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"It's the stadium from the World Tournament in Russia!" she squealed. Merle perked up at that statement.

"Home!" she said as she jumped in. The rest of us shrugged and jumped through after her.

The seven of us were dropped unceremoniously in an empty hallway. We were a mess of limbs, everyone stacked on top of each other.

"Okay, whoever's wearing the black pants, get your ass out of my face. NOW." Merle's voice said tensely.

"Whichever person's wearing the really old pink sneakers, move, I don't want nukes in my face." Melody's muffled voice said from somewhere near the bottom of the pile.

"Sorry." Alex replied from over my head.

I tried to wiggle free from the mass of bodies, and within a few minutes, I was free and helping the others untangle themselves. Ten minutes later, everyone was smoothing wrinkles from shirts and brushing dust off pants and re-tying hair from their faces. Muna looked around.

"Hey, I thought you said we were in some sort of arena." She commented.

"We are in an arena." Merle stated matter-of-factly. "We're just not in the same room as the stadium."

"I knew it!" Alex cried, as if she wasn't sure of it before. Merle motioned for us to follow her. She led us through a couple hallways and up a flight of stairs to a balcony of sorts. The balcony overlooked a large stadium. There were easily a few thousand seats, and every one of them was filled. But it was what was actually happening in the stadium itself that held the attention of six of the seven of us.

There was a major Beybattle going on between Kai and Tyson. You could tell it had been going for a while, since the Bitbeasts were out and the dish looked torn up. I gaped at the immense size of the Bitbeasts, as did Alex.

"Goku," I said quietly, still in awe, "if I EVER diss Dragoon again, shoot me."

"Right…" Alex responded absently, still unable to tear her eyes from the battle.

"Holy Hell…" Maite murmured from my right.

"Cooool…" came Muna's response.

"Whoa…" Miko said, at a loss for words.

"This is as awesome as watching Yusuke go Toushin…" Maemi said.

"Holy CRAP that is cool…" Melody said at last.

"Yeah, it's always cool watching those two battle. People always have that reaction when they see them. Oh, hey, can you guys wait here for maybe ten minutes? I have to go check something." Merle dashed off without waiting for a reply. Not like she was going to get one anyways, the way we were still staring.

"Ten bucks and two boxes of giant pocky says Tyson wins." I said to Alex, finally managing to look away from the battle.

"Not betting on Kai?" Alex asked, looking away as well.

"You know them as well as I do."

"Fine, I'll take that bet. But instead of ten bucks, make it a manga."


We kept watching the battle rage on. Maybe five minutes later, a figure in Asian clothing ran out to one of sidelines. The camera zoomed in on her and we could see it was Merle.

A few minutes later, the battle ended. It was a draw. I looked at Alex.

"If it's a draw, who gets the pocky and the manga?" I asked her quietly.

"I get manga!" she said quickly. I sent her a mock-glare and she stuck her tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes. The six of us waited for Merle to come back. As we waited, I fell back into my old habit of listening to gossip around me, and I could tell Alex was doing the same thing.

"-heard that Tyson and his team are gonna step down -"

"-wonder who's gonna take their place? Think there'll be another tournament?"

"-most awesome battle yet-"

"Omigod, Rei is so cute, do you think he has a girlfriend yet?"

Blinking, I came back to the current reality by Alex snapping her fingers in my face.

"Meg-chan, she came back. And she brought the whole team with her too!" she said quickly, excited. I snapped up to look at my best friend and then swiveled my head around to try to see who all was here. I looked… and tried to keep my jaw from hitting the floor.

It was the usual five Bladers, but they looked kinda different.

For one, you could see Kenny's eyes. He looked like he was about nineteen or twenty, and had different glasses, the new ones being thinner with wire frames instead of those huge big thick ones. His eyes were actually a deep shade of brown. Instead of that odd outfit with the olive shorts and red tie, he looked more casual in a blue t-shirt and jeans. He still had the laptop with Dizzi, which didn't surprise me at all.

Max was next. He had apparently abandoned the orange and green combo for something more color-coordinated. His new outfit consisted of a pair of jean overalls and a green shirt and he looked like he was about twenty as well.

Tyson looked almost the same. He had mostly the same outfit, minus the gloves and hat. His hair was slightly more tame than it used to be, and he also looked to be about the same age as Kenny.

