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Angel of Mine


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Angel of Mine – Chapter Six – Dreams

After dropping Hinata off, both boys left their separate ways to their own apartments.

Once inside their own beds, Sasuke and Naruto started to fall asleep.

Sasuke's Dream

A figure could be seen moving towards Sasuke who was sitting on a bed. The person is currently wearing a white silk robe that reaches mid thigh. As the figure came closer to him, he finally got a good look at the mysterious person's face.

Sasuke inwardly smiles when he realizes who the girl was.

'Looks like its another one of my favorite dreams.' Sasuke thought as he watches the girl stop in front of him.

She took off her silk robe, letting the delicate fabric slide to the floor.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm wearing your most favorite item you gave me." The girl said as she twirls around to give him the full view.

Sasuke grins as he watches her blue/black hair move from the little action. Her eyes were gazing at him lovingly as she finally stops twirling. He watches her blush as she steps a little closer to him.

The necklace on her pale neck dangles softly on her skin. The silver accessory shines as the girl steps closer to him. The necklace wasn't very flashy, but it did mean a lot to Sasuke since the item represents something that means a lot to him…the Uchiha symbol. What made him even happier is the fact that she was only wearing the necklace and nothing else.

"Come here." Sasuke said as he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her on top of him.

"Sasuke-kun!" She yells out in surprise as her body falls on top of his.

His back hits the bed with a squeak. Rolling over, he traps her body with his own.

He began to take off his clothes as he watches her eyes wander over his body. He shivers when her hands reach out to slide his shirt off his shoulders.

Sasuke moves his head towards hers and captures her lips with his own. He groans as her fingers moves to his waistband, helping him to discard his pants. Once the pants left, so did his boxers.

He moves his head towards her neck, nipping on the skin that he found there. He grins as he hears her gasp from his actions.

His hands begin to wander on her body. His fingers brush against her nipples. He then pinches them until they become erect. Moving his head, he licks a path towards her breasts, allowing his tongue to taste her sweet skin.

He flicks his tongue on one of her nipples causing her to moan his name. His fingers moves towards his thighs, rubbing them slowly and gently until his fingers began to move towards her nether lips.

He grins when he felt the wetness drenching his fingers.

Her hands move from his back towards his stomach, tracing the muscles that she found. Once she touches his engorge flesh, she heard Sasuke moan deeply. He begins to enter her body, enjoying the tightness that he always finds there.

They began a slow rhythm, both gasping from the pleasure. Hands move from each exposed skin they found. They body shook from the force of their thrusting, making the bed creak from the force.

They both reach the peak together, each moaning each other's names. The only thing that could be heard is their harsh breathing as they both tried to calm down. Sasuke grabs her body to his as he drapes the sheets around them. He laughs inwardly when he sees her eyes droop.

"You shouldn't tire yourself out to much, Hinata-chan." He said quietly.

Naruto's Dream

"Naruto-kun, your ramen is done." A girl announce softly from the kitchen.

Naruto left the living room to enter the kitchen to see the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Thank you, Hinata-chan. You know how I love your ramen." He said as he sat down beside the kitchen table.

"Your welcome." She said as she began to set the ramen in front of him.

Right when he was about to eat the food, Hinata stops him.

She seats herself on his laps as she begins to feed him ramen. Naruto happily eats the ramen while holding his most favorite girl in the world. Hinata notices a noodle dangling from his lips, so she moves her lips to his and eats the noodle. Afterwards, she lightly licks his soup cover lips causing Naruto to shiver.

When he was finally done eating, Hinata stood before him with a sexy smile on her face.

"I have a surprise for you, Naruto-kun. You can either have another bowl of ramen…" She asks, as she got closer to his face.

"Or you can have me." She exclaims as she licks her lips.

Naruto grabs Hinata around the waist and hoist her up towards him, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. Walking towards the wall, he leans her against it as he begins to kiss her passionately. Magically, their clothing disappears as the two fondle one another.

Naruto groans as Hinata's hands roam every part of his flesh. He felt her small hand grasp one of his own as she presses it to her chest. He begins to rub her breast in his hand as his mouth kisses her sweet lips. He begins to enter her wet passage and groans from the sheer pleasure of her walls tightening over him.

He begins to pump into her, causing her to mew softly. Her back slams against the wall as his body pumps even harder into her. Their rhythm became more frenzy as their climax finally approaches them.

They slowly move apart from one another, smiling the whole time.

'Nothing can make this any better.' Naruto thought.

"Naruto-kun, lets have some more ramen." Hinata exclaims as she brought out a 20ft by 20ft size bowl filled with ramen.

'I stand corrected.' He thought as he jumps into the bowl eating to his hearts content.

End of Dream Sequence

The two men could be seen sleeping with smiles on their faces.

Angel of Mine – Chapter Eight – Sasuke's Daydream

Sasuke lifts his gaze towards Hinata to watch her enter the kitchen.

'Repay me, huh. I think there are plenty of ways for you to repay me.' He thought as he began to daydream.

