Author's Notes (September 7, 2007): Yes, I decided to update this story, because I have noticed that half of the people can't understand it. Now as the reader wonders, what the hell happened to Hangman's Game? Here is the reason behind it all.

After I did chapter 2, my imagination messed it up. I had a beginning, but not an ending at who it was. So I just decided to re-write all of my stories (Except the Soul Calibur story.) Just to see whether I had improved my writing skills, and to hope that maybe in the future I can work on Hangman's Game the right way. Plus I am just preparing myself to do a fan fiction story from one of Stephen King's Carrie.

There were too many changes done in this story, that even I was surprised by how many mistakes and contradiction I made. Just to do the right thing, I modified the story, and made sure it sticks to a straight line. Most of the characters did went out of context, but it was only for years, after the two incidents that were mentioned within the story. One of my original characters, Mordecai, was just an inspiration from one of my own bad guys.

I hope you enjoy the revised version of Love through the Shield and please R&R and thank you.