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~Keiichi's Shop~

Keiichi stumbled into his room and fell to his knees. He was exhausted from the ordeal he had to face for the last few hours. He had just returned from the bathroom that, had he hoped would be Troubadour free, and that his life would not be in harms way, he was sadly mistaken. Keiichi rubbed his eyes rapidly as he tried to get the image out of the way. In all the places he could have popped up, why did it have to be the toilet bowl?' At least Skuld had a good laugh when she discovered Troubadour. The dangerous annoyance himself was not in a happy mood though. As soon as Keiichi was, halfway through his business, rage seethed at the blatant insult that was being inflected on him. From Keiichi's point of view, he was about to grab his thing, and Kamisama knows what he planned to do with it. Luckily, or unluckily, Urd was there to send him through the bathroom wall. Did not help matter that it still left Keiichi exposed from the waist down... when Belldandy rushed in and wondered what was going on.

She also happened to be the first to notice his exposure.

Keiichi sat on the ground red faced. While he was still extremely embarrassed by what happened, he could not help be smile at Belldandy's cute giggle and her beaming smile. Her smile was just, she can certainly melt any man's heart. 'Keiichi said out loud. It's a good thing that she's mi…' He stopped. Even though he did not want it any other way, it still felt, off saying it. His heart beat a bit faster just thinking about how Bell, was his girlfriend. His thoughts then turned to Urd. I wonder if she saw it 'His smile disappeared. Yeah... and she'd probably tease me about it.' His shiver shook him as he considered what kind of insults, or innuendos would be thrown his way.

Keiichi slowly got up as he shook the tiredness away. At least, as much as he could. He needed to get to his futon at least before letting the fatigue take over. As he stumbled towards his futon, he noticed a small decorative box on the floor. He raised an eyebrow at the box as he did not remember seeing it before. Thin gold lines crisscrossed the red box in an ornamental way. Wonder where this came from?' He picked it up and examined it closely. Hmph. It certainly is pretty.' He yawned. 'I'll see what it's all about tomorrow. I need to get some rest.'

He placed the box on the table, and collapsed on the futon. As his mind drifted into unconsciousness, his thoughts pinned on the hope that when he awoke, Troubadour would be gone.

As Keiichi slept, the gold lines of the box illuminated a soft bluish tint.

~Morisato Residence Hallway~

Belldandy strolled down the hallway. She passed by Keiichi's door. A faint smile appeared on her face before it disappeared. She, so far, was unable to meet with Troubadour alone to discuss the current situation. Every time he showed up, Urd and Skuld would be there to ensure his stay would be short lived. However, the longer Troubadour's antics lasted, Belldandy's hope that the reason he was here was due to any real feelings for Urd was evaporating. She may have ulterior motives for wanting Troubadour and Urd to 'make' up, but she knew it would not be possible if Troubadour's own feelings were not genuine. It also did not help matters that his continued, misguided pursuit of Urd placed her Keiichi in extreme danger. Something she could not tolerate.

Belldandy stopped as she saw Urd rounding the corner of the hallway. From Belldandy's perspective, Urd held a pensive look on her face. Belldandy smiled before she spoke. "Something wrong sister?"

Urd frowned, "That loser hasn't shown his face again has he?"

"No. I haven't seen him yet," Belldandy said. "Not since his last attempt to hurt my Keiichi." Belldandy's smile strained. "I would really appreciate it if he would stop doing that."

Urd felt a chill from Belldandy's words. She knew that anyone opposed to Belldandy, will quickly find that Belldandy was not always the angelic and serene beauty she gives off. "Yeah. I want him gone too." Urd crossed her arms. "Of course he makes that a little harder than it should be."

Belldandy sighed. "I, don't mean to pry, but, I'm curious what happened between you two?"

Urd narrowed her eyes for a bit. Knowing that it was Belldandy asking, she closed her eyes and lowered her head. "To put it simply, he was just, too possessive. I told you what happened when he got jealous right?"

"Yes," Belldandy said frowning. "He'd cause any God that flirted with you to explode with bugs."

"That, if they were lucky," Urd said. "And he would attack any man that came up to me. No matter the reason. It came to a point where I just had enough. Felt like he wanted me more as a trophy than as someone who'd genuinely loved me."

