This is my first story for fanfiction, soooo; I hope it's not too bad.

Dharma woke up feeling a little woozy, it wasn't the first time this week, and she wouldn't take Aspirin (even though Greg has kept pushing her too) so she had better just learn to deal with it. But this was starting to become a problem for her, so she thought she had better do something.

She stumbled out into the empty living room, and headed straight for the kitchen, really craving applesauce. Greg sat at the kitchen counter reading a paper; he put it down as his wife walked into the kitchen.

" Good morning, your up pretty late again,"

"Yeah, I know," Dharma, replied thrusting open the fridge and grabbing the applesauce.

"Applesauce?" Greg said looking at his wife quizzically (although she was known for doing crazy things) "wouldn't you rather have some pancakes?" he asked pointing to the pancakes sitting on the stove.

"No, I REALLY want some applesauce for some strange reason," she said putting a huge spoonful in her mouth.

"Okay..." He said shrugging and opening up his paper again.

"Oh no!" Dharma yelled, causing Greg to look over at her, "I think I'm gonna be sick!" she yelled clutching her stomach and running towards the bathroom.

Greg ran after her, very concerned. He knocked ever so slightly on the bathroom door, "Are you okay honey he asked?"

"No." Dharma yelled from inside.

Dharma sat at the Kitchen table with her mother at her house in Berkeley. Dharma had just finished explaining to her all the problems she was facing.

Abby got up from the table, smirked, and went over to the stove for more hot water for her tea. "Oh Dharma..." she said beaming, "Do you know what this means?"

"No!" Dharma shouted towards her, "That's why I'm here!"

"No need for harsh words," Abby replied sitting down next to her daughter. "I went through the same exact thing as you did Dharma!" She squealed (though it was very uncommon for Abby to squeal)

"Come on, Abby, tell me what's going on." Dharma pleaded with her mother.

Abby sat up and walked to the end of the room, then back to Dharma, she bent her knees and yelled, "You're Pregnant!" As she jumped up, her curly orange bounced about her shoulders.

Dharma sat there with her mouth open, and then put her head in her hands.

Abby, realizing her daughter was not too thrilled, sat down next to her, "Dharma, this is a blessing, why are you upset? It's bad karma."

Dharma looked up at Abby, "I know, I know, it's just..." she trailed off, "Greg and I aren't prepared for something like this" she said her voice shaking.

Abby touched her daughters arm, "But Dharma, you were almost a mother before, and you and Greg handled that beautifully."

Dharma recalled the time she was almost a mother, "I know Abby, but even then, we had a lot to sort out."

Abby sighed, "well then, Dharma, the best thing for you to do is have a nice chat with Greg about what you're going to do. You are going to have this baby no matter what, you can treat this as a blessing, or a burden, a blessing will make you stronger though, a burden can only bring you down."

Dharma smiled at her mother, "Thank you Abby, but I think I should go home and talk with Greg." She hugged her mother and walked out the door. And Abby ran to go tell Larry the good news.

Dharma had stopped off at a drug store and took about 10 pregnancy tests, all of which were positive, so she knew that Abby was right.

Greg was watching football with Pete when she arrived home.

Greg not even looking up at her yelled, "Hey Honey" as he popped a kernel of popcorn in his mouth.

Dharma knelt down beside her husband, and balanced herself on the arm of the couch. "Uh...Honey, I need to talk to you," she said, running her fingers through his hair.

"What is it sweetie?" He asked not even looking at her.

"Uhhh, Honey?" she asked positioning his head to face hers, "I really have to talk to you, it's important."

"Well, what is it sweetie?" he asked looking back at the television screen.

"Actually, you seem to be pre occupied, I'll talk to you when you're more focused," She said patting his arm as she headed toward the kitchen.

"No, I can talk now," he said following her into the kitchen.

"Umm, you may want to sit down Greg," she said to him, motioning to a chair.

"No, no I can stand," giving her that suspicious/ worried look he usually gives.

"Ok," Dharma sighed, "would you want to be a father again?" She asked him, beating around the bush.

Greg chuckled, "Oh, Dharma, you remember what happened last time, are you considering adopting again?" He asked laughing, like this was all a big joke.

Dharma started to cry, and plopped herself into a kitchen chair.

Greg, confused about what just happened, and about what to do next, patted her head, "Is that what you wanted to tell me Dharma?" he asked her, looking a bit worried, "It's just that, I thought we decided that would be the end of a child discussion for a while, until we straightened things out, you know, wait a couple of years...." he trailed off and Dharma cried harder.

Dharma wiped her tears, "No, that isn't what I wanted to tell you."

"Well..." Greg asked, itching to resume to the game.

"Greg..." Dharma said, her voice quivering, "I'm pregnant." She burst into tears again.

Greg didn't say anything; he just gave her a shocked expression and slowly sank down into a chair.