These Middle Earth Miniatures are some pieces that were originally published in my Live Journal, tickled by interesting Plot bunnies or as a gift for authors and friends. There are only six so far, but I simply wanted to share them.

Home (for shirebound)
(At the Green Dragon, movieverse, Post-Quest)

They are sitting at the table as if they had never left the Shire. And strangely enough it seems as if they were still gone... they are so quiet, their faces so pale, so changed.

He lifted his head, one moment before. I have seen his quick glance at me. Now I see how he nods, as if he gave answer to an unspoken question from Mr. Frodo beside him.

He takes a long gulp of his beer and gets up; his body tightens. Then he comes over to me.

"Hullo Rosie."

I see the unbelievable mixture of fear and hope in his eyes. And love. So much love.

"Hullo Sam."

At least he really came home. Home to me.