Summary: shounen-ai, AU, slight angst. One day Bakura is bored so he looks through his roommates, Ryou, room. There he finds a tape of an eight-year-old Ryou singing. Bakura signs Ryou up for choir without Ryou knowing. Ryou goes to the choir classes there he meets a boy from Egypt, one he will fall in love with. Pairings- Malik/Ryou, Bakura/Marik, Seto/Yugi, and Yami/Joey

Tea for Two
Chapter Six
By: MissPatriciaPotter

"Light and Dark, you mean the nightclub?" Ryou asked uncertain that he still wanted to go but it was with Malik. Ryou genuinely felt safe with Malik, he was the only other person other then Duke. But still a nightclub wasn't Ryou's thing; it was more something for Bakura.

Malik crossed his slim legs, "of course, so will you go?"

"Nightclubs really aren't my type of thing you see." Ryou trailed off, not looking at Malik's face.

"Don't worry you will be safe with me."

"I hope so." Ryou muttered to himself still worried about the idea of going to a nightclub.


Light and Dark was a nightclub, but by far it was one of the most safe in Domino. The huge building stood in the busiest part of the city and also was one of the newest buildings on the street. The majority of the buildings on Young Street were old and made in the early nineteen hundreds, Light and Dark was the exception. Bouncers guarded both entrances, the V.I.P, one and the other one for other customers. Alcoholic drinks weren't served here, only soft drinks and water. It was a place for the younger crowd, although ids were checked at the door to make sure anyone under fifteen didn't come in. Ryou, as soon as he walked into Light and Dark he only had one word to describe this place, noisy.

Techno dance music, pounded from speakers positioned all around the room. There was a bar lining all over the back wall and various circular tables for more private couples, who wished to chat. Ryou couldn't see how they could chat, but those tables seemed to be the most popular. About one hundred bodies, all dancing in their own little world covered the dance floor. They were getting lost in the music. There was a mixture of people here, ranging from straight couples that were just enjoying a Saturday evening, to gay couples. That surprised Ryou, as most people he thought would try to hide their sexuality, but these people showed who they were rather then hiding it.

Malik dragged Ryou onto the dance floor, when the music turned to a fast bouncy song.

After the song ended, Ryou and Malik sat down at the 'bar'. Ryou ordered a coke while Malik ordered a Seven Up. They were both sipping their drinks and talking amongst themselves when abruptly someone tapped Ryou on the shoulder, Ryou turned around. It was Duke, looking very suitable for the environment that they were in, but then Duke always stood out in the crowd. He was wearing a tight crimson muscle; a black leather collar like necklace surrounded his neck. Tight leather pants covered his slim legs; many different silver chains and belts adorned the pants. Finally for shoes, Duke wore black boots.

"Hey Ryou," Duke plopped down on the stool to Ryou's right.

"Hi, Duke. How are you?"

"...I'm okay," Duke paused as if thinking of something to say, "actually I'm not, and I had a little fight with my boyfriends." Duke looked across the room, where there were two boys standing, one was tall and looked ominous. The other was a typical example of a uke, petite, pretty features, effeminate looking, and the color of the eyes. The taller boy held the uke looking one. Ryou knew that all couples had their differences. Bakura and Marik even had their differences, even though they were both alike in many ways.

Duke seemed like the person who would persevere in anything. Take for example his Mother's suicide, he had gotten through that. Personally Ryou thought that it made Duke a stronger person. "I'm sure everything will be fine."

"I know, maybe I'll go over there and talked to them." With that, Duke was gone.

"A problem?" Malik asked, turning to Ryou.

"Just a friend."

'That's good, I thought it was an old boyfriend.' Malik looked down at the ground. Why had he though that? He didn't think that he actually had an attraction to Ryou, he was his singing partner in choir. Malik had one bad experience in Egypt and he never wished to experience that ever again. Malik kept up his shields and didn't risk getting too close with anyone, although Ryou was an exception. When Malik had met Ryou on that fateful day, he had felt a certain pull to him, a sort of attraction. Malik wanted to admit it but he had had a bad past before, he was falling for Ryou.

"I am going to the bathroom." Ryou said swiftly and excusing himself to the bathroom. Ryou navigated through the many dancing bodies. The bathroom was all in the back end of the club. The only person other then Ryou in the bathroom was a tall black haired boy that was obviously older then twenty. Although looks are deceiving for Yugi appeared to be about ten years old, whilst he was sixteen. The older boy smiled predatorily at Ryou, who quickly ducked into a stall. Washing his hands he noticed the guy was still standing there, watching Ryou's every moment. Ryou thought that this was very creepy, just as creepy as his boss, Pegasus's wandering eyes. When Ryou went to leave the bathroom, the guy followed him, and stepped in front of him, hindering his movements.

