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Get Out of My Head


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Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Three – Nice Dream You Had Hinata-chan

In Hinata's Dream

Hinata could feel warm hands caressing her as she lay on her bed. Looking up towards the figure in front of her, she met the eyes of her handsome, pearl-eyed, raven-haired cousin.

"Neji-kun." She whispered as he kissed her deeply.

His right hand moves under her nightgown towards her right breast.

"You didn't wear a bra." He said as his fingers played with her erect nipple.

"The gown was made to be worn without a bra." She said as she gasped at the pleasurable feeling.

He nodded his head as he continues to fondle her breast. Seeing that he was ignoring her other breast, he started to lick the covered nipple, causing Hinata to moan softly.

He moved his right hand towards her panties. He rubs his fingers against her covered mound as she whimpered from the intimate contact. He could feel her sweet honey seeping through her lavender silk panties.

'She sure warms up quickly.' He thought as his fingers moves into her panties to stroke her sensitive button.

"Oh." Hinata moans as she clutches onto Neji's shirt.

Neji caresses her sensitive nub that was protected by her soft, dark curls. The more he plays with her body, the more Hinata began to lose control.

Neji removed his hand from Hinata, which cause her to frown in disappointment. He hands reached towards the hem of her nightgown and pulled it over her head. Finally ridding of her cursed nightgown, he began to pull down Hinata's wet panties until they were finally off her legs.

Finally bare, Hinata blushed in embarrassment. She tried to cover her body, only to be stopped by Neji's hands.

"Don't cover yourself, Hinata-chan. You look beautiful." He said as he moves his head to lick her bare breasts.

His tongue swirled around her left nipple, causing her to moan in pleasure. He moans and gasps drove him wild.

He moves his head to lick up her neck, towards her lips. As his fingers moves between her thighs, his tongue began to enter her mouth. His mouth covered her gasp as his fingers penetrated her tight sheath. His tongue and fingers thrust into Hinata in the same pace, causing her to whimper in pleasure.

Hinata removes her mouth from Neji when she needed air.

"Neji-kun. Oh, god." Hinata whimpered as she bit her lip.

She opened her eyes to see Neji dip his head towards her ear.

"You smell delicious, Hinata-chan." He said as he continued to play with her.

Hinata blushed as she little to Neji's words. Noticing that Neji still has his clothes on, she began to unbutton Neji's shirt. Neji stopped touching Hinata so that he could take off his clothing. Once he was naked, he returned to Hinata.

Before Hinata could see him fully, Neji began to touch her once again. Stretching her with his fingers, he whispered a few erotic words into her ears.

"I'm going to make you scream my name all night long, Hinata-chan. You won't be able to walk straight for weeks when I'm finish with you." He said as he began to enter Hinata.

Hinata could feel herself stretch to accommodate Neji's impressive size.

'He's so big.' She thought as she felt him enter her even deeper.

He stopped when he reached her barrier, as he was about to push into her fully, Hinata woke up.

Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Four – Neji's Daydream

Neji watches as Hinata slowly walks towards him in a seductive manner. Her hips sway left and right, hypnotizing the watcher as she finally reaches him.

"Neji-kun." She whispers in his ear as she sat on his lap.

She leans forward and presses her lips to his. The kiss was light, barely noticeable, that is until Neji presses deeper. Their kiss became more passionate, fiercer as Neji darts his tongue out to draw them across Hinata's full lips.

Hinata gasp at the contact, only to allow him the opportunity to dart his tongue in. His tongue moves in a slow manner as he tried to calculate her sweet flavor.

'So sweet, like some exotic fruit.' Neji thought as he swirls his tongue.

Shyly, Hinata touches her tongue with his, causing an electric jolt to shoot through both of their spines. Moving her hands, she rests them on Neji's chest.

His heart quickens as her lips press against his neck. Her tongue moves delicately across his neck and collarbone, causing Neji to groan.

"Hinata-chan." He whispered.

"Neji-kun." She whispered back.

Neji's arm wraps around Hinata's dainty waist, drawing her body closer to his. Moving his head towards her, he gently nips her lips, causing Hinata to moan.

Hinata got off of Neji, ignoring his protest. She began to strip out of her clothing, teasing Neji with each bare flesh that she shows him. When she finally was bare of clothing, she climbs onto the bed and gestures for him to come to her.

As he was about to touch her, she pushes him away.

"Neji-kun, it isn't fair that I have all my clothes on and you still have all of yours." She whines while pouting.

Neji begins removing his clothing as Hinata watches. Once bare, he climbs up and over her and begins to kiss her bare chest. The feather like kisses causes Hinata to giggle.

"Neji-kun, stop teasing me." She said softly.

She changes her position as she pushes him on his back while straddling his waist. Pressing her milky white breast to his chest, she began to nibble on his lips. Neji moves his hands up and down her back as she brushes her fingertips on his chin.

She slowly slid down his body towards his abs where she softly kisses his muscle stomach. Tracing his abs with her fingertips, her hands begin to go lower towards his obvious erection. She traces the vein on the underside of his shaft as she continues to kiss his bare stomach.

Moving her mouth lower, she begins to take him into her mouth, loving the groan that he makes with each inch that she takes. Neji moves his head to watch a part of him disappear into his beloveds' mouth, his loins burning with the sensation. He continues to watch as she lets go of him to lick his phallus up and down until a bead of precum appears. Her tongue swirls around the tip of his length as she messages the rest of him.

His eyes became heavy as the pleasure became intense.

'Sweet little Hinata is so talented. Who would have known that she was such a tease?' Neji thought as he watches Hinata lick the bead of precum off the slit of his shaft.

He groans when she stops her little tongue, but he soon forgot the disappointment as she straddles his things. Bringing his hands on her hips, he helps glide his length into her sweet, overly wet sheath. Hinata moans sweetly to the pleasurable feeling.

"Oh god, Neji." She whimpers as she was impaled on his shaft.

Neji uses his hands to help guide Hinata up and down his swollen shaft, pleased with the sweet sounds that she was making as she tried to keep up with his speed. Her breasts bounce up and down with each thrust that he made. Her midnight blue hair covered her face, as she was concentrated at the area where they were intimately connected.

"It's so good, Neji." She moans softly.