Belldandy was disturbed by this. She knew about his jealous side, but if he was willing to go that far, any hope for them to reconcile was disappearing. However, she did wonder about one thing. "Why did you go out with him in the first place?"

Urd frowned before she took a deep breath. "You want to know the truth? It's because, I thought he was a nice guy. And…" Urd fidgeted. "Even with his possessive side, I felt, deep down inside, he was still a wonderful person." Urd smiled as she remembered the good times she spent with him. "I just wish he would have realized that before his bad side took over and things got out of hand."

Belldandy smiled as some hope was restored. "Maybe if you tell it to him, he'd understand."

Urd giggled. "You think if I just tell him that he would realize his mistake and change?"

Belldandy smile beamed.

Urd stopped giggling as she realized who she was talking to. "I understand you're optimistic Bell. But," Urd paused as she looked into Keiichi's room. "I don't think anything I say will penetrate that thick skull of his."

Belldandy continued to smile. "Well, I still believe you should try. But…" Belldandy skipped ahead. "I'd like to talk to him first. I want his side of the story."

Urd raised an eyebrow. "Why? You don't think you can talk him down do you?"

"Doesn't hurt to try," Belldandy said. "Besides, it's better if I find him first before he does anything rash against Keiichi."

"Wait," Urd reached out as Belldandy's form retreated. It felt odd to Urd that Belldandy would take the initiative in trying to defuse the situation. She then looked at Keiichi's door. 'Nevermind,' Urd thought. 'I know exactly why she would want to end things diplomatically if at all possible.' Still, Urd could not shake the feeling that Belldandy had an ulterior motive in mind.


Troubadour tipped toed across the courtyard. It seemed that Skuld's defenses have finally relented enough to make passage through the courtyard safe. At least, as far as Troubadour was concerned. He was vigilant to any possible sneak attack by the youngest of the three goddess.


"Eep," Troubadour jumped and, not exactly showing a manly stance, he covered his face in fear against his potential captor.

"Do not be afraid," Belldandy said. "Skuld's devices are currently rearming. I'm not here to fight. I just want to talk."

"Really," Troubadour eyes lit up with surprise. "You're, not here to fight?"

"I won't fight you," Belldandy smiled. "Unless you give me a reason. Like continuing your attack against my Keiichi."

Something about her eyes clashed with her serene voice. Like a dark seething claw ready to rip his entrails out. A cold chill was sent down his spine. "Yeah. I think talking is good. Heheh."

Belldandy's smile brightened. "So tell me why you insist on attacking Keiichi?"

Troubadour stood up proudly. "That man is trying to steal Urd away from me! He cannot stand in the face of true love!"

"So, you're doing it for your love for Urd," Belldandy asked.

"Of course," Troubadour said with confidence. "Urd and myself belong together! I won't let anyone stand in my way with destiny!"

Belldandy's smile did not waver. "Tell me your real reason for being here."

"What," Troubadour said. To him, Belldandy's words did not mesh well with her cheery voice. "I already told you why I'm here!"

"You're telling me a lie," Belldandy said in a cheery voice. "If you're really here for Urd, than you would not be attacking Keiichi. Tell me the reason why you're really here."

Troubadour gulped. He knew about Urd's sister from second hand sources. And everything he heard was that she was the most reasonable, calm, beautiful, and above all, perfect of the three Norns. He also knew she was also one of the most powerful goddesses in Heaven, but thought she would never use it except against really evil scoundrel. But the aura she was giving off was quickly changing Troubadour's perception. "I need the tears of a goddess to open up the 'Scroll of the Golden Verse.'"

"Scroll of the Golden Verse," Belldandy repeated.

"I need to sing the song contained in the scroll to summon the Golden Nightingale," Troubadour said. "Taming it and making it sing on command is a qualifying test to be a true plum spirit."

Belldandy cocked her head. "So this is the real reason why you're here."

Troubadour quickly nodded. "I just needed Urd to cry so I could take one of her tears. I thought when she saw me, she would be crying tears of joy! But seeing that boy, well, I thought, maybe, you know…"

Belldandy closed her eyes and smiled. When she opened her eyes, the iris in them glowed. "You've made your intentions clear. I cannot allow you to place Keiichi in harms way anymore. You are not welcomed here."

