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"Hermione Anne Granger! Come down immediately" Mrs. Granger called out from down the stairs.

Hermione sighed, and took one last look at her reflection from the body mirror, examining herself. The same as usual, bushy brown hair, skinny, and still the bookworm everyone has grown to know.

She was planning on going to the mall that day to buy a whole new set of clothes, accessories and make-up for herself as a treat. She had been saving money for the past two years to buy a new cellular phone, because her mum and dad didn't think it necessary for them to purchase her one. And when she went to the mall a week ago, she realized that they were right, she thought a new image would be much worth it than a new cell phone.

She rushed on brushing her still untamed hair and hurried towards her bed. She turned the codes until it opened revealing a tremendous amount of money. She looked at it for a while, unsure if she should spend everything at once. She exhaled and closed her eyes.

'Will I really waste every penny I have just to improve my image?' she asked herself

'Is that a trick question?' another voice in her head replied

She opened her eyes again and smiled. This really will be worth it. She grabbed all the money and hastily put it in her purse and ran down the stairs. As she reached the landing, livid pair of eyes met her.

"And what took you so long?" Mrs. Granger asked eyeing her suspiciously.

"Nothing mum, I was just fixing my hair" Hermione tried to explain. Mrs. Granger looked at her daughter's hair, and raised an eyebrow. "Well- I mean- I was just trying to fix my hair"

Mrs. Granger eyed her daughter one last time before turning around and heading for the door.

"Come now, you know your father and I have a booked schedule today at work" she said as she scurried Hermione to the car as she locked the door to the house.

After a few minutes drive, the mall finally came into view. The reminding and warnings then came in.

"Do you have your extra house keys?" Mr. Granger asked.

"Yes dad"

"Do you know where the bus terminal is?"

"Yes mum"

"Remember, don't talk to anyone suspicious, don't forget to look both sides of the street before you cross, there are a lot of reckless drivers these days, and don't leave your purse anywhere or else someone might-"

Hermione had had enough. "Mum, Dad!! Really! I'm only here at the mall for a day, it's not like I'm going to vacation here for a month or something. I'm fifteen if you haven't noticed, and in a few weeks I will be sixteen, and just to remind you, I can take care of myself!" She said irately and left the car leaving the door ajar. Mr. Granger reached for the handle and pulled it shut.

"She does prove a point," he said to his wife.

"Nonsense, at her age she still needs much of our guidance"

"If you say so dear"


'Ughhh! I don't believe them; they can't even consider that I'm capable of being in a mall by myself?' Hermione thought furiously as she continued walking past a few shops in an un-ladylike manner. This continued until...

"Oww!" someone said from behind her "Watch it, will you?"

"H-Huh?" she was cut from her train of thought as she noticed a girl about nineteen or so sitting on the floor, rubbing her side. "Oh my gosh! I-I'm so sorry, I w-wasn't looking were I was going" Hermione said as she went to the girl and held out her hand for her to hold on.

The girl looked up at Hermione and took her out stretched hand. "I-It's alright, just- just watch out next time. I'm Daisy Cassidy by the way," the girl said as she stretched out her hand towards Hermione.

"I'm Hermione Granger" Hermione said as she took Daisy's hand and shook it.

It was only then that she noticed that Daisy was absolutely stunning. She was tall, not too thin and she had a good taste in style. She was wearing a denim miniskirt, which had a huge black belt that matched really well with the black tight-fit sleeveless top and black sneakers she was wearing. Her hair was straight, long, dirty blonde and she had thick make-up on. She was wearing lots of accessories and – Hermione just noticed - had two pairs of piercing on her earlobes, one on her ear cartilage and also has her belly button pierced. Hermione couldn't help but stare at her.

"Hermione? Hermione!" Daisy said as she kept snapping her fingers in front of her.

"H-Huh? Oh sorry, and, umm, by any chance could you tell me where you bought your clothes?" Daisy fought hard to suppress a giggle.

"This was actually just a gift from my friends, but they bought it at Shang Avenue. It's a clothes department found on the second floor. I work there as a part time model and just help around with the customers too" Just as Hermione wanted to say something, Daisy stopped her by holding up her hand "I'll take you there, you came to shop for clothes, and the usual teen fashion. Am I correct?" Hermione merely nodded. "Okay then. C'mon!"

After a few hours of shopping for the latest fashion, accessories and make-up, Hermione ended up buying more than she expected and spent less than she expected. Daisy gave her a discount since she bought so much stuff than any other customer they ever had. She bought; about twelve tops – all of which are very illuminating – two tight leather pants, three tight denim jeans, five miniskirts, two fashion caps, two pairs of high sandals, two pairs of sneakers, six different styled bags, five different shades of nail polish, two make-up sets and four pairs of earrings.


"Daisy," Hermione asked, her voice slightly shaky while lying down on a chair. "A-Are you sure t-this wouldn't hurt?"

"Well, it didn't for me, it all depends on how you take in the pain" Daisy said as she watched Hermione from one of the stools in the room. Hermione had just asked Daisy where she got her ears and belly button pierced and unsurprisingly, she brought Hermione there.

"How many months until I can change the stud again?" Hermione asked the man who was sterilizing the needles. She had been asking him countless times just to keep her from thinking about the pain. She had just finished having her ears - only one pair though - and her ear cartilage done with no worry but having a belly button piercing sounded really...painful.

"For the ear piercing, not for another two months" he said in a hoarse voice, still cleaning the necessary apparatuses. "As for the belly button piercing, not for another six months I'm afraid" Hermione nodded while trying to think of other things, like school, homework which still needed completion, new clothes, Harry, Ron, Malfoy, Ginny, Sirius, the new DADA professor...

'Wait, did I just think about Draco Malfoy?' Hermione thought in disgust. 'I can't believe I...I...' Hermione's thoughts were now unclear when she felt something on her stomach, she looked down and saw that the needle was already halfway through, and then she felt the throbbing pain, like someone stabbed her with a dagger.

"Oh my godddd!!!!!" she shrieked then unexpectedly fainted on the chair.






"Yo, Daisy. Is that her?" an unfamiliar male voice asked. Followed by a shushing sound.

"H-huh? Where a-am I?" Hermione said as she rubbed her eyes, slowly regained consciousness.

"First time I had someone faint in here" another male voice said, although it sounded much familiar then the first one. Hermione sat up slowly and looked around to see Daisy and two other guys. She didn't recognize the other guy who was standing by Daisy but immediately fell in love. He was totally cute!

"Hey there! Names Michael" he said and winked at her. Hermione blushed and looked down.

"I'm Hermione"

"You can go now, remember to put antiseptic on it twice a day for a whole month" the other guy who was sitting down beside her said. When she tried to figure out what he was talking about, her gaze fell on her stomach, which was now occupied by a shimmering diamond stud. Hermione gulped and stood up slowly, feeling it sting a little.

Michael moved towards her and supported her by holding her by the arms. Hermione gladly put her arms around his neck and smiled at him dreamily as they made their way out of the parlor.

-End of Prologue-