Neji felt his length jump at her little statement. He watches her body engulf his length. He found the image to be painfully erotic to him as his phallus hardens even more.

"N- Neji." Hinata gasped.

"Hinata." He moans out.

They both could hear the wet sounds of their love making, as the movements became more frenzy.

"Neji." She said softly.

"Neji-kun?" Neji finally hears her as he came out of his daydreaming to see the worried expression of his sweet Hinata's face.

Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Five – First Time

Hinata reaches up and pulls Neji's hair band, letting his raven locks flow freely around her. Reaching out, she begins to pull his shirt over his stomach and head, but she stops midway.

"What's wrong?" Neji ask as he notices Hinata hesitating.

"We shouldn't do anything…intimate like that. It isn't proper." She said quietly.

Neji smirks as he pulls his shirt of in front of Hinata's red face, letting the shirt hit the floor near the boxes.

"We are engaged now, Hinata-chan. Whatever we do is perfectly alright." Neji said as he began to unbutton her blouse.

Neji undone every single button in a lazy stride, kissing every bare inch of flesh that he exposed. Finally done with the last button, he gently pulls the blouse away from her shoulders and arms, allowing it to join his shirt on the floor. His hands glide slowly down her body, causing goose bumps to appear on her delicate white flesh. Reaching her stomach, he begins to unzip and remove her pants from her petite body.

Neji discards the pants to the floor, never allowing his eyes to leave his sweet princess. He could feel blood being drawn downwards as his eyes trace her white cotton panties. He hoped that blood wasn't running out of his nose as he stared at her.

Hinata couldn't help but feel insecure as she watches her soon to be lover observing her in such an intimate situation. She never allowed anyone to see her in such a state, so now that Neji has, she couldn't help but wonder if he liked the image of her without her outer clothes on.

He moves his body away from her so that he could remove his pants. Once gone, he crawls on top of her and gently pries her knees apart so that he could lie between them. Reaching behind her, he began to unhook her bra, releasing her delicate breast to the night air.

'What if he hates how I look?' She thought as she bit the inside of her lip.

Hinata tries to cover her chest from Neji's pearl eyes, only to have him stop her.

"Hinata, don't cover your goddess like body from my eyes. You are beautiful." He said as he releases her wrist from his grasp.

Throwing the bra away, Neji leans forward to take her sensitive nipple into his awaiting mouth. Hinata gasp at the warmth of his mouth on her breast. Blushing from the intimate action, she moans softly as his tongue swirls around her erect nipple. Seeing that he was neglecting the other, Neji flicks his tongue until her nipples became pink from use.

Moving upward, he kisses Hinata passionately on the lips, absorbing her sweet moans as his hand moves to her chest, lightly pinching one nipple between his two fingers. Hinata opens her mouth to gasp at the touch; only to have Neji shove his warm tongue between her surprised lips.

She moves her hands from the bed to his arms, tracing the muscles that she feels beneath them. Neji couldn't help but feel pleasure as she explores his biceps and chest with her soft fingers. He groans in surprise pleasure as Hinata tongue playfully plays with his own. Their tongues swirl around one another, fighting for dominance. Hinata teasingly retreats her tongue, only to have his follow hers into her own sweet mouth. They both had to stop when they needed air.

"Neji." She whispers quietly as she pulls his head down to lightly kiss his cheek.

She moves her lips down his face towards his throat, kissing his neck and Adams apple. She later gave him a few short licks below his jaw. Reaching lower, Hinata attaches her mouth to the side of his throat to suck his skin until a little marking could be seen.

'I bet that will be visible tomorrow morning.' Neji thought as he closes his eyes in pleasure.

He slid his hand away from her chest to land on the outside of her left thigh. His palm moves up and down or smooth thigh, causing Hinata to release his throat to mew sweetly in his ear. He allows his fingers to draw lazy designs on her outer thigh, only to later allow his fingers to touch the silken flesh of her right inner thigh.

Hinata moans as he slowly moves his hand on her inner thigh. Each stroke seems to go higher and higher then the last. Neji moves his head towards her face to gently lick her bottom lip. Hinata darts her tongue towards his, allowing Neji to deepen the kiss between the two lovers. He pushes his mouth harder against hers to show her how much he enjoys being with her right now.

'The room is getting too hot now.' He thought as his fingers brushes against the cloth of her white panties.

"Oh." She squeaks out as she blushes from the intimate touch.

Neji smirks as his fingers began to rub against Hinata's covered sex. He licks his dry lips as his shaft tightens at every single pant and moan that Hinata makes against his ears. He couldn't help but feel extremely happy when the cloth beneath his fingers began to get wetter and wetter with every single stroke that he makes. Neji moves his hands under Hinata's wet panties and began to slide his fingers up and down the wetness that he found.

Hinata mews in pleasure at the feeling of Neji's long fingers playing with her untouched body. She often played with herself thinking of Neji, but her fingers never made her feel as good as Neji made her feel right at this moment.

"Oh, Neji." She pants as she squirms under him.

"You're so wet, my Hinata-chan. It pleases me to know that I'm the cause of you feeling such pleasure." Neji said deeply as he licks the rim of Hinata's ear.

Hinata bit her lips from the pleasure her fiancé was creating. She couldn't believe that one man could give her so much pleasure. Not wanting for her to be the only one being pleased, Hinata moves her hands slowly down his abs towards the waistband of his black boxers. Reaching in, Hinata's fingers brush against something hard yet silky.

Neji hisses from the contact, causing Hinata to believe that she did something wrong. She moves her hands away and blushes in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, Neji-kun. Did I hurt you?" Hinata asked.

Neji gazes at Hinata's pearl eyes and couldn't help but laugh inwardly.

'She is innocent, isn't she? Makes me want to have her right now.' He thought as he kisses Hinata's softly when he notices her worried look.

"No, it didn't hurt. It feels too good for such a little touch. Continue." Neji said as he began touch Hinata's little hidden button.

"Neji." She moans as a jolt of white-hot pleasure shot through her body.

She reaches his boxers once again to take a hold of the new foreign object that she found. She could barely wrap her hand around Neji's shaft. Hinata was at awed at how nice Neji's length felt against her soft hand. Moving her palm up and down his length, Neji groans in pure pleasure.

