"Truthfully?" His eyes captured hers. When he saw her nod slightly he continued.

"I want you to come to me so I can make you mine. This is our last stand Highness. I either leave this room now a free man or I stay tonight and our marriage is consummated."

Her body ached at the thought of belonging to Seto Kaiba. Fear ripped though her suddenly. She knew nothing about consummating marriages. She slowly walked to the fireplace and tossed in the papers. It was done. She made her choice.

She stared at him then slowly untied her robe. He watched as it slid down her shoulders and pooled around her ankles on the floor. His eyes roamed over her now with an intense hunger that terrified her. The gown she was wearing covered her completely, where necessary but strips of sheer cloth tantalized his senses. She was more afraid of him now than when he yelled.

He drank in all she was offering. Only when his eyes finally met hers did he realize she was troubled. Was that expression fear? As if he could possibly reject her? The likelihood of that happening was so ludicrous he almost laughed.

"Should I get into the bed now?" She asked as her eyes went from the bed to Kaiba to the bed and then back to him.

"Do you want to?" He asked, knowing she was scared.

"Not really, not just yet."

"Then don't," he had waited this long for her guard to come down and he had no intention of terrifying her. He walked to the fireplace. When he turned to gaze at her again he realized she was smiling.

"Why are you being so agreeable?" She asked with a slight giggle.

"We have all night and then some."

"I should have known. You love to toy with your competition in duel monsters. You like to prolong their agony when victory can be attained early on." She moved closer to him.

"We're not competing now, the way I see it this is a battle I'd like us both to win."

He was teasing her and she was calming down visibly. He slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. She felt a lump rise in her throat, she had seen him in the pool before so this was silly. However, then her didn't want to sleep with her, now he did. He tossed the discarded shirt over the loveseat.

Impulsively she wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his chest. She didn't mind how he now seemed to tower above her. He slowly put his arms around her and pulled her closer, hugging her.

"Seto, will you explain what's going to happen?" A slight tremor in her voice made him kiss the top of her head. He really wanted her mouth.


"You really aren't going to tell me?" She sounded scared.

He slid a finger under her chin and tilted her face up. When his mouth was a breath away from hers he whispered, "I want to show you."

She didn't have time to worry. His mouth possessively claimed hers. Gone was the gentleness and reserve. The kiss was blatant and carnal, he wanted to take her. His mouth slanted over hers again and again until she no longer resisted him, her passion started to equal his. Their breath, his raspy, hers shallow, began to mingle. He kissed her for long minutes, softly caressed her back and shoulders. He was determined to take this slowly, he didn't want her fear he wanted her heart.

"Seto," she whispered.

She had barely finished that single syllable when she was in his arms, being carried to the bed with his soft mouth fastened to hers.

Her fear of him competed with the fear of herself. Kaiba sensed it as he kissed her. He had waited so long for this moment, and then dreaded it would never happen. Patiently he had stood by and waited for her to come to him. He hoped she could learn to trust him, he knew how badly damaged she was from the torture inflicted by the other men in her life. Yet now as he held her there was no great triumph. When he won a duel or annihilated competition in business he felt elated and prideful. Her surrender was calming as he placed her on the bed. Gently he laid on top of her, then leaned on his elbows to lessen his weight on her. She moved her legs so that he was lying between them comfortably.

"What's troubling you? Is something wrong?" Kaiba searched her eyes for answers. His concern for her made her want to cry. She smiled instead then lifted her face to be kissed. Slowly his mouth descended on hers. His lips played a delightful game tantalizing hers. Her fingers slid through his soft hair, gently she applied pressure to the back of his head in the hopes he would deepen the amazing kiss.

He managed to pull away from her mouth to linger in the air above her. She whimpered against his resistance.

"I've missed you…wife," he whispered as a rare smile played about his lips.

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