~Skuld's Room~

Skuld was putting in the final screws for what she had hoped would be more effective at expelling the unwanted guest. "Stupid tree spirit! Can't he see he's not wanting here," Skuld said scowling.

A light began to blink on a nearby computer console. The computer screen shifted to a layout of the courtyard. "Damn. He's already here. Should've known that dummy won't give up that easily."

As she said this, a stone rune behind her began to glow.

Skuld stopped her activity as she turned back at the source of the glowing light. "Wha? A demon attack?" Skuld flew to the rune and cocked her head. "Why now? We have enough problems with that tree spirit. Hmph. I bet it's Marller's doing." Her eyes widened as she realized where the attack was coming from. "No! It can't be?" Skuld took out her polo stick and flew out through her door. "How? I put the barrier around it!"

~Living Room Next to the Courtyard~

Urd skipped, with extra long steps as she lightly levitated between steps, towards the courtyard as she felt a change in the energy around her. As she reached the doorway, she could see Belldandy and Troubadour conversing with each other. Her eyes widened as she realized what was going on.

"I doubt Belldandy would think of attacking him unless she had her reason," Urd said. Her eyes narrowed at the prospect. "So, I take it that bonehead really does insist on taking out Keiichi," Urd shut her hand into a fist. Electricity could be seen sparking around it. "Wait for me Bell! I want to be the first to pound his face into the sand!"

Urd advancement stopped as she felt another change in the energy around her. This time, something with a much darker aura. "Huh? Where is this coming from?" Urd spun around as the dark aura filled the air. "A demon attack now? Damn that loser is lu…" Her eyes widened as she realized the source of the dark aura. "Keiichi!"


Troubadour shook as he stepped back. "Can't we, you know, talk this over?"

"The time for talking is over," Belldandy said. She blinked, and the glow in her eyes disappeared as she detected something new. Her head darted to the temple's doorway. "A demon attack? Keiichi!" Belldandy took a step forward and rushed into temple she, Keiichi, and her sisters called home.

Troubadour blinked at his sudden streak of luck. "I'm, alive?"

The ground shook, knocking Troubadour off of his feet.

"Agh! What's that," Toubadour fearfully said. His head short to the doorway. "Ah! Could it be?"

~Keiichi's Room~

The ground shook.

"Ah, Bell, not there, people might see us…" Keiichi mumbled in his sleep.

The ground shook some more.

"Hmph, hmm, hmm," Keiichi mumbled as his weary eye fluttered open. "Bell?" He yawned as he felt more shaking. This roused some of the dreariness away. "An earthquake? An earthquake!" He shot up from the bed. "Oh cra… eh?"

Keiichi realized a few things about this earthquake, one, it didn't last long. And two, the shaking was intermediate. He was unaware of an earthquake that stopped and started. He knew about aftershocks, but that happens after one long quake. And aftershocks do not usually occur right after the previous quake.


Keiichi turned his head to the side. And came face to face with the source of the shaking. This was no earthquake.

"RAWWWWWWRR," A massive bug-like creature stood over him. It's mandibles clasped together.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH," Keiichi screamed. He rolled over to the side narrowly missing one of its massive legs that slammed down on the now empty futon. It created a hole in, not only the futon, but also the wooden floor below.

"How did he get in here? I thought the barrier was up," Keiichi said as he staggered to his feet. He rushed to his bedroom door and slide it to the side. The bug behind him slammed it's head into the wall. The bug coursed through with electricity as it hit Skuld's barrier, stunned to the ground with it's limbs shaking as the effects lingered on.

Keiichi looked back for a second. "Now my chan…" Keiichi started as he ran up to the doorway. Only to be electrified by the invisible barrier. "What?" Keiichi staggered back into the room. "This thing is supposed to protect me! Not trap me!"

"Keiichi," Urd yelled across from the hallway.

"Urd," Keiichi got back up on his legs. "Help! Skuld's barrier is still up!"

Urd flew right at the doorway, only to find herself be coursed with electricity. Being the goddess whose power was electricity, it did not affect Urd negatively in a physical way. However, she still was unable to break through as the barrier did it's job. The repulsive force was enough to send Urd back from the doorway. "Damn it Skuld!" Urd cursed. She shot bolts of lightning at the barrier. But each bolt was absorbed by the barrier. "Why, of all the things that you created, why is it only this thing that works perfectly?" Urd looked up at the terrified Keiichi. "Don't worry Keiichi! I'll get you out of there!"

