Since as far back as people have remembered, there have always been sailor soldiers. They have been a part of civilized society since the very beginning. Always, they have defended the worlds. Always, their motto: Beauty in Birth, Dignity in Death.

Yet even sailor soldiers had a law. They had their own body of power, to control their actions and lives. They have always gone by the same rules, but two were most sacred. The first: no person shall use their power for resurrection. The second, and more precious rule: no one shall enter the place of birth for all stars. Those two rules have been the standard for all sailor soldiers through the span of time.

Those who disobeyed the first rule were given punishments. The first rule was seldom broken. Those who disobeyed the second rule were to be given an even greater punishment, on worse than death.

No one had ever disobeyed the second rule.…no one…..except for one person. The trial that followed has been a subject of close examination to the pros and cons of a system that was long considered inviolable.

The following is a testimonial to that case: Universal Seemarin vs. Tsukinousagi.