"Could you please move?" Ryou asked.

"Nope," the guy answered backing up further. "Not until you give me one kiss." The guy leaned closer to Ryou.

Ryou shook his head; "I'm really not interested." Once again Ryou tried to get out but once again the man blocked him. Finally the man got tired of standing and pulled Ryou towards him. Ryou tried to escape but the man only held him tighter. Ryou realized that he wouldn't be getting out by struggling so he stopped.

"That's good," the man muttered, finally letting go of Ryou but before Ryou could run out, Ryou found himself being pulled onto the top of the sink. The man smirked at Ryou and tilted his chin up, "you are very pretty, and it is really your downfall." Before Ryou knew it the man had put his lips to his engulfing him in a deep kiss. The man tasted of booze and cigarettes. Ryou just wanted to be out of here and curled safely underneath his comforter in his apartment. The man continued kissing him going lower and lower with each kiss. All Ryou could do was struggle fruitlessly.


The D.J. had changed the song and Marik was worried about Ryou. He had left five minutes ago to go to the bathroom. Malik knew maybe Ryou was just merely going to the bathroom but for some reason it didn't feel like that way, Malik steered through the throng and went into the men's washroom. The sight of Ryou struggling against the older male and much stronger male made him remember of his past relationship. Gathering up all his strength, Malik pulled the larger male off of Ryou. Ryou leapt happily into Malik's arms. "Ryou let's just get out of here." Malik whispered softly to Ryou.

Ryou nodded in agreement he let himself be taken out of that washroom. Malik didn't take him outside though, he took him to a closed door with the title, 'Manger' on it. Malik knocked and a twenty or so male answered the door a slit. "Could we talk to you?"

"Sure." The door was opened wider and the two went in. Mali took a seat next to Ryou on the couch.

"So what's the matter?"

"Well...I was in the bathroom...and," Ryou trailed off and suddenly found the floor interesting. How could that happen? Was he that weak?

"This guy forced himself onto Ryou." Malik said finishing for Ryou.

"What does this guy look like?" The manger asked, taking out a pad of paper from his desk.

"He was tall...he had black hair...and he looked like twenty or so."

The man got onto the phone right away, "Bones and Terry I need you to take him away again. Yes some how he got passed security. Okay once you catch him please bring him to my office."

Ryou began to play with the fringe of his shirt, Malik noticed how nervous Ryou was, put his hand into Ryou's. It was obviously a welcome movement as Ryou immediately relaxed.

A picture was shown to the two, "is this the guy."

"It's the same guy except he has longer hair in that picture."

"We've had a lot of trouble with this guy mostly with the younger male crowd. If I were you I would keep a closer eye on your boyfriend."


"Ummm we're not dating." Malik told the manger.

"You two would make such a cute couple." Someone pounded at the door; "well I have some business to attend to." Malik led Ryou out of the room. Both watched as two burly men dragged the man that had tried to push himself onto Ryou into the room. The man gave an odd smile at Ryou and then licked his lips. Ryou turned away and then followed Malik out of the club.


Primrose Academy didn't have too strict of rules regarding curfew, so Malik and Ryou were lucky, as they got in at one in the morning. First Malik dropped off Ryou at his apartment but followed him up as Ryou was looking scared out of his mind, scared that guy would come back. Ryou opened the door and indicated for Malik to follow him. All was silent and Malik noticed that one of the bedroom doors was open. Ryou stopped into the kitchen, got a glass of water, and then went into his bedroom. Malik followed him there as well.

Ryou had changed into his pajamas, light blue with little clouds over them. He yawned and then climbed into his bed. Malik walked toward the door, with full intent of leaving to go back to his own apartment. "Malik," Malik turned around, "could you please stay with me, I'm scared."

It was more that Malik could ever ask for; he nodded and climbed into the bed beside Ryou including clothes.

The last thing that Malik remembered after falling asleep, was gazing happily at Ryou's angelic face and thinking, ' I wish I could tell you how I feel about you. I'd like to hold you all the time and protect you.'

Authors Notes- I'm really really sorry for the long wait, distractions got into the way of the progress of this story. I'd like to wrap up this story soon, so it will probably be about four or five more chapters long.