Greg sat in his chair and went over and over in his head of what Abby just said to him, it shocked him, even though she didn't say it directly, it felt as though Abby had just told him that he wasn't part of this family. What Greg really wanted, was to know what Dharma wanted.


Dharma was sprawled out on Jane's couch, very uncomfortable because her clothes were getting tighter. Jane was doing the best she could to keep Dharma's mind off of Greg, but she was failing.

"Do you think I should have talked to him?" She asked Jane rather nervously.

"I dunno, whatever you wanna do." Jane replied very unhelpfully.

"I think I'm gonna go talk to him," Dharma said getting gp from the couch, "but, no, maybe I shouldn't," she said lying back down.

"Make up your mind!" Jane screeched from across the room.

Dharma then got very upset, "Oh Jane!" She wailed, "I have no clue about what to do!"

Jane looked over at a very distraught friend, then joined her on the couch. "Dharma, tell exactly how you and Greg aren't prepared for this baby." She asked, placing Dharma's feet in her lap.

Dharma didn't speak for about a minute, then finally said, "Well, as you know, Greg and I are from very different backgrounds, He wants to raise a kid one wy, while I want to raise it another."

Jane gave Dharma the, "keep going" look.

"Well, Greg is very interested in sending his kids to a boarding school, because that's hw he was raised, I am more inclined to homeschool. And he has much different ways of dealing with situations then I do, the way he handles things really disgust me." She explained, perking up in her seat.

"Wow, this kid is gonna be screwed up." Jane replied.

Dharma would have normally cried, but she knew Jane was absolutely correct, and there wasn't much Dharma could do.

Dharma then got up off the couch, "I think I'll talk to him, thank you Jane."

Jane smiled, and got the door for Dharma.


Greg must have fallen asleep on the couch, because he woke up when Dharma entered the apartment.

"I need to talk to you." The couple said in unison.

"Me first," said Greg, "I'm sorry about what I said earlier about an," his voice got very low, "abortion. I want you to be happy. I think I am ready to go through the Baby thing again, I felt so important, and great when we had that Baby boy, thinking about that time makes me kind of miss being a dad, I'm open to anything. Oh, and your parents kind of knocked some sense into me.

Dharma smiled, "Thank you Greg, you're going to be a glorious father."

Both Dharma and Greg embraced, "we will have to talk some when the baby comes though." Greg said breaking away from Dharma.

"No doubt about that!" Dharma exclaimed.

'Hey, wanna go out for some Thai food?" Greg suggested

Dharma smiled and nodded


Dharma and Greg walked out of their favorite Thai restaurant feeling mighty stuffed. They held hands as the walked down the road towards their apartment.

"I feel so much better about everything," Greg said, squeezing his wife's hand.

Dharma smiled and said, "me too."

Everywwhere they looked the noticed children. Childeren playing with their parents, children running around, they loved watching this, it got them more and more excited for when their baby came. There was one child skateboarding in front of them, and it was pretty dark out, so Dharma and Greg, not only watched him because he was a child, but also to make sure he didn't hurt himself.

The little boy stopped in front of a shop, and left his skateboard outside, Dharma and Greg couldn't see the skateboard sitting in the side walk because ti was too dark.

Dharma and Greg had finally reached the shop where the little boy went into, when Greg felt Dharma's hand slipping fom his, and the sound of her screaming.

Dharma had stepped on the little boys skateboard and was now whizzing down the street (and since this is San Francisico, the streets are VERY steep)

Dharma had never had any skateboarding experience, so her balance was not good at all, and she was on the vrge of falling.

Greg was racing down the path behind her, but he was no match for the skateboard.

Dharma was almost to the bottom, but before she got there, she hit a bump and went flying of the skateboard.

Greg ran shouting her name, he finallt reached the bottom and founf Dharma laying on the curb.

"Dharma! Dharma are you okay?" He asked frantically.

"I don't feel so hot," She replied sheepishly


Greg paced outside the door to Dharma's hospital room.

All of a sudden Kitty and Edward ran into the room.

"Gregory!" His mother shouted, "are you all right, I heard you were at the hospital"

"I'm all right mother," Greg interrupted, but I'm not sure about Dharma.

"Oh dear god!" She exclaimed, "what happened?"

Greg took a deep breathe, but before he could start, Abby and Larry ran around the corner and met up with the group.

"Is everything okay?" Abby franticallt asked.

"Apparently Dharma isn't," Kitty answered.

"What happened?" Abby asked looking very concerned and upset.

"Well," Greg started, "we were walking home from a Thai food restaureant, and this little kid on his skateboard was in front of us, he went into a shop, and I guess left his skateboard on the sidewalk, because when we walked by the shop, Dharma stepped on the skateboard and went whizzing down the hill, I couldn't keep up with her, and I assume that when she got near the bottom, she hit a bump and went flying off the skateboard, because I found her sprawled out on the curb.

"Goodness gracious," Abby said very softly, covering her eyes with her hand.

They all got very silent. The silence was broken when the door to Dharmas room opened, and the doctor stepped out.

"Mr. Montgomerey," he said looking at Greg, "can I speak to you?"

Greg walked over reluctantly looking very nervous.

"Mr. Montgomrey, Dharma broke her wrist in thet fall of hers, but I'm afraid that's not all." He paused.

"W-what else?" Greg asked very nervously.

The doctor sighed, "I'm afraid the baby has died."