Rei, in my opinion, looked better than the previous three, simply for the fact that in my mind, he always looked better than them. He looked slightly older than the other three, and his hair was a good deal longer, almost by three feet. He still wore the Asian outfit, but it was red, blue, and gold with the red instead of white, gold ties at the chest instead of the original ones, and a blue border.

It was Kai who really made my mind reel. Instead of the red arm guards and wife-beater shirt, he was wearing a red shirt with a leather jacket. He was wearing leather pants instead of the blue ones, and he still had the white scarf. His eyes were a darker shade of red than they used to be, and his hair was, if anything, wilder than before. He still had the blue triangles on his face.

"These are them. See, I TOLD you I was telling the truth!" Merle said. "The one who smells like winter, the one who smells like mineral water, the one who sounds like music, the one who confuses me with her scent, the one who seems to know what you're thinking, and the one who knows us all really well. And then there's the hyper scrawny one." She pointed to us each in turn. (special mention to whoever can match the names with the comparisons)

"See, I told you that winter has a distinct smell." I whispered to Alex in my best 'toldja-so' tone. She just gave me the 'do-you-HAVE-to-be-right?' look.

The team looked like they weren't sure whether to believe her or not, but Max, ever the friendly one, stepped forward. He looked at us one at a time before his gaze settled on Maite. For a few seconds, he looked like he couldn't find the right words, but finally he spoke.

"Your hair looks so cool."

Maite smiled at the unintended pun as she brought a few strands around to look at them.

"You like it? It's natural." She said, pulling some blue around to look at it closely. Max looked startled, then puzzled. With the proverbial ice now broken, Tyson spoke up.

"Dude, you two are practically twins!" he said, pointing to myself and Maite.

"Hey, guys," Rei cut in, "I think we should head back for the night. I think they're trying to close up, and it's getting pretty late."

"Late? It was early when we left…" She said, puzzled.

"Yeah, but time probably moves faster when we're being transported." Muna spoke up. Maemi nodded in understanding.

"Lead the way." Melody said to Rei, since nobody else was willing to talk. He nodded, and, after a few tries, got enough people's attention to get them to follow him.

Ten minutes and a bus ride later, we were all assembled in what we were told was a mansion that Kai had inherited from his grandfather. From the entrance hall, Kai took over leading us to another room where he told us all to sit down.

"Now," he said in a voice that made me thank every god in existence that I was allowed to hear it, "I believe that it's time you told your story."

I opened and closed my mouth a few times, but I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Alex gave me the 'oh-PLEASE' look, and spoke up.

"You want the overall story, introductions, or just what we think is happening?" she asked.

"Introductions." Max broke in. "No offense, but who ARE you all?" Maite sighed and took the initiative.

"My name is Megan, but call me Maite. I'm a hanyou, half human half ice demon from my father's side, and a Bishonen and Bishoujo Trainer. I'm eighteen, and I live on the East Coast of the US." She said.

"Why shouldn't we call you by your real name?" Tyson asked.

"You'll see." Maite replied. Then Muna stood up.

"My name is also Megan, but call me Muna. I'm technically a psychic, and I train Psychic Pokemon. I'm sixteen, and I live with my boyfriend in Blackthorn City." Then it was Melody's turn.

"I'm Megan, but call me Melody. I'm a mutant with a siren's voice. I'm sixteen as well, but I live in Bayville New York with the other mutants."

"I'm Megan, too, but they've called me Maemi. I'm a demon, cross between a cat, from my mother, and a crow, from my father. Don't ask how that happened, I never wanted to. I'm seventeen, and I bounce between living in the Ningenkai with my mother or Genkai, or training with my own boyfriend in the Makai."

"And I'm another Megan, but they wanted to call me by my title for some reason, so just call me Miko. I'm, as my name says, a priestess, and my specialty is," here, she sent an apologetic look at Maite and Maemi, "purifying demons and I use a staff instead of archery. I'm about to hit my seventeenth birthday. I bounce between the present and the past with my distant cousin, who's also a miko." Before Miko had finished speaking, Alex had shot out of her seat like she had inhaled a pixi stick ten minutes before.

"I'm not a Megan! I'm Alex, short for Alexandria, and I'm sixteen!" Here, she struck a hilarious pose, but continued. "As far as we know, I'm human, and I live across the street from my best friend on the East Coast." Then she dropped back into her seat, but still looked like a hyperactive chipmunk on sugar rush. Sighing, I stood up.