"Yes. Hurry!" Keiichi heard the sound of movement behind him. He looked back and saw the monstrous bug slowly get back on its feet.

"Keiichi," Skuld yelled across the hallway.

"Skuld," Urd said as she continued to blast the barrier. "Help me take this thing down!"

"Hold on," Skuld said as she touched the barrier. A computerized interface appeared where she touched it. "Simply blasting it won't do anything!"

"Well hurry up," Urd said as she punched the barrier. "Keiichi's in danger! I don't know how long he'll last!"

"Well if you stop messing with it," Skuld said as she glared at Urd. "It will go faster."

"Guys," Keiichi said as he ducked. The massive leg crushed the remains of his desk. "Could you please hurry it up? For my sakes at least?"

"Skuld," Urd yelled.

"You're not helping Urd," Skuld bit back while typing commands into the barrier.

"Well, what's taking so long then," Urd crossed her arms and glared at Skuld. "Just look at Keiichi! How long do you think he'll last in there?"

"Excuse me, but I did this to protect Keiichi," Skuld retorted as images of locks appeared on the interface.

"Then how did that demon get in," Urd said as she pointed to the bug.

Keiichi rolled on the floor, avoiding the bug's piercing legs. The bug's leg was caught in the ground and it struggled to get it free. Keiichi grabbed a hold of a chair and bashed it on the bug's leg in a feeble attempt at an attack. The only thing that was getting damage was the metal and plastic chair that he held as cracks appeared on it's base. The bug pulled the leg free, the force of the pull sent it backwards into the wall. Electricity coursed through the bug.

"How should I know," Skuld retorted. "Just look! It's doing exactly what it's supposed to do!"

"Keiichi," Belldandy flew towards Urd and Skuld. "Keiichi I'm here!"

"Bell!" Urd shot back. "Wait! The barrier is still up!"

"I almost have it down," Skuld said. "I just need a little more…"

Belldandy closed her eyes and hugged herself. The air around her swirls as she began to chant. As the air condenses, she brought her hands out in front of her, and like a shot from a canon, sent the concentrated hair towards the barrier.

The constant barrage of concentrated air caused the barrier to weave and wave. The waves got bigger as the invisible pylons Skuld set up around Keiichi's room overloaded. The pylons explode causing the energy wave. The walls cracked, ripped, and torn apart sending wood particles flying everywhere.

Skuld's eyes were wide. "That was one way to bring down the barrier."

"Keiichi," Urd rushed in.

"Urd! Bell," Keiichi said. Relief shown on his face as he saw the barrier down, and his two rescuers came.

"Keiichi," Belldandy said. Her eyes widened. "Keiichi! Move!"

"What," Keiichi said as his head turned in front of him. Despite Belldandy's words, he was paralyzed in place by what he saw.

The bug stood over Keiichi with one leg raised over his head.

Keiichi knew he needed to move. But his body refused to respond. The only thing he could do was shut his eyes hoping the pain was minimal.


Keiichi opened his eyes when he heard the scream. His mouth flew open. "Urd!"

"Keii… chi…" Urd grimaced. The bug's leg impaled her body. "Move."

"But, but…" Keiichi reached out to her.

"This is nothing," Urd said with a pained smile as she continued to grimace. Her hands on the leg as she electrified the massive bug. "Now move!"

"No! I…" Keiichi said as he was forcibly grabbed from the back.

"Come on," Skuld said as she dragged Keiichi. "Don't worry. She'll be just fine."

Belldandy floated next to Urd. "Sister!"

"It's okay," Urd said as she brought her hands together. "Just get rid of it for me!"

Belldandy understood. She brought hands at the center and began to chant.

Urd continued to electrocute the bug. Tears welled up in her eyes. "I won't, let, anything, harm, KEIICHI!" Urd, raised her leg, and, concentrating energy on her foot, kicked the thorax and sent the bug straight towards the wall.

Belldandy glowed. A ball of energy formed in front of her. "With the grace of nature, purify this creature from the darkness that consumes it!"

