Everyone, I'm so sorry for never reviewing! Anyways, I'm discontinuing this story since I forgot all about the plot and other details about it over the year. And in my opinion (and others' as well) I really improved in my writing skills over the months/years. So, anyways…I have a new account and my new pen name is now the dreamer. I'm currently not writing fanfics. for Harry Potter in that account but instead for Card Captor Sakura (anime) but I will be posting Harry Potter fanfics. sometime soon.

I actually forgot all about this account (since my original e-mail add. for this account has been hacked in, but I changed it now) which is why I made the other one, so…if you wanna contact me or read my stories/future stories (which you might expect to be here), just head over to my other account okay?

I repeat: This story has been DISCONTINUED! Sorry again! Other than that, see yah!

DragonPrincessXXX / the dreamer