"I'm the original Megan, and you can call me any variation of that name, and I'll even respond to 'hey, you' or 'Sanzo'. Sadly, I'm only fifteen, even though I'm like a foot taller than Alex. As far as I know, I'm human, though people tell me I pop out of nowhere all the time. I'm an amateur authoress who lives across the street from her best friend, on the East Coast." I sat back down again and inwardly smirked at the confused faces of the four guys in the room. Kai recovered the fastest.

"So tell us the story."

"Alright, you asked for it." Alex said in a 'you'll-be-sorry' voice.

"Thus far, we've been pulled between three different dimensions. We started in ours," I motioned to myself and Alex, "and since I'm an authoress, I can't help but create OCs." At their puzzled expressions, I added, "Original Characters?" They nodded and I continued. "Well, I went into my room one night to find all seven of my OCs in my room. They all said basically the same thing: they were pulled in by a strange portal and dropped in my room. The next morning, Alex said she could, in essence, sense the portals, and we got sucked into one. It dropped us into a different dimension, where we dropped off my first OC. We spent the night there, and then, this morning, we found another portal, which dropped us in the Stadium. So here we are."

"And," Maite jumped in, "if the pattern's right, we'll find the next one in the morning, so that means we need a pace to crash for the night."

"Any questions?" Alex practically yelled, almost illegally hyper, but it worked, as the four jumped and were brought back to their reality. Tyson raised his hand.

"Uh, yeah… um… what are demons? Aren't they those little evil things from the pits of Hell?" he asked timidly, as if afraid he'd bring the devil's wrath upon his head. Maite sighed, and Maemi almost bristled.

"No, in my world, demons are supernatural beings with different powers. Most are humanoid, and some can even pass themselves off as human. For example, my father is a demon, and his ancestors were from the glacial regions of the Makai, which translated, basically means the Demon World."

"So, if you're a half-demon, does that mean you have cool powers?" Tyson asked excitedly.

"In the most literal sense possible, actually. I'm not as strong as a full demon, but I'm decent."

"Can you show us?" This time, it wasn't Tyson who asked the question, but Rei. Maite looked around for a couple seconds before she sighed.

"Looks like I'll have to make due…" she muttered. She took a deep breath through her mouth and looked thoughtful for a second before closing her eyes and concentrating. She let the breath out, but it was white instead of like the rest of the air, since it was filled with ice crystals. The crystals clumped together and formed a much larger crystal, about the size of a child's thumb. She opened her eyes, and it fell to make a muffled THUMP on the carpet. I have to admit, it was so COOL seeing it for myself.

She smiled and sat down again.

"That's so awesome! What can you guys do?" Max cheered. Melody shrugged, even though I know she thought that the display of youki was awesome as well.

"I sing, I enchant guys…"

"I blow things up." Maemi stated bluntly.

"Psychic." Muna said shortly.

"Spritual powers." Miko restated. I looked at them.

"You make me feel normal… I don't like feeling normal…" I said pitifully. Kai took a quick glance at the large clock.

"It's getting late. We should head to bed." He turned to Merle, who had somehow migrated from her own chair to his lap. "Would you show them the guests' quarters, please, just so we don't have to bother anyone else?" When she smiled and nodded, he gave her a quick peck on the cheek and motioned for everyone to get up. Merle led all of us girls out the door.

We all walked silently through numerous corridors, until we came to one that had three doors on one side, two on the other.

"Pick a room." She said simply. She was about to turn to leave when I stopped her.

"You'd better tell him," I said, "or someone else will." Even from behind, I knew that her pupils narrowed to slits and she bared her fang-like teeth in annoyance. She marched away, presumably heading to the room she shared with Kai. Alex looked at the doors.

"Someone's gotta share. There's only five rooms." She said. She ran to one door. "My room!"

"I'll share with someone." Maite volunteered. Everyone else looked slightly cautious.

"Share with me. I know you better than anyone, and I can take the cold." I said. There was an almost audible sigh of relief from the other four and I grinned. Maite nodded and we walked into the only room left that was unclaimed.

There was a king-sized bed in the room, as well as a nightstand, and dresser/mirror and an adjoining bathroom. Maite looked around before taking off her shoes and jeans and getting in bed. I did the same. Maite looked at me uncertainly. I understood at once.

"I sleep like a rock. Just don't accidentally ice the bed or anything and everything'll be fine." She nodded and turned off the light.

I tried to fall asleep quickly, but it didn't happen. Maite kept tossing and turning and I could tell she was homesick. I sighed quietly.