"REEEEEEEIE!" The giant bug gave a final scream as it was consumed by light, followed by a shockwave that sent debris flying back. As the light dissipated, it left behind a normal sized beetle that crawled on the ground.

"Urd," Keiichi said as he sprinted towards Urd. "Are you okay?"

"Don't, worry about me," Urd gave a pained smile. "I'm just happy that you're alive."

"Is it over," Skuld asked as the dust settled.

Behind her, Troubadour sprinted across the hallway with scroll in hand. One of Urd's tear that was sent back from the wave landed on the scroll in his hand. "I did it! I did it."

Urd stood up.

"Urd, you, shouldn't be moving," Keiichi said in a worried tone. "You should lie down."

"Keiichi, I'm a goddess. This is, nothing." Urd said as she staggered towards Troubadour. Keiichi held onto her as she confronted Troubadour. "So, this, is why you're really here aren't you?"

"Yes," Troubadour said as the seal on the scroll fizzed away. "This, has been my dream all these years. The song to summon the Golden Nightingale."

"So, you just used us didn't you," Skuld scowled. "Let me guess, that bug was your idea too!"

"No no no," Troubadour frantically shook his arms around hoping to deflect blame. "I, not exactly. I mean, I admit I had that box. But I don't know how it wound up in that room! And I didn't think it would do that! I swear if I did, I would have given it back to that demon!"

"Demon," Belldandy's ears perked up.

"Marller," Urd spat her name out. She glared at Troubadour. "Just by accepting something from that demon, I would blast you if I had my strength back."

"I, I'm really sorry for what happened," Troubadour said as he unrolled the scroll. "I'll, I'll make it up to you all by singing!"

"Right," Skuld narrowed her eyes. "I don't think a simple song will smooth this over."

Troubadour began to sing.

The goddesses and Keiichi were amazed by the beauty of the song that was coming out of Troubadour's mouth.

"It's a beautiful song," Belldandy commented.

Skuld was also amazed. "If it wasn't for the disaster you caused, I might have forgiven you."

"So, when you follow your true heart's desire, you can come up with something beautiful," Urd said.

From the sky, a bright golden bird appeared in the sky, diving towards them through the hole in the temple that used to be Keiichi's room.

"There it is at last," Troubadour said with tears in his eyes. "The Golden Nightingale!"

"And by taming it, it's a qualifying test to be a plum tree," Belldandy said.

The Nightingale sung while on Troubadour's shoulder.

"Hey birdy," Skuld yelled.

"?" The Nightingale stared at Skuld.

"Hurry! Fenrir is coming and he will probably eat you," Skuld yelled.

"?" The Nightingale, quicker than it had arrived, sailed through the sky until it was out of sight.

"Wha, WHAT?" Troubadour swiveled his head from side to side. "The, the, the Golden Nightingale! Why did you lie little girl? Goddesses aren't supposed to lie!"

"Who said I was lying," Skuld said with a mischievous grin.

The temple rumbled. Dust fell from the wood joints. A long loud howl wailed through the night. From the hole from Keiichi's room, the group could see the massive wolf God Fenrir jump into the night sky, presumably after the Golden Nightingale.

"F, F, F, Fenrir? You, called, Fenrir," Troubadour quivered.

"You, summoned that wolf to take on Troubadour didn't you Skuld," Keiichi said, his mouth twitched a bit.

"Well a certain someone was difficult to get rid of," Skuld said grinning. "But I have to admit, I am surprised it actually worked."

Urd giggled. "Given your recent success, almost makes me think you're not a constant screw-up."

Skuld glared at Urd before the mischievous smile returned on her face. "You know, I read somewhere a tree spirit is given one, and only one, scroll to summon a Golden Nightingale," Skuld commented. "And if the Golden Nightingale were to meet an untimely death, well, that's it. You'll never be able to pass the test then."

"I think I read the same thing," Belldandy cheerfully replied.

"No way, wait…" Troubadour's eyes were filled with fear.

"I think you better hurry, or your heart's desire will be digesting in Fenrir's belly," Urd said.

"But," Troubadour realized the situation he was in. "Don't do anything to birdy you wolf!" Troubadour flew up into the sky, but stopped halfway and looked back at Urd. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." He continued to chase after the Nightingale.

