Chrono gulped, rooted to the spot, mind racing.

This is it, no turning back now.

He shot a look at Lucca, who gave him a small smile. It gave him the strength he needed to go on, and he faced forward again, ready for his moment of truth.

"I do," he said.

The assembly roared as he and Nadia kissed, then she launched into what she had planned for their future as they walked down the isle together. He felt his stomach sink at the mention of pink curtains in the bathroom.

He was doomed.


AN- A 100 word or less challenge, coming to 95 words after major edits Now, I have to work on a 50 word story.... So hard!!

Marle- I didn't really like her in the game, I always thought Lucca would be better for Chrono... but I like LuccaMagus fics even better, so poor Chrono is doomed to a life with pink shower curtains. Sucks to be him.

Anyway, this is my pathetic excuse of a monthly oneshot, and a way to reach anyone out there who's reading The Otherworlder. It's being worked on. It's harder to write that originally planned, because I'm completely changing what was going to happen. Please be patient... some more... A lot... ;;;

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