'How can something so hard be so silky and soft?' Hinata thought as she continues to touch him.

Feeling that he would lose himself soon if she continues, he grabs both her wrist in one hand and places them above her head where she could not touch him. Leaning down, he kisses her soft lips and chest.

When his head was close enough, she tries to kiss his forehead, only to stop and giggle.

Neji was surprised that his lover was laughing in the middle of their foreplay. Looking at her face, he notices that she was looking at his face.

"Why are you laughing, Hinata-chan?" He asks as he gave a confuse look while he release her wrists.

"You forgot to take off your forehead protector. It seems a little funny to do…this and have you still wearing that." She said as she unties his forehead protector.

"Oh. I thought you were laughing at something else." He said as he grabs the forehead protector away from her and threw it at the nightstand.

"No man wants to hear his girl laughing when they are making love. You had me worried there for a minute." Neji said as he allows Hinata to remove the bandages on his forehead.

"I see, but there is nothing to laugh at about what we were doing." She said as she blushed.

Hinata threw the bandages to the side and finally kisses the forehead that she was searching for. Neji grins as he began to insert one finger into her warm cavern. Hinata gasp and moans as Neji pumps his finger in and out of her. He then added a second, making Hinata squirm and moan even more.

"Are you enjoying yourself, my Hinata-chan?" Neji asked softly.

"Yes." She panted.

She could feel something bubbling inside of her. As Neji kept on playing with her body, she could feel the feeling intensify. Neji knew that Hinata was on the edge of an orgasm, so he sped his fingers faster inside her tight passage. She screams out loudly, as her walls contracted around his fingers. She mews in satisfaction as her head lies against Neji's pillow. Neji kisses Hinata's lips, grinning at how delicious she looked with her hair matted to her forehead and face due to sweat.

'It didn't feel this good when I touched myself.' She thought…or at least she thought she thought until she saw the little smirk Neji gave her.

"So my Hinata-chan touches herself does she?" Neji asks as he felt his lower half throb from the new information about his fiancé.

Hinata blushes in embarrassment that she blurted that fact out. She was about to cover her face with her pillow, until Neji grabs her wrist in his. Raising them above her head, he leans forward and kisses her deeply.

"It turns me on to know that you secretly touch yourself at night, Hinata-chan. Who were you thinking about when you were doing it?" He asked as he licks her neck.

"Y- y- you." She stutters out as Neji licks her chest.

"Me? I'm truly honored my beloved." He said as he flicks a nipple with his tongue.

Reaching down, Neji began to pull her damp panties off. Sliding them down her long legs, he threw them to the side carelessly. Taking his boxers in his own hands, he slid them off and threw them away as well. Hinata gasp at the size of Neji's length.

'Is it supposed to be that big?' She thought as she began to worry.

Neji looks up at Hinata's face to see the worry in her eyes. Following her line of vision, he realizes what was scaring her. Taking her hand in his, he let her grasp his length as he kisses her swan like neck.

"Hinata, don't worry so much. We will fit." Neji said as he moves away from her to look into her eyes.

"But it's so big." She said softly.

Neji grins at her choice of words about his length.

"You body will stretch to accommodate me. Don't worry, Hinata. Although it will hurt for awhile for your first time, the pain will eventually disappear." Neji said softly.

Hinata nodded as she release his length and spread her legs a little wider to allow Neji entry. Neji seeing her in such a position moans in anticipation. Moving his body over her, he settles himself on her as he grabs his length to position himself in her. He slowly enters her tight passage, moaning at the wetness that surrounds him. Hinata felt uncomfortable since her body isn't use to having another inside her. Neji stops at the barrier of her virginity. He gives Hinata a deep kiss as he thrusts deeply into her small body. He swallows her cries as he allows her body to get use to his invasion.

Releasing her lips, he watches a few tears slip from her pearl eyes. He kisses her tears away as he rubs her lower back in apology.

"It will get better soon. Don't cry." He said softly.

Hinata nods as she tries to relax. When the pain subsided, Hinata moves a little, only to gasp in surprise at the pleasure that jolted through her. Neji seeing this began to move in and out of her slowly.

Hinata fisted her hands in his hair as Neji began to start a slow rhythm. Each thrust that he made rubs her wet jewel in the most wonderful way. Neji began to suck on Hinata's neck, leaving a mark as his thrust picks up speed.

"Don't stop, Neji." Hinata panted loudly.

Neji smirks as he continues to thrust into Hinata's tight passage. He couldn't believe how wet and tight she was. Each thrust made him shudder in pleasure.

'I didn't know it could be this good.' He thought as he started to push harder.

"Oh, oh, harder, faster, deeper please." She moans out as she bit her finger to stop from screaming.

Neji complied with Hinata's demands as he thrust into her even harder, faster and deeper then before.

Hinata loved how hard Neji's body was, and couldn't help but thrust her hips against his. They both moan loudly from the pleasure. Hinata's body jerked upwards as her breast bounced up and down from Neji's hard thrusting, creating a very erotic images in Neji's mind.

Their bodies rode faster and faster, each of them moaning louder and louder then before. Hinata screams in pleasure from every thrust that Neji gave her. Neji groans as he felt his climax approaching. He stops himself, wanting Hinata to come first before he did. He moves his fingers to her wet jewel as he rubs circles around it at an incredible speed. It wasn't long before Hinata arches her back and cries out loudly from her climax. Her walls painfully squeezed Neji's throbbing shaft until he came hard as well. Both panted as they tried to get the air back into their lungs.

'Who knew that Hinata was a screamer? The neighbors probably heard us considering how loud Hinata was.' He thought as he looked at Hinata's flush face.

Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Six

Shower Time Fun

"But I already took a shower." Hinata said as she still avoids looking at Neji.

"Come and join me, Hinata-chan. You don't want me to be lonely in here do you?" Neji asked.

She shook her head as she stares at the ground. Neji grins as he holds out his hand to her.

"Come." Neji stated.

Hinata was about to strip out of her clothing until she notices that Neji was staring at her. Swallowing a little, she began to walk away from Neji's line of vision until a hand grabs her wrist.

"Strip here, Hinata-chan." Neji said as he as he leans his shoulder on the wall to watch her undress. Knowing that it was useless to hide from a Byakugan user, she began to strip out of her clothing, letting them fall off of her body onto the floor.

