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Get Out of My Head! – Chapter One Who Knew This Would Happen

Inside the Hyuuga Compound

Neji was walking towards his house in a painful stride. His body was aching for the fifth time today. He wasn't aching because of training since his wounds where taken care of by his sweet cousin. He wasn't aching because of sickness because he was as healthy as a horse.

He was aching because of someone, more specifically, a girl, but not just any girl.

The girl whom unknowingly cause his "discomfort" didn't even know that she caused these strange yet pleasant feeling in him. The girl is pure, innocent and beautiful and she didn't know that half the male population has a major crush on her.

She is sweet, kind and unbelievingly sexy.

'Not to mention that her innocent touching cause a rise out of me. She caused this, the vixen…the minx, or should I say Hinata.' He thought as he made his way towards the bathroom.

He took off his anbu clothing along with his bandages that Hinata recently put on him. Turning on the water, he moved the knobs until ice-cold water ran over his body. Placing his palms on the wall, Neji began to think about what happened half an hour ago.


"Neji-niisan, are you alright?" Hinata asked as she ran to Neji's side.

He looked at her and nodded.

"Don't worry, it's only a few cuts and bruises. And Hinata, didn't I tell you to stop calling me niisan?" He said as he sat beside a tree to rest.

"Ah, I keep on forgetting. Neji-kun, your cuts are bleeding a lot. Here, let me put some ointment on it." Hinata said as she reached into her bag to reach for a small jar.

He looked at her and rolled his eyes.

"Hinata-chan, I'm a grown man, I'm not four years old anymore." He stated as he moved her hands away from his arm.

"I know that, but you do act like a four year old sometimes." She said as she slapped his hand away from her and began to apply the ointment on his arm.

"Lower your voice a little. My head is kind of throbbing." Neji said as he rubbed his left temple.

Her gentle hands made the stinging on his arm nonexistent. She didn't know how much her touching him affected him. All he wanted to do was push her against a tree and kiss her senseless.

She and him have gotten closer after the Chunnin exam. Neji finally realized that his problems were caused by himself, not Hinata, and so he wanted to rekindle the friendship he use to have with her when they were younger, only to realize that he loved his cousin in more was then one.

'I only wanted to be friends again. I never expect for this to happen. I never expected to want her, to love her, to yearn for her.' He thought as he watched his little cousin bandage him up.

"Turn your head please. I want to take care of your throbbing head." She said as she lean a little closer to him to clean the blood off his hair and forehead.

'Which one?' He thought as he felt his bottom half aching from her close contact with his body.

After taking care of his head, Hinata was going to take care of the small cut on his leg, only to be stopped by Neji's hands.

"I can take care of that, Hinata-chan." He said as he got up from the ground.

"Alright, but if you need me, or if your body starts to hurt again, come to my room. I'll make sure to take real good care of you, Neji-kun." Hinata said as she smiled at him.

'I'm sure you would, Hinata-chan." He thought as his body reacted more to Hinata's words.

'Does she now that two meanings could be interpreted from her words.' He thought as he turned his back towards her.

He didn't want Hinata to see his tent that formed. He didn't want his innocent Hinata to be frightened off from his arousal.

'She's 17 years old and I still think of her as an innocent virgin, not that she isn't one.' He thought as he began to walk away.

"Try not to overdue it in your next mission, Neji-kun. You needed to conserve your chakra for other important task. You might not know when you need it." Hinata said as she walked towards the garden.

'Yes, I should conserve my chakra for a more important task. Maybe one that involves me with you in my bedroom.' He thought as he walked faster towards his home.


"Damn it, why do I always think of something perverted when Hinata says something?" Neji said as he let the water hit his face.

'Three years, three long, agonizing years this has been going on. My affection for her all started when I hit the tender age of 15.' He thought as he turned the water even colder.

'Must be that damn, Kakashi's fault. Why did I have to train under him for my anbu training? Stupid Kakashi and his stupid hentai books.' He thought as he began to soap his body with soap.

'It didn't help either that he talks in his sleep. He practically told the whole story from the book in graphic detail and I couldn't seem to ignore his voice. Damn it! It only made me think of Hinata in a series of positions when I finally fell asleep. I swear that he does that on purpose.' He thought as he rinse the soap off his body.

Neji's head was itching from the ointment. Using shampoo, he washed his hair and rinse all the medicine and dirt from his head. Taking the conditioner, he began to lather the substance onto his hair. Neji knew he had to wait four minutes for the conditioner to work so he stood away from the showerhead and began to think.

'I wonder if Hinata prefers showers to baths.' He thought as he stared at the shower.

'The shower seems big enough for two people, but the bath has more room to move around.' He thought as he envisions him and Hinata having fun in the bathroom.

'Ah, I have to stop thinking this way.' He thought as he rinse off the condition from his hair.

After finishing his shower, he put on pajama pants and walked towards his room to throw his anbu outfit in the hamper.

He felt a slight sting on his forearm and notice that he was bleeding again.

"Damn it, the wound open up again." He said as he walked out of his room towards Hinata's.

Neji stood outside her door and knocked once. The door open to reveal Hinata in a lavender nightgown that seemed almost transparent.

'Damn, this wasn't a good idea.' He thought as he prepared to leave, only to be stopped by Hinata.

"Come in, Neji-kun. I see you are bleeding again. Don't worry, I'll have you up and running in no time." Hinata said as she gave him a cute smile.

'You don't know the half of it.' He thought as Hinata pulled him into her room and closed the door.