Everything To Me
Written by cherri-chan

Disclaimer: I haven't even finished my first year in high school. Do you think it is possible for a 13-year-old to own Shaman King?

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Splish. Splash.

Splish. Splash.

Droplets of crystal clear rain splashed heavily onto the concrete ground. In a matter of minutes, the sky had gone from blue to grey, sunny to cloudy.

Splish. Splash.

Two teenage figures ran along the footpath, obviously hoping to find some sort of shelter. As their pace sped up, the rain would follow. In no time at all, drops of water hitting the ground had doubled almost twice as much.

Kyouyama Anna tried to shelter herself as much as she could with her hands and arms. She continued to run, and took a slight glance at the boy next to her. He was also covered in rain, just like she was. She switched her gaze to the front, hoping to reach her current goal: To get out of the rain.

"Anna!" the boy shouted. "A phone box! We can finally get out of the rain!"

"Yes, I can see that! And it's a phone booth, not a phone box." Anna rolled her eyes.

"Doesn't matter what it is! As long as we are out of the rain!" The dark-haired boy jumped with joy. "It could be a leaf for all I care!" he yelled stupidly, not making any sense at all.

The phone booth was placed almost in the middle of nowhere, just in a corner, next to a small hill. It was painted blue, and had glass walls all four sides. The booth seemed pretty old, as well as rusty.

Asakura Yoh – formerly known as, the boy, raced up front to the phone booth, and opened the door to it. It took him quite a while, since the booth seemed as though it hasn't been used for years. "Hurry up Anna!" he shouted.

Finally, the itako caught up to him, and without hesitation, went inside the phone booth for shelter. After Anna had went inside, Yoh followed, and shut the door to the booth. Inside, it was smaller than they both had expected…

The booth was awfully small, seemingly designed to fit one tiny person. And then… there were two people, so you could imagine it being quite cramped. Realising this, the coffee-blonde felt… a little bit… uneasy… She was quite close to Yoh, which had caused her to blush a little.

Anna was around half a head shorter than the brunette, so her head just rested on his shoulder. She could feel his breath right next to her ear as he inhaled and exhaled deeply, from running before, sending shivers down her spine.

Yoh noticed Anna's shiver and started to get concerned. It was getting late, as the sun dropped lower, the temperature also dropped lower. Not only that, but they were completely soaked in rain. What if she gets a cold? Or the flu? Or worse, what if she gets hypothermia? Yoh panicked. He had recently learnt the word hypothermia in life skills not very long ago. How to keep someone warm… how the hell do I do that? The Shaman asked himself. Um, what else did we learn that day? Dammit! Only if I didn't sleep halfway through the lesson! He mentally cursed himself for being so stupid. Heater… warm food… warm drinks… blankets… body heat… clothing… Then it hit him. Body heat!

The Asakura knew very well if he even attempted to do this on a regular basis, he would probably never live to see sunrise the next day. But this was a matter of life and death – or he thought so anyway.

Come on Asakura Yoh! Do you want Anna to die? She's shivering right now in a phone box, err – booth, all because of you! You were the one to drag her along outside! She is your fiancée for crying out loud! A little voice in his head told him. Go for it! He encouraged himself. Slowly, Yoh lifted his two arms, gently placed them on Anna's shoulders, and hugged her.

As soon as Yoh had put his arms around Anna, she stiffened. Then she opened her mouth to speak, "What the hell are you –"

"- Giving you heat," Yoh interrupted. "You're shivering."

Anna was about to push him off and slap him right across the face for being so disrespectful, when Yoh started to talk again, "You can kill me afterwards. You need heat right now. I don't want you to get sick," he answered reasonably.

She was surprised. He actually… cared for her. "But… why?"

Yoh chuckled. "Because you're everything to me."

She had to admit, she did feel warmer than before, and she hadn't shivered as much. A slight smile formed on her face, just the slightest smile. Yoh may not have seen it, but he could feel it. "Baka," Anna whispered and closed her onyx coloured eyes.

Anna continued to lean against his shoulder with the side of her face, and soon enough, embraced him back.



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