Neji could feel his heart speed up from the little strip show he was getting from his beloved. Licking his lips slowly, he reaches out to grab onto Hinata's hand. Hinata enters the shower and joins her handsome lover. Looking up, she sees a small smile on Neji's face. Standing on her toes, she gives Neji a soft, sweet kiss.

Hinata allows her hands to touch Neji's arms, later trailing down to touch the muscles on his abdomen. She blushes prettily as she allows herself to finger the line of hair that connects to his most intriguing and masculine areas. She smiles when she heard his sharp intake of breath.

Her soft fingers trail up the length of his body to stop as his well define chest.

Neji wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her petite body against him. She gasps at the new position, allowing Neji to shove his tongue into her warm mouth. Hinata felt the coolness of the bathroom wall on her back as Neji presses her against it. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she begins to wrestle her tongue against his own.

He groans at the sweet contact of her moist heat that is press against his stomach. Moving her silky thighs a little, his body could feel her wetness even better then before. Letting go of her lips, he began to nuzzle her neck in an affectionate manner.

Hinata moves her hands towards his chest in a lazy stride. Her fingers brush his nipple, causing Neji to moan in response. Seeing that he enjoyed the contact, Hinata flicked the small nub of his nipple, causing Neji to growl against her neck as he squeezes her thighs in pleasure.

"Neji…honey, the water is kind of cold." Hinata exclaims as she continues to play with Neji's nipple.

"Don't worry, baby. I'll warm you up." He stated as he brushes his fingers against her ample bosom.

Hinata bit her lip from the contact. She leans down to kiss Neji's forehead as he continues to fondle her left breast with his large hand. Neji attaches his mouth to her left nipple causing Hinata to moan sweetly. His tongue swirls around her nipple, every once in a while sucking to make her gasp from pleasure.

Hinata moves her lower half away from Neji so that she could touch the part of him that made him truly male. Reaching out, her fingers brush against the head of his phallus, smiling when she hears Neji groan from the touch.

Hinata watches in fascination as the water from the showerhead drip on top of his hard length towards his soft sac underneath. Reaching out, she fingers his sac in her right hand, rubbing her thumb over them in feather like action. Neji thrusts his lower half closer to her hand as he lets go of her nipple to kiss her tenderly on the mouth.

Her hands trail up to his length. She wraps her hand around it and began to pump it up and down.

"You seem to be paying a lot of attention to that area of mine, Hinata-chan." Neji said as he kisses the side of her mouth.

Hinata stops her actions as she gave Neji a worried look.

"Do you want me to stop? Am I doing it wrong?" She asked as she bit her lips in nervousness.

Neji chuckles at her worried look. His lips touch her own as he suck her bruise lips away from her teeth.

"I don't want you to stop, sweetheart. You are doing everything perfectly. I'm just pleased that you aren't shy when you play with my body." Neji stated.

He smirks as he watches Hinata blush at him, however, the smirk left his face as her fingers start to move on his shaft once again.

"You are so eager to please me, aren't you baby." Neji asked as his hand drew small circles on her wet stomach.

He watches her nod as she continues to stroke him. Grabbing her wrists, her pulls them over her head against the wall. He pushes his body closer to hers, almost crushing her frame against the wall and himself.

"It is my duty to please you, baby, not the other way around." He stated as he kisses her white neck.

"But, that doesn't seem fair to you." Hinata exclaims as she moans from the soft suction on her skin.

"Don't worry baby. I'm pleased when you are pleased." Neji said as his fingers trailed lower across her taut stomach towards her wet heat.

His fingers delicately touch her nub of pleasure making Hinata squeak from the contact. He began to rub her sensitive nub until it protruded from it's hiding place.

"Y- you seem to k- know my body better th- then I do." Hinata stuttered as she touches her forehead to his.

"It seems that way, doesn't it? I guess that happens when I watch over you since you were little." Neji explains breathlessly.

Hinata raises her head to stare into Neji's eyes.

"Watch over me? You mean when I go out to train, eat, or play somewhere?" She asked.

"Train, eat, play, sleep and bathe." He states as he smiles at her surprise expression.

"You watch me when I sleep and bathe?" Hinata asks as she trembles when Neji's finger enters her.

"Yes…among other things." Neji replied. He grins when he feels Hinata's sweet honey drip on his hand. Looking down, his grin becomes even wider when he sees her honey dripping on the inside of her silky thighs as well as his own.

"O- other t- things?" Hinata stutters as Neji pumps another finger into her warm sheath.

Hinata's body trembles uncontrollably as Neji pumps his fingers even faster then before.

"W- what other t- things?" Hinata asked.

'Oh, god, I'm coming.' Hinata thought as Neji kisses her neck.

"Oh, god!" She whimpers out loud as she climaxes on Neji's hand.

Hinata's body shock from the aftershocks of her climax. She moans when she feels Neji remove his long, talented fingers from her body. Looking towards his face, she blushes when he began to lick and suck her juices off of his fingers.

"You taste so sweet, my Hinata-chan. All those days before when you played with yourself, I always wanted to come to you and drink the sweet honey that you release on you thighs and fingers. It took all of my self control to not run to your room and rip the door off from your bedroom wall to get to you." He exclaims as he smiled at her embarrass face.

"You saw me playing with myself?" She asked.

"Yes." He said as he lays his forehead against hers.

"But, how did you see me? No one was home." Hinata asked as she gave him a confuse look.

"How did I see you? The same way I saw you when you sleep and bathe, by using my Byakugan. I watch you every chance I get, which was practically every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon." He said knowingly.

Hinata gasp in surprise as Neji lifted her up and onto his stiff length. Instead of pushing her down onto him, he allowed gravity to push him into her soft, wet body. He felt heated when he heard her mew sweetly into his ear.

"How did you know that that was when I…played with myself?" She asks as she wraps her arms around his neck, as he pumps into her in a slow stride.

"During that time, the family would leave for official business in the village, while the rest would shop or hang out. One day I stayed back and decided to train in our garden. When I activated my Byakugan, I saw you. Let's just say I decided to cancel training during Saturday morning and Sunday night." He said as he began to pump harder into Hinata's body.

"You didn't tell anyone did you?" She asked as she bit his ear.