Sasuke's Daydream

Sasuke sits on his bed that is cover with black silk sheets. He watches his pearl-eyed woman fidget beside his desk a few feet away from him. She wore a simple outfit that consists of plain light blue shorts and a white t-shirt, while he wears black pajama pants. She sits on the desk, her legs dangling below her as she waits for his reply to her question.

"So you want to repay me, do you?" Sasuke asks as he stares at the pearled eyed woman.

"Yes." She exclaims as she keeps on dangling her legs at the table.

"And you will do anything I ask?" Sasuke asks as he fingers his silk sheets.

"Yes." She says as she directs her gaze at Sasuke.

"Well, since you are so dead set on repaying me, then how about putting on that outfit over there." Sasuke states as he points to a box on the chair beside her.

Hinata hops off the desk and walks towards the chair. She opens the box and blushes at the clothing inside.

"You want me to wear this?" She asks as she gazes at him.

Sasuke nods as he grins. He watches her as she fingers the outfit. She looks towards him and notices that he is waiting for her to change in front of him, but her shyness got in the way. Much to Sasuke's disappointment, Hinata left towards the bathroom and changes in there.

Hinata walks back out and stands still a few feet away from Sasuke. He grins as he notice her embarrassment. His eyes travel across her body, taking in the black, spaghetti strap negligee that reaches mid thigh. His eyes skim across her ample bosom to her creamy thighs, inwardly smiling on how beautiful Hinata looks.

"Spin around for me." Sasuke asks as he stares at her.

Hinata spins slowly, the negligee twirling around her thighs allowing Sasuke a little peek of black panties underneath. Hinata stops spinning and sees Sasuke waving her to come to him. As she reaches the bed, he pats the area besides him, directing her to sit down.

After crawling onto the bed, she pulls the negligee down a little on her thighs, but the gown wouldn't stay there.

Sasuke places his hand on her thigh, allowing his palm to feel the smoothness of her skin.

"Sasuke-kun, how am I supposed to repay you?" Hinata asks as she inwardly enjoys the feel of his touch.

Sasuke stops his hand as he stares into her eyes.

"I want your body as payment." He says as he pulls her onto his lap.

Hinata stares into onyx eyes as she blushes. The left side of her body is press against his chest, while his left hand rubs her thigh in a circular motion. His right arm supports her back as he leans in and kisses her lips. His fingers creep higher on her leg as he gently pushes her dressing gown up during the process.

Hinata lips presses small kisses on his jaw line as he tilts his head a little so that she can have better access. Her tongue brushes lightly against his neck as her right hand slides across his chest. His fingers left her thigh to slip under her negligee to lazily touch her stomach.

She wraps her arms around his neck as she kisses him on the lips. He forces his tongue into her mouth as his fingers return to her right thigh. As they French kiss, Sasuke began to lift Hinata up with his right arm so that his left hand could ease Hinata's panties off of her body. Hinata could feel the delicate fabric slide down her thighs to her calves and off her feet. She blushes once again as his fingers drew small designs on her inner thigh.

She whimpers at the feel of his hands, causing him to get heated. He gently places Hinata on the bed as he gets up and takes off his clothing. Once nude, he returns to the bed and leans his back against the headboard. Reaching over, he picks Hinata up and sets her back down, only this time he has her facing him as her legs lay on both side of his body.

His fingers travel up her stomach to her breast, teasing the small bud that he found. His fingers swirl around her nipple through her gown, causing her to moan sweetly in his ear. He moves forward and flicks his tongue against her covered nipple, wetting the gown on her chest. Hinata left hand holds onto Sasuke's right shoulder as her right hand combs though his raven hair.

Sasuke's hands reach towards the hem of the negligee and began to pull it off of Hinata's body. After pulling the gown off her head, he flings it to the side where it would not be missed.

Hinata's hand lightly touches Sasuke's length as he groans from the contact. She kisses his forehead as he hands starts to pet his engorge shaft.

His lips attach themselves to her collarbone as his fingers slowly move towards her heated core. She releases his shaft as she holds onto his arms to keep her from falling off of him. He grins at the wetness he finds between her thighs as she moans lightly in his ear. Finding her quite wet, he begins to lift her towards his stiff shaft.

He slowly slides into her, relishing the feel of her wet head on his body. When he is completely in her, he kisses her lips and rubs her back.

Hinata begins to move her body up and down, causing Sasuke to quietly groan in pleasure. She moans louder as the pearl that is hidden between her wet folds rubs against him body each time she bounces on his lap. He helps her keep a steady pace before he lets go of her soft body. His fingers dance across her flesh, causing her to shiver. His mouth begins to suck on the flesh of her neck as his hands return to her hips to push her harder onto his shaft.

He pounds into her, making her gasp in exquisite pleasure. Her cries urge him on as he pushes down even harder onto his body. He feels her wetness stream out of her and onto him as they quicken their pace.

The headboard of the bed bangs loudly against the wall, making it crack from the force.

They were about to reach their climax when suddenly the vision disappeared.

He was cut off from his daydream when angry aura was felt inside the apartment.

"What are you doing here, Sasuke-bastard?" Naruto asks as he stood beside Sasuke.

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