Tom Riddle:

"Riddle, Thomas!" Professor Dumbledore called out the name of the young boy. Tom walked carefully up to the stool and had the Sorting Hat placed on his head.

"Hello, young man," the Hat said. It had instantly picked up on the touches of Slytherin blood running through Tom Riddle. "You've got quite a past, haven't you?"

Tom scowled and didn't reply. But then, he didn't really need to.

"You'll be powerful, boy," the Hat tried again. "But... you can choose. Go into Ravenclaw, you've the mind for it, or go into Slytherin, as you've certainly got the cunning."

Tom thought quickly. The magical world was new to him, but he had heard things... "Slytherin," he said decisively.

The Hat didn't comment. "Very well then... SLYTHERIN!"

Albus Dumbledore:

"Dumbledore, Albus!" Touches of boredom were already creeping into the deputy headmaster's voice as he called out the next student to be sorted, but no one really paid him any mind. Eleven year-old Albus Dumbledore walked to the stool and sat down.

"So you're the first of the next generation of Dumbledores, eh?" said the Sorting Hat after being put on Albus' head.

Albus smiled eagerly. "Yes, I am!" he said excitedly.

The Hat was silent for a few moments while it rummaged through Albus' head. "Hmm..." it began, "You're an interesting one, aren't you? You've got the ambition of the Dumbledores, but it's tempered by... something."

Albus didn't really know what to say to that. So he didn't say anything at all.

The Hat went on. "You're difficult to sort, you know. But, there is potential here... GRYFFINDOR!"

Lily Evans:

"Evans, Lily!" Professor McGonagall's voice rang through the Great Hall, as she called out the next name on the list. Lily excitedly hurried up to the stool, and Professor McGonagall put the Sorting Hat on her head.

"Well, well," it said, "you're the first Muggle-born I've sorted this year!"

Lily frowned, but nearly imperceptibly. "What does that matter?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing, dear girl, nothing! I just enjoy sorting you lot – no House prejudices to contend with!" came the quick reply.

"Oh," Lily replied. "Where are you going to put me?"

"Hmm..." the Sorting Hat mumbled while sorting through Lily's memories. He saw that she was indeed the studious sort, but she wasn't, on the whole, it decided, quite meant for Ravenclaw. But then he caught the glimpses of Lily and Petunia playing in a park, and her meeting with young Severus Snape...

"You know, my dear," the Hat said, "there really is only one place for you... GRYFFINDOR!"

Nymphadora Tonks:

"Tonks, Nymphadora!" Professor McGonagall had to stifle a laugh at Tonks' name. Poor girl.

Tonks scowled as her first name was called out, but there was excitement in her steps as she went to the stool. Professor McGonagall placed the Hat on her head, which was, at that moment, covered in long, bright pink hair.

"Ah... so you're the daughter of the Black girl that got away!" The Hat had noticed Tonks' heritage right away, as it usually did.

Tonks giggled nervously. "I suppose so," she replied.

"There's Gryffindor potential in you, girl," the Hat said, quickly noticing the bravery that would mark Tonks' career as an Auror. "But then..." it paused as it continued to process Tonks' memories.

"No, no... Gryffindor will never do for you. You're best suited for... HUFFLEPUFF!"