"No. I didn't want anyone to see you. It was my own secret pleasure, besides yours that is." He said as he laughed.

Hinata's thighs tighten on Neji's waist as he pounded harder and harder, making Hinata scream loudly.

"Why did you keep watching me?" She asked as she dug her nails into his back, making his skin bleed from the little cuts she created.

Neji felt his shaft stiffen harder with their interesting conversation.

'So my little kitten has claws does she?" He thought as he grasps Hinata's thighs in his hands, spreading them wider so that he could go deeper into her body.

"Because the image was so erotic. The way you would shyly touch yourself in your room made me instantly hard. I would watch you slowly move your hand between your legs, rubbing yourself through your panties until they were damp. I would watch you place your hand inside your panties, rubbing them harder and harder until your face reddens from the feel of it. I could see your juices drip on your thighs as they leave the confine of your panties. You don't know how hot I felt when I saw your sweet honey drip from your body to your thighs, only to drip on your bed sheets. I knew then that I wanted for you to drip on me the same way you drip onto your bed." He said as he pinches her nipple and sucks on her neck.

"I would watch your hand reach under your shirt to touch your chest. The way you squeeze and pinch them made me yearn to touch you myself. I would just watch you from the garden, controlling myself until you finish." He said in a deep voice

"You would?" She gasps out in her small voice.

"Yes, I would. Sometimes I would come to you a second after your fun, pretending to have urgent news for you. The true reason I was there is to stand near you, knowing that you were dripping between your sweet thighs right in front of me. Knowing that your fingers were just in you. Knowing that in the very same room, you were playing with your body, moaning and screaming in pleasure. Who would have known that you were thinking of me all that time?" Neji stated as he moves his fingers towards the bump between her thighs.

"Didn't you think it was disgusting?" She asked as she moans when his fingers played with her button.

"Baby, it was the most beautiful and erotic scene I have ever encountered in all my life." He replied deeply.

The water washed over them, as their movements became more frenzy. Groans and soft moans could be heard through the walls of their apartment. They ran their hands over one another, letting their bodies hit each other harder and harder.

His hand caresses her stomach, later stroking her thigh as he gives her a deep kiss. Their tongues duel one another as his hard length went deeper inside of her. He lifts her up, angling her in once direction as his shaft hits her g-spot making her scream loudly in pleasure. He continues to lift her up, letting her fall back down on his engorged length, her tight walls contract against him, making him moan.

She screams loudly as she reaches her second orgasm today. She whimpers in pleasure as Neji continues to pump into her, hitting her g-spot each time. She could feel smaller versions of her orgasm hit her each time he pumped into her. Her walls clamp around his shaft, her honey dripping all over shaft and sac as he finally gave in to his own orgasm.

The cold water ran over them as their heartbeats calmed down from their heighten pleasure. Neji kisses Hinata on the lips as he draws himself away from her sweet body. After washing themselves of their combined juices, they turn off the showerhead, later drying themselves with large, white, fluffy towels. Neji and Hinata leave the bathroom and hops on the bed, not bothering to get dress. They lie beside one another and sigh in exhaustion. Neji rolls over to lie on top of Hinata, kissing her soft pink lips. Hinata smiles radiantly as she stares at Neji's handsome face.

Chapter 6 - Something Else to Eat

Standing up, Neji walks over to where Hinata was sitting and picks her up from her chair. He carries her and places her on top of the tabletop and kisses her deeply. Once the kiss was over, Neji leans over the table to throw all the food on the ground. He moves Hinata on her back on the table, kissing her senseless as his hands move near her shorts to play with her soft, white thighs.

"Again, Neji-kun?" Hinata ask as she feels Neji sliding her shorts and panty off of her.

"Yes, again. Why do you ask, my beloved, are you too tired to have sex with me?" Neji asked as he removes the rest of her clothing from her body.

"No, I'm not tired. I just thought that you would not want to make love with me too often." Hinata said as she shivers from the coolness of the table.

"Why would you think that?" He asked as he strips out of his clothing while Hinata watched.

"Well, I don't want for you to get bored with me too soon." She said as she blush deeply when she saw how highly arouse Neji is.

He smiles as he drapes his body on top of hers.

"Baby, I'm never going to get bored with you. Look at how arouse I am just by watching you eat." He stated as he rubs his arousal against Hinata's entrance.

Hinata whimpers from the feel. Her body is still sensitive from their last coupling, but Hinata didn't want to spoil their time with one another by admitting the fact to her fiancé.

"Speaking of eating, there is another thing I want to teach you about sex." Neji exclaimed as he kisses her deeply.

"What is it?" She asked.

"I'll just show you." He stated as his body began to move lower.

He licked her stomach as he rubs her thigh in an erotic fashion. Moving lower, he moved her legs so they would bend near the edge of the table. He moved his head lower, delicately kissing her between her thighs.

"Oh, my." Hinata gasp as she blush from Neji's forward ways.

Neji began to lick her honey lips, every once and a while slipping towards her nub of pleasure. He hears her gasp as he begins to suck on her sensitive button. Hinata moans as Neji kisses, licks and sucks on her lower half, causing her to squirm in pleasure. His fingers entered her sheath as he licked her button in a slow fashion. It wasn't long before he heard her scream from another orgasm. Neji welcomes the honey that spilled on his tongue as she reached her climax. He got up and lay on top of her, licking his fingers and lips in front of her lust filled eyes.

"You're really good at this." She whimpered out.

"Good to know, baby. Your screaming might cause problems for us in the future, but I don't care. I take great pleasure in knowing that I'm the one causing you to scream in pleasure." He stated as he began to enter her over used body.

He pulled her knees apart even further as he made room for himself between her silken thighs.

"Neji-kun, don't you want me to do the same to you?" She asked innocently.

"Later, baby. We have all the time in the world." He said as he began to pump into her body.

She began to squirm and gasp in pleasure as he hit her sweet spot over and over.

"Relax, baby. You don't want to come yet do you?" He asked as he slowed down his movements.

She moaned out in frustration when Neji slowed his movement inside her. She asked him to move harder and faster, but he only slowed his movements even more so then before. She playfully hit his chest with her tiny fist as he chuckled at her.

