Icy Valentine

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Icy Valentine

part 1

Rogue sat alone on the balcony of her bedroom. The crisp morning hair weaved through her free-flowing mane of auburn and white. She shivered and rubbed her hands together. Despite the wooly gloves she wore during winter, he fingers still felt like popsicles.

She sighed. Before she came outside, she had gone downstairs to get a cup of coffee and she saw Scott giving Jean a tiny gift wrapped in red tissue paper. It could only mean one thing. It was Valentine's day, the most depressing day of the year for a girl who couldn't touch.

Rogue picked up the steaming coffee off of a little card table she had set up outside. She sipped it, feeling the warm liquid surge through her body. But soon her cup was empty and the warmness was lost in the morning cold.

She stood up, hugging herself till she made it inside. When she was back insider her room, she walked into her bathroom and got ready to shower.


"Mornin' everybody." She walked down to the breakfast table, where everyong had just started to eat.

"Hey, chere." Gambit winked at her as she sat down in her usual spot next to him.

"Hi, sugah," she replied quietly without emotion. Gambit gave her a strange look.

"Somet'ing wrong?"

"Not at all, Swamp rat. Now just let me eat so Ah can get my trainin' done before noon." She said loudly, drawing attention from some of the other X-Men at the table.

Rogue took another tiny bite of her pancakes. She gave the others cold stares before they turned back to their own business. But Gambit didn't take his eyes off of her. "Gambit always know when somet'ing buggin' y', chere." He smiled charmingly.

She swallowed her food and turned to glare at him. "But ya never seem ta know exactly what it is, do ya Remy?" S'cuse me." She got up and walked away from the table.

Gambit's smile faded and he slumped in his chair. He looked next to him and met Storm's blue eyes. "What Gambit do wrong?"

"I am not sure, Remy. I will try to talk to her while we are training."

"Merci, Stormy."

"Do not call me that." She said sternly, but then smiled at her old friend.


Rogue put on the rest of her combat gear after she made it back to her room.

She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled on her yellow boots. "If he knows so damn much, why didn't he know that Ah feel this way every year. He shoulda had it down by now," she muttered under her breath. She realized that she might have overreacted a little bit at breakfast, but she hated when Gambit pretended to know what she was thinking. He wasn't a mind reader like Jean or Xavier. Ah'll hafta apologize later. Ah was a 'lil harsh. But she decided to talk to Gambit after her training; after she had blown off a little steam.


Storm watched Rogue's actions from the control center located above the danger room. She was amazed by the contrast of Rogue's graceful flying and then the force in her punches thrown at the holographic robots. When Rogue was visibly worn out after about two hours of training, Storm turned off the program.

The regular lights lite up the room and Rogue looked up to Storm with weary eyes. She tapped her combadge. "Ah'm feelin' tired, 'Roro. Ah'm just gonna get some rest."

"I wish to speak with you for a moment."

"Sure, sugah. Ah'll be up in a sec." Moments later, Rogue was in the control room with Storm. "What's up?"

"I'm concerned about the disagreement you and Gambit had earlier." Storm said, with her usual calmness.

"Oh, it's nothin' ta worry about. Ah'm just upset about it bein' Valentine's day an' how Ah can't touch anyone ta show that Ah love 'em. Nothin' outta the ordinary." She said nonchalantly, even though it was eating her up inside.

Storm was surprised by her reply. "You and I both know you do not need to touch someone to show that you care."

"That's easy for you ta say. Ya don't know what it's like, sugah. Ya can just go around an' hug or kiss whoever ya damn well please. Ah always hafta take precautions, every single moment of every single day. So don't talk like ya know how it is." She said coldly. She held her hand over her mouth to stop her from speaking anymore. "Ah'm sorry… s'cuse me." Then she flew out of the control center.

"Goddess… I had no idea," Storm whispered to no one.


Rogue landed a few doors away from her room and stomped the rest of the way. Ah hate goin' through this every friggin' year.

She slipped into her room, breathing hard as if she was going to cry. She leaned against the back of the door, closing her eyes to hold back the burning tears.

When she opened her eyes again, after she was sure the tears were gone, she saw something peculiar on her bed. She walked closer and gasped. Red rose petals laid on her queen sized bed in the shape of a heart. She saw a pink piece of paper in the middle addressed to her.

