Summary: [shounen-ai, AU, slight angst]. One day Bakura is bored so he looks through his roommates, Ryou, room. There he finds a tape of an eight year old Ryou singing. Bakura signs Ryou up for choir without Ryou knowing. Ryou goes to the choir classes there he meets a boy from Egypt, one he will fall in love with. Pairings- Malik/Ryou, Bakura/Marik, Seto/Yugi, Yami/Joey

Tea for Two
Chapter One
By: MissPatriciaPotter
Proofread by: Dragontalon666 ( )

It was a prestigious school in Domino City, only the richest of students could afford to go. Tuition was high, and scholarships weren't offered very often. The grounds were huge: the main building which served as the main teaching building and apartment buildings that served as dorms [1]. Ryou Bakura was one of the very few students who didn't come from a wealthy family, he had received a partial scholarship to go to Primrose [2] academy, his father, and an archeologist paid the rest of his tuition. Here is where Ryou would find the person he would be with forever.


Bakura Yamroh was bored. There was nothing on television, and he loathed reading. This was quite different to his roommate, Ryou who loved to read. Ryou was part of a book club, and loved it. The information that Bakura had got from Ryou was that it met every two weeks in West Side Bookstore [3], they were given a book to read for the next meeting, once the meeting came around they discussed the book, and got a new one to read.

Bakura sighed and got off the couch. He needed to do something or the boredom was going to kill him! Lingering near the couch for a moment, he decided to go to Ryou's room. It was off limits when Ryou was here, but when he wasn't here; it was one of Bakura's favorite places to go. Bakura had found out through the two weeks that Ryou had been here that Ryou was a very neat person. His bed was always perfectly made before he left to go to school, his clothes were neatly folded and put in the drawers, and nothing was out of place. Bakura's room was quite different his clothes were scattered throughout the room, various items were strewn on the ground, and the bed hadn't been made for a couple weeks. Bakura walked into the room, nearly sneering at Ryou's choice of decorations. Everything was done in shades of green and white. He had wished Ryou had chosen a deeper color, like crimson.

Bakura scampered over to the open closet door; the closet had clothes hung up, and unpacked boxes on the bottom. Luckily one of those boxes was open. Bakura dug his hands into the box, he came up with a tape with the writing 'choir' on it. Smiling at the thought of possible blackmail, Bakura rushed into the living room. He put in the tape into the V.C.R. He sat down on the small couch in front of the television set, and pushed 'play' on the remote.

The screen went blank, then a screen of a church stage, where a choir of about twenty young kids, in a variety of formal outfits [4], they were singing a very soothing melody of 'Silver Bells'. The two people that were doing the solos for the song were standing on opposite ends of the stage; a microphone clutched in each of the soloists hands. They weren't nervous, they sang right on pitch, and on time. The song ended and both soloists went back to their spots on the risers.

A woman wearing a simple black evening gown came up to the podium. "Aren't they all special," she motioned her white-gloved hand to the children on the risers. Some were looking for their parents in the huge crowd, while very few were staring at the ground, obviously very nervous. The clapping thundered through the church, and then stopped.
"Next we have Ryou Bakura singing Silent Night." A petite version of Ryou stepped off the risers and arranged himself in front of the microphone that was placed right in the center of the stage. A piano started up. Suddenly the room was filled with Ryou's angelic sounding voice.

"Silent night, holy night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Round yon virgin mother and child,
Holy infant so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace, Sleep in heavenly peace…"

Bakura couldn't believe it, Ryou could actually sing, and after he refused to play 'Karaoke Revolution' with him. Ryou ended his solo, took a bow, and quickly went back to his spot on the risers. Ryou was still as shy as ever. The screen then went blank, two seconds later, it came back in. The scene was different, it was in the lobby of the church, and Ryou was standing by a man that looked to be Ryou's Father. Bakura had never seen Ryou's Father before but right away he could tell he was an archeologist [5] by his rugged looks from being on digs all the time where it was windy, his posture that clearly told Bakura that he had spent many years crouched over in the blazing sun working feverishly to uncover a new artifact, and from the tanned skin of the man. Judging by what type of songs they were singing at the concert, it was Winter, the simple sun in winter could not have caused that, it had to be in a hot place with constant sun, like Egypt. Another factor that Bakura considered was the man looked lost in the black tuxedo he was wearing.

"He must be used to khaki pants, and shirts…" Bakura mused.

The pair waved at the camera, almost like it was a gift for someone that lived far away, Ryou then hugged his Father. The screen went blank and then nothing came on.

Bakura was pleased with himself; he had evidence that Ryou could actually sing. Bakura hit the eject button, went to Ryou's room, and placed it back into the box whence it came. This was in case Ryou came home early, the meetings ended at four o'clock, and the bookstore was only a short walk from their apartment. It was close to four now; Ryou would be home soon. Bakura took one last glance of the room, that was when he noticed the course selection sheets for the upcoming semester. Ryou had already filled it out; Bakura looked at the subjects that Ryou had picked. Advanced Math, Advanced Chemistry, English, Gym, and a spare.

'Not anymore,' Bakura thought as he picked up a blue pen, and in the open space he wrote in 'choir'. Placing the two objects back into their proper place, Bakura quickly left the room, and went into his own.

1- The students that don't live nearby, stay in an apartment dorm. They pay a fee for the whole year, and have the option of having a roommate or not. The apartment has a kitchenette, a small living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Students can also paint any of the rooms any color they want.

2- Primrose, I don't know if it is a real name of a school, so I'm just using it.

3- West Side Bookstore, I made up the name

4- Formal outfits like dresses and suits.

5- When Ryou became Bakura's roommate they had a discussion about what their parents did, and Ryou told Bakura that his Father was an archeologist