"Alright, baby. You want it harder and faster, and then I'll give it to you harder and faster." He said in his deep voice, which caused a shiver to run down Hinata's back.

He drew her right nipple into his mouth a little feverishly and heavily petting the other with the pad of his thumb as he pounded harshly into her small body. They both could hear the liquid smack of their lower half slamming against one another in their frenzy.

"Am I hurting you? Is it too rough?" Neji asked as he slammed into her body once again.

"No. It's feels so good." She said in a whimper.

"…Good." He stated as he pounded into her even harder then before.

"Neji…more." She gasps as she held onto Neji to stop herself from slipping off the table.

Neji grasp the table edge to stop the table from toppling over. He could hear the table squeak from their harsh lovemaking.

'I hope the table doesn't break. I don't want Hinata to get hurt. She might not want to have sex in the kitchen again if it happens.' He thought as he sucked on Hinata's collarbone.

They both arched their backs as they both climax at the same time. Neji could feel his ears ringing from Hinata's screaming. Calming their hearts, they slowly separated from one another.

Neji looked down towards Hinata's thighs to see the fluid from their climax drip out of her sheath onto her thighs and towards the tabletop. He smiled at the image as he grabs a napkin to whip of the honey away from her body. He smiles at Hinata's expression on seeing him cleaning her up. He then tosses the napkin in the waste bin as he kissed Hinata sweetly on the lips.

"I probably won't be able to walk after this." Hinata exclaimed.

"We will just have to let you rest for a few hours before we do it again." He said as he patted her between the thighs.

Hinata blushed as Neji patted her. He later wraps his arms around her waist and gave her another kiss. Lifting her up, he lowers her down towards the ground, allowing her feet to touch the floor.

Hinata and Neji began to put their clothing back on with smiles on their faces.

Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Seven – Hot Spring Fun

"Neji-kun, make love to me please." Hinata asks in a soft voice.

"Now? But your body is still sore. We both agreed to allow your body to rest until our next coupling." Neji replies as he rubs her back soothingly.

"Please, Neji. My body feels fine now. The water seems to help the soreness." Hinata said quietly.

"Baby, are you sure. Maybe we shouldn't." Neji states as he stops his body from reacting to Hinata's begging.

"Please sweetie." Hinata asks as she kisses his jaw. Neji knew that he lost the battle when Hinata first sat on his lap.

Hinata begins to press featherlike kisses on Neji's face, making him smile. They press their faces close to each other, absorbing themselves into a passionate kiss.

Neji moves his hand towards the towel that is wrap around Hinata, and draws it away from her body. He picks her up and away from his body as he too discards his towel. Looking over, he sees Hinata deep in thought.

Not thinking much of it, he places her back on his lap. He wraps his arms around her thin frame, holding her close to his beating heart. For some reason, he felt a change in Hinata's behavior. Although she asked him to make love to her, he could see a little sadness in her eyes. He knew that she loves him, but he feels that she is holding something from him. Something that he feels needs to be erased.

"What is it?" He asks as he brushes his fingers over her cheek.

"What?" She asks with a confuse look on her face.

"You are keeping something from me." He said as he looks down to look into her eyes.

"It's nothing." She said as she tries to kiss him.

Neji moves his head back while grabbing hold of Hinata's chin. Looking into her eyes, he knew that something is bothering her.

"Tell me." He said as he let's go of her face. Hinata looks towards her lap as she swallowed some of her saliva.

"I was talking to the girls a while ago and they kept on making comments about you and I making love. They said that you would probably be wild and frisky, never giving me a chance to rest." Hinata said as she blushed.

Neji smiles at Hinata's words.

"Is that all? They don't mean anything by it Hinata.

"They are just curious about our love life." Neji said as he strokes Hinata's hair.

Hinata looks away from her lap and towards the Hot Spring wall as she continues to speak.

"It's not that. Neji, I love making love with you, but I'm beginning to think that our relationship is only physical. I didn't realize it until the girls were making their comments. When you said you love me, I kind of think that maybe you just love me for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you thought that you love me because I was unattainable at first or something. I just wonder sometimes." Hinata said honestly as she avoids Neji's stare.

"Neji-kun that was why I moved out of the Hyuuga compound. I wanted to give you and myself space. I thought that maybe it was our hormones that was causing us to react that way with one another. Maybe, we shouldn't have gotten together." Hinata exclaims as she began to play with her fingers.

Neji became speechless at Hinata's words. Never once did he think that Hinata was questioning their relationship. He thought that once they were engage, everything would be easy and simple, but he never thought that she would feel insecure about their relationship.

Moving his hand, he began to rub her arm in a soothing nature.

"Are you questioning my love for you?" Neji asks as he lays his chin on top of her head.

"…I don't know." Hinata said as she closes her eyes.

"Hinata-chan, I love you. Always remember that." Neji said as he holds her closer to his body.

"Neji, it's just the only thing we do is-" She was cut off my Neji.

"Hinata, the reason why we make love so much without rest is because I have waited my whole life for you. Once I had you, my body took over. You have to understand that once you give a man at taste of heaven, he will only want more of it. Believe me, I do love you. I love you more then anything." Neji declares as he kisses Hinata's sweet lips.

Feeling the doubt leave her body, Hinata begins to kiss him back. She was about to touch him, but Neji stops her.

"We can stop if you want to, my Hinata-chan." Neji said as he loosens his grip on her.

"No, I want to make love with you Neji. Show me how much you love me." She said as she wraps her arms around his neck, giving him the sweetest hug that he ever received.

Wrapping his arms around her, he returns the hug, while smiling. He then feels her small hands unwrap from his neck as she slides them down his chest. Moving closer, she presses her lips to his own. She gives him soft kisses. He could barely feel them across his own. Although it wasn't a deep kiss like the ones he gives her, it was still one of the best. Any kiss she gave him made him feel…special. Neji slowly glides his fingertips across the skin of her back. He could feel her shiver from the light touch, causing him to smile. His fingers then move to encircle her erect nipple. He then pinches the small bud causing Hinata to gasp in his ear.

His gently nips her neck as he hands softly fondles her body as she did his. Every touch was soft and gentle, but it made the both of them yearn for more. They both love how the drawn out lovemaking was making them warm.

They both knew that their lovemaking today would be the most softest, sweetest and beautiful coupling they will ever have.

