Title: Cruel Summer

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Chapter 34

A month later...

There were only two days left until start of term. Harry had been disappointed that he would not get to take the train with Ron and Hermione, but his shoulder needed the last few days to heal. Well, at least he would not have to deal with Draco and his cronies.

Potions classes had gone well and Ron was making considerable progress. He could now brew many potions without having to look at his book for the directions, and he had not blow up even one cauldron in two weeks. Ron had even stopped calling Snape a git. Harry had been given a charm to conceal his identity, and went to Hogsmeade with Severus to purchase his books. They had eaten ice cream much to Severus' despair and had a late lunch with the headmaster that evening. Harry had went to bed the night before opening feast with butterflies, for once again the nagging question of Severus' attitude in class came back to haunt him.

The next morning Harry awoke refreshed and ready to see Ron and Hermione again, but not sure if he was ready to face Draco and the likes of him. Harry knew all Slytherin's were not bad, but Draco was an exception to this rule. He had been raised to hate, and that was all he knew.

Throwing his clothes under his arm Harry went to shower, and came out of the room and ran right into Sirius.

"Sirius! What are you doing here? Won't you get into trouble?"

I had to see my godson before school started, didn't I?"

Harry smiled at his godfather, happy to see the man looking somewhat healthier. He was even glad that he and Severus were not trying to kill each other every chance they got. This by no means meant they were friends, but at least not enemies anymore. After finishing up his eggs Harry wanted to go, but Sirius told him he had to wait for his father. When Severus walked in he was tackled by Harry.

"I told you to be careful Harry, you will hurt your shoulder again. Do you not want to be able to try out for quidditch this year?"

Harry looked down at the floor, and Severus noticed his son had grown quiet. "Do not worry it will be fine by then. Now come on I am sure you do not wish to miss your friends getting off the train. This brightened Harry immediately, and he rushed out the door pulling Severus by the arm with him.

As they got ready to open the doors Severus stopped in his tracks and turned to face Harry. "I want you to know I will be different once school begins, but that does not mean I love you any less. You understand this right?"

"You have to keep up your appearances for the Death Eaters kids?"

"Not exactly, now let us hurry, I do not want to be late, the headmaster is waiting."

Harry watched as the carriages came to a stop and he grabbed Ron and Hermione both, almost before they could even get out. Ron pulled away and slugged Harry on the arm. "Good to see you again mate. How has your summer been" he said motioning to the carriage behind him. From behind the door stepped none other than Draco Malfoy, a sneer planted firmly on his face.

"Well if it isn't Potter. What is it Potter, riding the train now beneath you?"

Harry balled his fist to punch Draco, but he was too slow. Hermione sailed on Draco and her fist landed squarely on his face. Draco's nose began to bleed, and he pulled his wand from his robes. "Think that was funny do you Potter, getting your girlfriend here to fight your battles for you." This only pissed off Hermione more, and before anyone could stop her she launched herself at the Slytherin boy. Pinning him to the ground she began to smack him over and over, his head snapping to the side with each blow. Professor Snape came up behind the little group and pulled Hermione off the boy, but not before Hermione could get in one more well placed kick to the groin.

"Professor, did you see that? Did you see her attack me like that, I want her expelled this instant! he said sneering at Hermione who was still trying to get away.

"That will be for the headmaster and Professor McGonagall to decide. As for now I suggest you all get up to the welcoming feast."

Harry and Ron got ready to drag Hermione away to the castle, but stopped when Severus spoke. "Potter, You should remain behind. I think it is time we talked to the headmaster about where you learn your snide gestures, when others are not looking."

Draco looked back and smiled a little victory smile. "Do hope the train ride back is not to horrible for you and Granger," he called as he walked away. Ron wanted to punch him, but saw that Draco was still limping from his beating, and he only snickered.

As the last student entered the main doors Severus turned to Harry. "That was quite a thrashing Granger gave to Draco. Who knew she could fight that well?"

Harry looked puzzled. "Not me, but do remind me not to make her mad in the future. You didn't keep me here just to find out about Hermione did you?"

"No I thought we would walk in together." Severus said smiling down at his son.

"Together?" Harry almost screamed. "But you will be found out. The Death Eaters will never trust you again."

"Do not worry about them Harry. For I have decided to stop spying and become a full time father."

"Will Voldemort not kill you for that?" Harry said, his eyes welling up with tears.

"I believe I can lie my way out of the first few meetings, after that I will think of something. You are the most important thing to me now, and I wish for the whole school to know just how important."

Harry's face twisted in confusion, and then turned a sickly green color as he saw Sirius walking towards them. "Sirius, you have to go before someone sees you. Hurry run!" Harry pleaded all the while trying to push Sirius behind one of the bushes out front.

"Harry, for Merlin's sake, Stop! I have been cleared. I am a free man now." Sirius said, emerging from the bush he had been pushed into. He was then engulfed in one of the biggest hugs he had ever gotten. Severus came over, and placed his arm around Harry. "Shall we go inside now?"

Harry placed one hand in each of theirs, and the three walked into the main doors. Stopping right before he opened them Severus looked at Harry. "Are you ready for this?" Harry tightened his grip on his father's hand and smiled.

The Great Hall was buzzing over the whole Draco and Hermione fight. Everyone else was talking and welcoming back old friends, when the doors pushed open to reveal none other than Severus Snape. He strode in and the whole room gasped. He was walking down the row holding Harry Potter's hand, and Sirius Black was on the other side. There were screams from the people who knew who he was, but they were all silenced as Dumbledore rose.

"I will have the whole student body know that Sirius Black just today was cleared of all charges." Dumbledore sat back down after this and Severus held onto Harry and proceeded down the aisle. When he got to the front of the teacher's table he turned around and stared out at the students.

Hermione and Ron shared a smile of encouragement to him, and then he looked at the Slytherin table. Draco Malfoy was doing a very good impression of Remus. His mouth was hanging open in shock, his food long ago forgotten. Severus relished the thought and then he turned and smiled down at Harry. Picking him up he cleared his throat.

"I would like to introduce to you all my son, Harry Potter." Malfoy promptly fainted, and fell off the bench, and the whole room erupted once again in chatter. This year was going to be quite different in Hogwarts. Severus looked into Harry's face and saw not the lonely boy he had found that cruel summer, but his son smiling back at him. "Welcome home Harry."

The End

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