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Spoilers: R&R

Summary: Rory cries. Dean sees nothing. Based on the Beatles song "For No One"

For No One

She wakes up, and it wakes him as well. He watches her get out of bed and head for the bathroom without a sound.

The cuddling is over.

He sits up as he hears the shower start.

It takes her an hour to shower, dress and do whatever else girls do in the morning to get ready, and he waits for her.

She doesn't really seem to notice.

He smiles, trying to be playful, tugging on her coat sleeve to pull her back to bed, but she tugs back. "I have to go."

He looks in her eyes, and sees nothing.

Not love.

Not fondness.

Not even amusement.


It makes him a little angry. He's done everything for her. He pushed aside everything to be with her, and now...


She cries at night and he's not sure why. He tries to comfort her but she pushes him away; curls up to keep him out in the cold. He asks why she cries and she merely answers "for no one".

Her cell phone rings on the way out and she answers it. It's her mother.

"Who's here?" Her eyes become sad all of a sudden. Sadder than he's ever seen them. "Oh...Jess..."

He tenses at the name.

When she gets off the phone he gives her a warning look.

"Don't start," she orders.


"He... I don't need him, you know that!" she cries, obviously upset. "We're not going through this again!"

Dean sighs loudly, and watches her storm out.

He catches a glimpse of her eyes just before she leaves.


He sighs loudly and lies back down.

For no one.