She picked it up in curiosity, though she already knew whom it was from. It simply said: "Be my Valentine, chere. Love always, Remy."

Her heart fluttered. "That boy always knows how ta make me feel betta." She smiled, even though her previous uncertainties stuck in the back of her mind.

Rogue looked around the room once again. Gambit had taken the opportunity to place red roses sporadically around the room, each with a tiny note attached. She ran around the room, reading all of them. Each one said something that only a Cajun charmer like Gambit could get away with.

The last one she found was peeking from behind a picture of her and Gambit from the previous summer. When she reached down to pick up the rose, her eyes fell on the photograph. Instead of picking up the flower, she picked up the frame.

The picture was taken by the mansion's pool. Rogue had been tanning in the sun and Gambit had sneaked up and dumped a bucket of water on her. He and Wolverine had planned the whole thing. Before Rogue took off to get him back, Logan had snapped the picture. Gambit had been smirking while Rogue looked like a stunned drowned rat.

She laughed at the memory. She finally put down the frame and picked up the rose. She pulled the note off the stem and read it. "Make sure you dress warmly tonight. R."

Rogue had figured he'd want her to dress in the sexiest thing she could find, because she thought they would go to dinner like they did for pretty much all special occasions. Ah guess not. She smiled. She had a feeling she would like the surprise Gambit had in store for her. Everything they did always had a twist, courtesy of him.

There was a knock on the door. "Come in!"

The door opened. "Good afternoon, Rogue."

"Hey Beast." She motioned to one of the leather chairs. "Take a load off."

"That's all right, dear." Then the huge blue mutant saw the bed with the many rose petals. "My stars and garters, I see our Cajun friend spared no time to woo you this year."

Rogue giggled. "Yah, that's Remy for ya."

"He asked me to come up here to ask you to wear green. He mentioned that he'd forgotten it in one of his notes."

"All raht, Hank. Did he say anythin' about where he's takin' me tonight?"

"Only that you would be very surprised."
"Ah hate waitin'." She sighed.

"Maybe you should get some rest then, my dear. From what Gambit tells me, it's going to be a late night." He grinned.

"Okay, thank ya for the message, Hank." She smiled warmly.

"My pleasure. I'll see myself out." He smiled and left. Rogue shut the door, then turned back to her bed. Ah don't wanna ruin the heart… She smiled.

She changed out of her sticky battle gear and into some sweats. She stretched and yawned, realizing how tired she really was. Then she grabbed a pillow off her bed and dropped it on the floor. Then she retrieved a couple of comforters out of the closet. Then she made herself a tiny spot on the floor next to her bed so she could take a nap.

Before she laid down, she took a quick glance at the bed. She tried to lock the image in her head as best as she could. Then she relaxed in her made up cot. As soon as she hit the pillow, she was asleep.


Gambit tapped lightly on Rogue's door. When he didn't hear an answer, he cracked the door and peeked in. He couldn't decide if her was going to laugh or melt at the sight of her lying in a pile of blankets next to her bed. He saw the rose petals he had place on her bed still undisturbed.

He checked the clock sitting on her nightstand. 5:15. The sun had just begun to set and he hadn't planned to take Rogue out till 8.

He walked over to where she was sleeping. He looked down on her and admired the beauty he had fallen in love with.

He brushed the petal off to a corner of the bed. "Sorry, chere. Gambit put dem back later." Then he crouched down next to the peacefully sleeping Rogue and delicately lifted her onto the bed.

When Gambit slid his hands from under her, she stirred slightly, getting a feel for the comfort of the bed. He stepped back, unsure if she was going to wake up or not. After a few seconds of quiet movement, Rogue stopped stirring and he deep breathing continued. Gambit sighed in relief. He gazed at her for another moment. He body laid on its side, and her hair flowed behind her, with a few tendrils of white falling over her closed eyes.

He left the room for a few minutes and came back with a box, overflowing with stuff. He chuckled as he began to empty the contents onto the floor silently.


Rogue blinked her eyes a couple times. She rubbed them and yawned as she sat up. When she stretched her arms, she felt something tumble off of her. She looked down and saw she was surrounded in rose petals. "Wha? How did Ah get on mah bed?"