"Heh," Urd leaned to the side. "It's okay Keiichi," she said to the man still holding him, "I'll just sit right here."

Keiichi nodded, and allowed Urd to sit down. Though he still held onto her hand.

"I almost forgot," Urd said as she removed one of her bracelets.

"What's that," Keiichi said as he looked at the bracelet.

"A gift I got from that moron that just left," Urd said as she peered at the inner edge. The words ToUrd, FromTroubadourwere engraved on the side. "I wondered why I kept this." She looked up into the sky. "And I wonder if, he kept the gift I gave him." Tears threaten to fall from her eyes. "As if he would keep it. He choose a bird over me after all."

"I, don't know," Belldandy said, "it wasn't something I was focused on but, I did see him wear a ring around his neck. By chance…"

Urd eyes widened for moment, before softening. "I, it, it was a ring. Heh. But it could be from anyone. Besides, he still choose a bird."

"Then, he was a fool," Keiichi smiled. "If he really loved you, he would remain by your side no matter what barriers are in place."

Urd's eyes widened by Keiichi's words. "Keiichi, I, I…" Urd woozy. Her body appeared to become translucent.

"Urd," Keiichi began to shake. "Urd, no!" Keiichi gently placed a hand on her cheek and made her turn to him. "Stay with me! Urd, URD!"


"AHHHHH!" Urd downed another bottle of sake. Her face flushed as a huge drunken smile appeared. "Give me another Kei-iiiichi!"

"She's a goddess," Skuld reminded Keiichi. "The bug didn't do any real damage."

Belldandy nodded. "It just interrupted her ability to remain in the mortal realm."

"And nothing that a bit more sake can't fix," Urd said as emptied another bottle. "Now fetch me another one!"

"Is, that all," Keiichi's eyes were in stream of tears. "So I worried, over nothing?"

"And thanks to Belldandy's restoration spell," Skuld said as she pointed behind her shoulder, "you can even sleep in your own room Keiichi."

"But, it looked like you were in pain," Keiichi said.

"Uh…" Urd looked to the side. "Well, it wasn't a pleasant feeling."

"We still feel pain," Belldandy conceded. "And we still lose strength if the attack was serious."

"But it looked worse than it appeared," Urd said. She chugged another bottle of sake. "I mean see?" Urd tapped her belly. "Nothing at all!"

Keiichi face palmed. "You'd think I'll get used to this by now." Keiichi stood up. "Still, I'm glad that you're safe." Keiichi said as he grabbed onto Urd's arms and looked into her eyes.

Belldandy gasped.

"Urp," Urd threw up sake bottle into the air by the Keiichi's sudden action. Urd noticed her closeness to Keiichi as his face was mere inches from his. "I, um…" A blush appeared on her face.

"Eh," Keiichi realized what he was doing. "I uh…"

The bottle that Urd unintentionally threw up in the air, landed.

Landed on Keiichi's head. "Gah!" The force enough to send Keiichi back into dreamland.

"Keiichi!" Belldandy flew up next to him. She held him up. "Are you okay Keiichi? Keiichi?"

Urd scooted back as the blush refused die down. "I uh, I'll… be going to my room."

Skuld looked at Keiichi, and back to Urd. A faint smile appeared on her face.


~Urd's Room~

Urd held onto her heart. Tears streamed down her face as she looked out the window.

"What, what's wrong with me," Urd said through sobs.

~Keiichi's Room~

Belldandy tucked Keiichi into his futon. She sat quietly next to him. She caressed his face and smiled. However, a dark thought was entering her mind as she stared out Keiichi's door. "Urd, what are you doing?"

~Outside the Morisato Residence~

"Guess that moron failed," Marller scowled. She noticed Senbei dancing. "Why are you so happy?"

"Misfortune happening," Senbei said. "Suffering is making Senbei happy!"

"You better not mean me," Marller glared at him. Her eyes widened as she realized something. "Wait, you can't be this happy about my misfortune." She turned to the temple and smirked. "Guess that idiot was useful for something after all."

-The next day…

~Pathway next to the River~

Skuld threw the bike to the side. "Stupid bike!" She loved Belldandy deeply. She also wanted to emulate things that she could do. And one of those things that Belldandy can do, was ride a bike.