Hinata lightly sweeps her small tongue over his lips as her hand softly pets his muscled back. Her other hand begins to gently touch his shaft, causing the flesh to stiffen in her hand. She could hear his sharp intake of breath near her ear.

Neji starts to prepare Hinata's body for his as his fingers began to slide between her thighs. He adjusted her thighs over his frame, causing the hot water to touch her most private area. With her sitting on top of him with her thighs on both sides of his body, it was easy for him to tease her nether lips. Hinata moans softly as Neji swirls his fingers of her sensitive nub of pleasure. She could feel her juices slip out of her body and into the hot water of the spring.

Positioning his shaft, Neji began to enter her tight passage. Each inch that he entered into her was like heaven to him. Once he was fully inside of her, he gave her an affectionate kiss.

"Neji, I love you." Hinata said softly as she stares into his pearl eyes.

He smiles as he kisses her sweetly.

"And I love you." He said as he began to start a rhythm for the both of them.

Neji's hands grasp Hinata's hips, helping her to go up and down his engorge flesh. Each thrust made them both feel complete. Once he felt that she didn't need anymore help, Neji took his hands away from her hips allowing them to gently touch her breasts and derriere.

Hinata starts to bob up and down on Neji's body faster and faster. Each thrust made both of their hearts to beat faster and faster.

Neji watches as Hinata's breasts bounce up and down in front of his eyes. Moving his head, he grabs one of the nipples into his warm mouth, causing Hinata to softly mew in pleasure. His tongue swirls around the nub, every once in a while sucking it like a newborn baby.

He knew that she was close. Her breath was becoming harsher and shorter with each thrust that she made upon him.

Once he hears her moan and her tight passage painfully clinching his shaft, he allows himself to climax. They hold each other and allow their bodies to calm down from their heighten pleasure. Looking into each other's eyes, they both smile.

"I love you, Hinata." Neji said as he stares at her beautiful face.

"I love you too." She said as she smiles even brighter.

Neji lifts Hinata off of him and helps her get out of the water. They both found their towels and stood in front of one another. Neji notices that Hinata was walking a bit odd.

"Are you alright?" Neji asks as he allows Hinata to dry his wet body as he dries hers.

"Yes. Don't worry so much." Hinata said as she kisses Neji's nose, while they both got dress.

"Alright. Let's go home." He said as he grabs her hand and walks toward their apartment complex.

Once inside, they both brush their teeth and change their clothing. Neji decided to wear his pajama bottoms and gave Hinata his pajama top to wear. Seeing her in his shirt made him feel warm inside his chest. Kissing her sweetly, they both got into bed. Neji pulls the sheet over their bodies as Hinata snuggles against his chest.

"Goodnight, Neji-kun." Hinata said quietly as she began to fall asleep.

"Goodnight, my Hinata-chan." He replies as he too fell asleep.

Get Out of My Head! – Chapter Nine – Moonlight Fun

"But I can still see you from the moon light." Hinata says as she moans.

"I know, but they won't be able to." He says as he allows his hand to unbutton her blazer.

Hinata bites her lip in nervousness as Neji begins to also unbutton her blouse. As it opens, Hinata feels the cold wind blow against her expose stomach causing small goose bumps to emerge. He leaves the blazer and shirt on her shoulders, enjoying how it contrasts to her pale skin. Anyway, having the blazer and blouse on would protect her back from the tree for what he has planned for her.

Neji kisses Hinata's neck as his hand reaches down towards Hinata's blue skirt. He pushes the skirt upwards until a good deal of her thigh can be show to him. His hand slowly rubs her thigh as his lips meet up with her lips.

Their tongue lightly touches one another as Neji's other hand moves towards her bra cover chest. He eases the bra aside, allowing her pert breast to be seen to his pearl eyes.

Letting go of her, he lifts her up allowing her legs to wrap around his waist. Pushing her back towards the tree, Neji's lips lightly touches the top of Hinata's chest. His mouth lowers until his lips find her nipple. His tongue swirls around it until it becomes erected.

Hinata moans as she grabs onto Neji's hair.

"Neji-kun." She whispers as she feels herself getting wet.

His body pushes closer to her body, causing her skirt to bunch at her waist. Looking down, he notices the black stockings on her legs, making her look so innocent, yet so seductive. He fingers her stockings; making is slide a little off her thigh. His fingers move upwards, touching her creamy white thigh, causing her to mew in pleasure.

"Neji-kun, are you sure about this?" Hinata asks as she gulps in nervousness.

"Yes, I am. Nervous?" He asks as he looks into her eyes.

"Yes. We never did anything like this before." She says as she blushes.

"There's a first time for everything." Neji states as he kisses her neck.

Hinata wraps her arms around his neck as her thighs tighten around his waist pressing him closer to her frame. She flicks her tongue against his lips, silently asking for entrance. He opens his mouth, allowing her shy tongue to enter. She touches her small tongue against his, making him moan as his shaft grew in length from their arousing action.

Hinata's hands slip underneath his anbu shirt, moving it up until she feels his muscle chest on her fingertips. Her fingers play with his nipple to later move backwards towards his muscle back. Neji slightly shivers from her touch.

His hands softly grabs onto her breast, kneading it, rubbing it, making it bounce in the palm of his hand.

"Neji." She whimpers as she presses herself closer to his robust form.

His fingers reach lower towards her covered sex, fingering it until her gasp became louder.

"Neji!" She moans out louder as she closes her eyes.

His fingers rub her little pearl between her thigh causing her to gasp and whimper. He smirks at her reaction to his touching.

He moves his fingers inside her white panties, relishing the warm wetness that surrounds his fingers.

She feels one of his fingers enter her body, rubbing her in the most erotic way. She moans loudly as he presses in two fingers to her tight body. She screams as he touches a hidden button inside of her, causing more of her honey liquid to escape her body.

She pouts in disappointment when Neji's fingers left her overheated body. She watches him as he licks his fingers of her honey juices, making her blush.

"Hinata, do you want me now?" He asks as he stares into her pleasure filled eyes.

"Yes." She moans out as she kisses his jaw.

He opens his pants, allowing his hard shaft to escape. Moving her panties aside, he begins to slip his shaft into her warm cavern, pleased at the wetness and warm that surrounds his engorge flesh.

