Title: Cruel Summer

Summary: What destiny will fate bestow on two unlikely people?

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Harry Potter or the characters. They belong to J.K Rowling

A/N: Okay This fic is an AU fic. I want to express that from time to time the characters may seem very OOC. This is my version of a severitus fic. Any reviews will be welcome, and all flames will be amusement to my friends.

Now I take you to the first chapter

Chapter 1

Harry listened to the monotonous droning of Professor Snape. His mind was on more important things like Sirius. His godfather had only been gone since last night, but he already missed him. "Harry pssst Harry" Hermione nudged Harry trying to get him to pay attention. Harry's thoughts drifted back, and he finally snapped back into hearing Snape talk about werewolves, and the potion wolfsbane to keep them from killing. He looked down at his paper and saw it was nearly blank, while even Ron had half a page written. Taking a chance he glanced up to see Professor Snape staring at him, black eyes boring into his.

"Potter always thinks he is above everyone else" Snape thought. As Harry stared into those eyes little did he know that under his desk, Snape's wand was pointed at him. "It is time to see what Potter thinks of instead of listening to me speak." No one heard as he whispered the word "Legilimens".

Snape was instantly thrown into Harry's thoughts, and a sense of dread was filling his mind. He saw a three year old boy being laughed at as he begged for food, and then the scene changed, Harry appeared to be around seven and he was sweeping the floor."So what if Potter does a few chores" he thought. He watched further, as a very large man came in shouting that he had missed a spot. He had taken the broom from Harry and began to beat him over the back. As the blood pooled onto the floor, the child never once shed a tear or asked the man to stop. He simply laid there, blank look in his eyes. Severus could not believe what he saw, not famous Potter. The boy was supposed to be lavished with love, not beaten. Severus stood from his desk, never once breaking eye contact. A new memory floated in this time, and it was Harry being beaten as he tried to reach for a letter. Severus saw through his mind the utter horror, as the belt kept raining down even after the boy was unconscious. Severus then felt something else seep into his very soul. It was fear and it brought him to his knees, as he saw the large man kick Harry over and over, and finally grab him by the feet. He had dragged him to a cupboard and thrown him in, but the damage was done.

Harry had heard a bell ring telling him class was over, and he snapped his eyes away. He felt drained for some reason, and just wanted to sleep. He leaned down to grab his bag when the gasps all around made him look up. There on his knees was Professor Snape. The most evil man next to his Uncle Vernon was staring at him, and it gave Harry cold chills. As quick as possible he grabbed his books and fled the classroom. Once outside it he searched for Ron to ask him about what Snape was doing. He caught sight of the mop of red hair and ran over to him.

"Ron what was wrong with Snape. Did I miss something?"

Ron stared at him like he had three heads. "Yeah mate I could tell you kinda spaced out there. It was bloody scary, he just kept staring at you. Then after awhile he just sank down to the floor. You don't think he was trying to hex you or anything do you?"

Harry had to smile, leave it to Ron to always think the worst. "No, but come on today is our last day here. Let's not ruin it thinking of Snape."

"Well I am starving, let's go to the Great Hall and have some lunch"

When they entered it was full. It seemed everyone was hungry after a day of classes. Harry and Ron went over and took a seat and began eating. Harry knew this would be one of his last meals before being starved, so he filled his plate. A few minutes later Hermione came trudging in carrying an armful of books, and plopped down next to Ron.

"Do you ever not study?" he said between bites.

Hermione rolled her eyes and muttered something about red hair must have something to do with it. Ron shrugged her off and continued to stuff his face with another kidney pie. Before long all were laughing and joking around. If they had been observant, they would have seen Snape standing there in the doorway staring at Harry.

After lunch the entire Great Hall turned to hear Dumbledore make his farewell speech. His words of have a great summer were bittersweet to Harry, as he ran to finish packing. Up in the third year dormitory, Harry was glancing around making sure he hadn't forgotten anything. He would miss the nice comfortable bed, the food three times a day. As he sighed again he stared at his other bunk mates. This is what he would miss the most; his friends. Grabbing his trunk he went over to Ron. "Hey mate would you mind taking Hedwig for the summer. Uncle Vernon does not like to let her out."

"Sure mate as long as it's alright with Hedwig." Hedwig nipped playfully at Ron's fingers. Relieved Harry put her back in her cage, at least she would be safe.

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