From time to time, she wanted to learn to ride a bike. While she was perfectly fine having Belldandy teach her, it seemed her lessons did not make magically make Skuld able to ride a bike. Keiichi was also helpful, but just like Bell, his lessons did not help much. When she crashed, she was shocked to see Belldandy appear uncaring and nearly gave up trying to ride. She refused to ask Urd simply on personal grounds. She knew deep down inside that Belldandy did care and that crashing was probably a part of the learning experience. However, crashing still hurt, and she hated it. "Pdddt." Skuld shook her head in frustration. "Who needs to ride a bike anyway?" She looked back at where her home was. "Besides, I need to figure out my next plan to get Urd and Keiichi together."

As she said this, a boy on his bike jumped over her. Skuld's mouth was open in awe at the sight in front of her.


Skuld looked to the side and saw that the boy landed his bike at an awkward position, lost his balance and fell of his bike. Skuld ran up to where the boy was.

"Gee! Is it okay," Skuld said as she examined the bike.

"Yeah, I'm okay," the boy said. "I just kinda screwed up the landing."

"I meant the bike," Skuld said.

The boy looked at Skuld questionably. "Uh yeah. I think so. It might have a couple of new scratches. But that won't hurt how it ride."

"The chain is a bit loose," Skuld said. "I'll tighten it for you."

"Cool," the boy said. "You like bikes?"

"Nope, I hate them," Skuld said. "It hurts when you crash. And my dumb sister doesn't even care. So who'd even want to ride the dumb thing?"

The boy smiled. "What're you talking about? Bikes are fun because they can crash! The thrill is keeping something under control when it wants to wipe out."

Skuld looked at the boy wryly. "I don't get that at all."

"Then you should hang out with me for a while," the boy winked. "I'll just you what it's all about."

Skuld was taken aback. "Huh? But…"

"Trust me," the boy said as he picked up his bike. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Huh, um…" Skuld looked the side. "Skuld. Just Skuld."

"Is that so," the boy said. "It's a funny name."

"What," Skuld glared at him.

"But a nice name," the boy said with a smile. Seemingly defused Skuld's anger.

"So what's your name," Skuld asked as she approached the boy.

"My name is Sentaro Kawanishi."

-End of Chapter 7

Now that the update is out of the way, the long author note's rant.

First, can you just feel the cliches? And it took me 4 years to write this? Nope. It took me 4 years to find the time, ignore distractions, get the urge, revive my muse to finally get this chapter done. Second, even when my writing wasn't delayed due to distractions and real life issues, I also had an explosion of fanfic ideas that I 'just' had to write. Yes, at this point in time, I thought I should finish this story. And it should be finished… I won't say soon, but unlike some of my other monsters, this story shouldn't be very long either.

And while I could 'improve' the story, I'm pretty much sticking to what I originally planned. Now, actually writing it things might change here and there, but in general, it's following the 'Master Plan' I had for this fic.

I can understand the frustration with the fans when a fanfic writer starts a story and never finishes. Though given my experience, I can see why this might be the case. People come up with a story idea, they begin writing it, but, especially for longer fics, either due to lack of interest or lack of time, never finish it. I didn't say this was a good thing. After all, I hate when my favorite writers don't finish a fic. Just saying I understand why that happens.

As for the fic itself, if you noticed, I said Marller instead of Mara. When I wrote the previous chapter, I went off the original OMG anime and, at the time, the 'official' translated name for her was Mara. However, like how Oh! My Goddess became Ah! My Goddess, Marller is supposed to be the actual spelling for her name. I know it hurts 'continuity' by changing the spelling now and not going back and doing it, but that's the way it's supposed to be (and if I do go back and change the previous chapters, I'll fix that name issue). Another issue might be Lind and Rind. But at least for this fic, she won't be making an appearance.

And yes, time for the Sentaro arc. You can probably guess what I have planned for him. And again, since I was going off the OVA, this allowed me to 'move' events around the way I pleased since the OVAs are an AU to the manga. Just don't expect a lot of other manga arcs to appear given again, this isn't going to be a long story.

Next chapter, how will Sentaro affect the way Skuld sees things? And what's next for Urd and Keiichi? What will Belldandy do about it? Until then, later!