She moans sweetly as he begins to push in and out of her tight body. Her back presses against the tree, causing the bark to dig into her skin.

"Am I hurting you? Is the tree pressing into you too deeply?" He asks in a worry tone.

"No." She says as she moans once again from a deep thrust.

Her nails presses into his back, making the cuts bleed. Neji didn't mind the cuts, since it was his beloved who gave it to him.

He thrust deeper and deeper, causing Hinata's body to bounce upon him with each thrust. He moans deeply as his length becomes harder from their play.

A cold breeze surrounds them, causing Hinata to shiver. He presses his body closer as his thrusting increases. Hinata couldn't feel the coldness after that.

"Hey, guys, lets go over there." A voice states from fifteen feet away.

Hinata freezes as she hears footsteps.

"Neji-kun, we have to stop before they see us." She whispers to him as her face redden from embarrassment.

Neji thrusts harder into her as if he doesn't hear her.

"I don't want to go over there. It's dark." A female voice states.

"Don't be such a baby. It's not that dark." Another voice replies.

Hinata looks around her in worry.

"Neji-kun, please, they'll hear." She pleads as she hears the footstep getting closer.

He thrusts into her faster and deeper, causing her to whimper.

"Neji." She moans out as her body slams against the tree causing some leaves to fall towards the ground.

She was about to scream in pleasure when Neji's lips cut her off.

"If we stay quiet, they won't know that we are here." He says as he pushes into her.

"We'll get caught, Neji-kun." Hinata whispers as she whimpers once again.

He smirks as he thrusts into her again.

"We won't. Now stay quiet until they leave, my Hinata-chan." He whispers back as he continues to thrust into her.

"Why are we out here anyway?" They hear the female asks.

"Because we are looking for Neji-kun and Hinata-chan, Sakura-chan." A male who sounded like Lee says.

Hinata blushes even more when she realizes how close they are to the both of them. Her body jerks at another deep thrust from Neji.

"But why would they be out here?" A voice that sounded like Ino asked.

"Because they probably wanted to be alone and this is the best place for them to hide." A voice that sounded like Naruto stated.

Neji captures Hinata's lips before a loud gasp could escape.

She moans softly as they continue to make love to one another. For some reason, the prospect of getting caught arouses Hinata, causing her to get wetter as Neji thrusts harder into her. Neji grins as he notices how wet Hinata is.

"This is too naughty, Neji-kun." Hinata whispers as she rubs her chest against his.

"But you like it, don't you, little Miss Hyuuga." He says as he squeezes her derriere.

Hinata blushes deeply knowing what Neji was getting at. She remembers what Naruto stated before about couples dressing in costume to spice up their love life so she decided to play along as well. She would do anything for her Neji.

"Yes sir." She replies as she bites her bottom lip.

"If they left to be alone, then we shouldn't bother them." Lee states from a couple of feet away.

"This is troublesome." Shikamaru exclaims.

"Would you rather we left you back with Hanabi, Kiba and the others?" Sasuke asks.

"No." Shikamaru replies.

Neji and Hinata hear their footsteps heading away from them towards the mansion.

"Looks like your kidnappers are leaving." Neji states as he smirks.

Hinata blushes as she hears how Neji was getting into character for their lovemaking.

"Are you sure we are safe?" She asks as Neji licks her nipple.

"Yes. They will not return for a while. We must make the most of our time together, Miss Hyuuga." Neji says as he rubs her swollen pearl between her thighs.

Hinata gasp at the pleasure that fills her veins.

"Are you sure they will not return?" She asks in a soft voice.

"Are you questioning me, little girl?" Neji asks as he bites her neck.

"No sir." She replies as he lets go of her neck.

"I believe you are. You, little girl, should never question me. I'm in charge or you, which means that you have to do what I say. Do you understand?" Neji asks as he stares into her eyes.

"Yes." Hinata replies.

"Yes, what?" Neji asks.

"Yes sir." Hinata replies as she squeaks from him rubbing her pearl even harder.

"Ah, you still haven't learned to give me your full respect. I believe you need to be punish for this." Neji states as he slows down his thrusting while letting go of her swollen pearl.

"Neji, please." She moans out in frustration.

"Neji? I see you still defying me." Neji exclaims as he slows down even more.

"Please, sir…please." Hinata pleads as she tries to push herself back towards Neji.

"Ah, looks like you're learning. That's a good little girl." Neji states as he speeds up.

Hinata's body slams harder against the tree, her body bouncing up and down as Neji thrusts into harder and harder. His fingers once again rub against her swollen pearl, making Hinata moan loudly. With one more hard thrust, Hinata climax. Her wetness increase as her inner walls squeeze Neji's hard shaft. Neji moans as he thrust faster into her climax, finally climaxing himself as he fills her fully with his seed.

They hold each other against the tree allowing their breathing to go back to normal. He takes out a handkerchief and begins to softly wipe their liquid off of Hinata's body, grinning as she squirms when he touch a sensitive spot. Neji lifts Hinata up and off of his shaft, planting her back on her feet.

He begins to wipe their liquid off of himself before he tucks himself back into his pants. He then folds the handkerchief and puts it into his pocket. He watches Hinata adjust her panties back in place and then put down her bra over her breast, enjoying the erotic view as her flush face still hasn't disappear. He pulls his anbu shirt back down as he watches Hinata button her blouse and blazer.

They smile at one another as they remember their naughty conversation.

Making sure that they look normal without a trace of sex on them, they begin to head towards the mansion to continue their party.

"We are going to have to do that again one of these days." Neji states as he smirks.

Hinata blushes as she nods.

They enter the ballroom, smiling as a few other people congratulate them for their engagement.

Neji stands behind Hinata, holding her against his chest as he watches everyone else dancing or congratulating them.

'This is going to be one long night.' Neji thought as he lays his head on top of hers.

-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-End of Lemon-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-

-Well, there is my first lemon for this fic. Hope you like it. I know that Hinata is out of character but it is their dream/daydream/etc. and anything can happen in them.

-For those of you still reading my old stories, I am sad to say that besides "No Money" and "Miss Me, Kitty," all other stories will be on hiatus for the time being. When I ever do get in the mood to continue them, I'll let you know. Thank you for reading!