She checked around the room, awestruck at how much had changed. She must have seem at least 75 white candles lighting the room. They were displayed on any possible surface: her nightstand, dresser, bookshelf, desk, and her stereo stand. Around all of the candles were more red rose petals. She smirked and shook her head. "Ya never cease ta amaze me, Remy." She said quietly to herself.

She stood up, brushing some petals off herself. She checked the clock. It was 6:47. One of the notes told her to be ready by 5 of 8 o'clock.

Rogue walked over to her mirror. "Aww geez…" she muttered. She had forgotten to take a shower after her training earlier, so her hair stuck out in every-which-way.


After washing off every drop of sweat in the shower, she pulled on her bathrobe and started to look around for something wear.

She opened each drawer, looking for the perfect outfit. She threw rejected clothing everywhere, watching to make sure she didn't throw the shirts on the still burning candles.

Unsatisfied with everything in her dresser, she turned to her closet.

As soon as she opened the doors to her walk in closet, her eyes lit up. She reached in and pulled out a green knit v-neck sweater Jubilee had gotten her for Christmas. The dark green contrasted with her auburn hair and brought out the emeralds in her green eyes. Perfect. She grinned.

She found a pair of tight black jeans. Then she pulled them on, after she put on a pair of her usual Victoria's Secret underwear. She bent down and picked up a pearl white camisole she had thrown earlier. She slid her robe off and pulled the cami on.

She took the sweater off the hanger and tossed them both on her bed. She walked over to her mirror above her dresser.

She twirled a couple damp strands in her fingers. "What ta do…" She grabbed her hair dryer and flipped her head over.

Rogue gave her head a quick blast of hot air before she flipped back. She check her now puffy hair, deciding to leave it down. She ran her fingers through her hair and smoothed it down. She took a couple of white strands and curled them with her fingers. They hung lightly around her face.

She smiled, happy with her appearance. Then she walked back over to her bed and carefully slid her sweater over her head.

She pulled it down and smoothed it out. Then she walked into her bathroom to put on a little make-up.


After she emerged from the bathroom, Rogue ran her hand through her hair once more time before pulling on her suede black gloves.

She sat on the edge of her bed and pulled on her black ankle boots. Then she walked over to her full length mirror and checked her outfit. She smiled. Hope Remy likes…

She glanced to the alarm clock on her nightstand. 7:51. "Dammit!" She ran over to her dresser and found a silver chain to wear. She attempted to get it on, but her gloved fingers couldn't hold the clasp. She held it in her hand as she grabbed her perfume with the other. She sprayed a couple of spritzes on her.

She breathed some of it in. Ah think this is the one he likes. She gave herself one final check in the mirror and ran out of her room.


In the hallway, she ran into Storm. "I see you're feeling better." She smiled warmly.

"Much." Rogue smiled. "Could ya do me a favor?"

"Of course." She nodded.

Rogue handed her the necklace. "Can ya put this on for me? Ah had some trouble with mah gloves."

Storm nodded again. Rogue lifted up her hair while Storm reached around her neck, careful not to touch her skin, and clasped it shut. "Thank ya, sugah."

"Do not worry about it, child." She smiled.

Rogue turned to run down the steps. "Oh wait, Storm?"


"Can ya put the candles out in mah room? Ah don't wanna burn the mansion down." She giggled.

Storm nodded. "Of course. You have fun tonight."

"Ah will." Rogue smiled and ran down the hall towards the front of the mansion.


"Nervous, Cajun?" Wolverine chuckled as he watched Gambit pace near the front door.

"Non, jis waitin' impatiently, homme." He smiled coolly back at Logan.

He responded by sniffing the air. "No need to wait any longer."

The moment he said that, Rogue walked down the steps, smiling. "Hey, Remy."

Gambit gulped at the sight of her. She looked great. She had obviously gotten the message from Hank to wear green. "Bonjour, chere. Y' ready?" He flashed her his world famous smile.

She nodded. "Uh huh. Let's get goin'." She grabbed her jacket and scarf off of the coat rack. Gambit took her jacket from her while she wrapped her cotton scarf around her neck. He helped her put her jacket on. "Tryin' ta make up for this mornin'?" Rogue smiled.

"Gambit don' need an excuse t' help y', chere." He smirked back. Then he turned to Logan. "Don' be waitin' up for us, homme."

"Bye, Wolvie!" Rogue called as Gambit ushered her out the door.

Logan just grumbled as he shut the door behind them.


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