"Don't worry," I whispered, "they're all fine. They know you can take care of yourself, and they know you're not a child any more."

"You're right." She whispered back. "Now let's go to sleep." I inwardly cheered at the thought of sleep and turned over onto my stomach. I concentrated on relaxing my muscles from my feet up. I never made it to my knees.

The next morning, I woke up to find myself all bundled up in blankets. I was curled up on my side with my head buried deep in the pillow. Maite had just woken up as well, probably a minute or so before I had, since she was already sitting up and looking around sleepily.

"Time's it?" I slurred.

"8:30." Was the sleepy reply.

"May as well get up…" I said, sitting up as well. Mechanically, we both got out of bed and got ready for the day. We wandered out into the hallway to find Tyson out there, looking scared.

"Please make her stop! We can't catch her!" he said. Maite and I looked at each other with the same though running through our heads. Alex. We both nodded and walked past him. We didn't get five steps before we saw her running down the hall towards us.

"Meg! You won't believe how big this place is! It's like a giant maze, 'cept without all the freaky monsters! And the kitchens are really really REALLY big, but they kicked me out." Alex said very quickly, pouting at the end.

"And how much of their food did you eat before they kicked you out?" Maite asked.

"None…" Alex said unconvincingly. I looked at her with the 'you-KNOW-I-don't-believe-you,-just-confess' look before she gave in.

"Okay, a little… only some bread…"


"It's true, I only took some bread!" I sighed.

"Fine." I said, knowing she probably took like three loaves of bread but deciding not to push it. Alex beamed.

"Well, if you found the kitchens, did you find anything else that might be helpful?" Maite asked.

"I found lots of things." Alex replied.

"Such as?" I prompted. The whole time, Tyson watched the conversation shift between the three of us flawlessly, as if we were sisters instead of friends. He was about to say something when I saw him go rigid out of the corner of my eye. Apparently, Maite saw it too, since she cut herself off in the middle of her sentence. Tyson's eyes glazed over and he started to wander back down the hall like he was under a spell. It was that thought that made it click.

"What's with him?" Alex asked.

"Remember when I was writing, I kept asking you what would be a good mutant power for someone like me?"


"Melody's singing." I strained my ears and faintly heard a soft tune. "Yep, there it is. Follow Tyson." I looked at Alex and Maite. The latter looked slightly apprehensive, while the former nodded and took off after said guy, who was now almost running down the hall. I ran after the two, and I could hear Maite's footsteps behind me.

Tyson didn't lead us all that far, actually, only down two hallways and around three corners. He practically hurled himself at the door, and it opened with a slam. I heard the song cut off abruptly, and from behind, I saw Tyson stop and shake his head.

"How'd I get here?" he said to himself.

"Thanks a lot, Melody!" Maite yelled from behind me. "Making us run!"

"Well, they wanted you to get here, and Tyson was taking too long, so I assumed he had already found you. I know how long -I- take in the mornings, so I figured he was waiting for you." Melody paused. "Besides, they wanted a demonstration." She was about to say more when She looked at Alex. The rest of us followed her line of sight and saw that Alex had gone rigid. All of the females in the room, minus the maids, looked at each other and sighed.

"Which way?" I didn't want to take the time to identify which of us said it.

"Follow me."

We all followed Alex as SHE followed the feeling of the portal. It took us to, oddly enough, the basement.

It was a finished basement, complete with lights, carpet, furniture—and a Beydish. Which was where the portal was.

The portal itself looked like a giant mirror. It was an oval shape, with a silvery 'surface'. The frame looked like it was made out of vines and ivy. It was very pretty, at least to me.

"I guess that's it." Maemi said. We nodded. I cautiously went over to it and stuck my head through. The sight that greeted me was completely unexpected, though not unfamiliar.

I was basically looking at the final major-scale battle from the third InuYasha movie. The blue-skinned zombies were attacking with spears, though I couldn't see who was BEING attacked. That is, until I heard an attack being yelled out.


The crackling blue energy flew past my face, so close that i could feel the heat,and I fell backwards, into the Beydish. I stared at the rippling silver surface and then looked at Miko.

"You go first." I said. Puzzled, she walked past me and into the portal. When she didn't come back, I assumed that she was fighting and motioned for Maite and Maemi to go next, and the rest of us followed.

There. For the longest time I couldn't figure out where to take them next, so I followed Al-chan's orders to head to the Sengoku Jidai (forgive me if I spelled that wrong...).