This fic is about a myth my grandmother told me about king Arthur, I think I'm changing one thing though. Its about a silver winged falcon. With out further delay here it is, my new story;

The silver winged falcon.

Chapter one; A new mission.

It's the thirteenth year of the knights there service. Rome has sent them to Bretagne.

(In France.) They have just arrived and a ridding in one of the magnificent forests.

"Arthur tell me again why we had to leave that wretched island, for this bloody land!" Lancelot said grumpy.

"You had every woman on that wretched island." Bors replied smirking.

Fore a minute there Lancelot looked speechless, but he soon recovered from it.

"So you finally admit that number three looks like me."

The knights except Bors and Tristan snickered.

"You've been saying that since the day he was born! Will you finally quit it?!"

"Of course Bors." Lancelot said sarcastically. "Now Arthur tell me why we are here."

"Rome has it on good authority that there is a group of Saxon scouts here." Arthur said calmly.

"Fun a hunt." Tristan said like he really didn't give a damn.

"Arthur why would those stupid Saxons come here?!" Lancelot asked.

"They finally found out that that stinky island isn't worth there trouble." Galahad said looking at the beautiful land.

"That's a good thought." Gawain said.

"Makes sense to me." Dagonet added.

There conversation was interrupted by Tristan's hawk flying at them and he circled them.

"He found something." Tristan said observing the hawk.

"I guess that means follow the bird." Lancelot said, it earned him a death glare from Tristan.

"And that Lancelot means; don't bad mouth the bird our you will die." Gawain jokes before putting his horse in gallop to follow the others and Tristan's hawk. Lancelot followed as well.

After about a mile the bird starts circling a clearing in the forest. The knights held there distance.

"Its best we dismount and sneak up on them." Arthur said.

"Arthur we don't even know if the bird is right." Lancelot protested.

"He's always right." Tristan said coolly while dismounting.

Lancelot shrugged and following the others there lead.

They sneaked up to the clearing, and hided in the bushes surrounding it, what they saw there made there blood freeze.

There was a girl who was barley a woman. She had long braids that reached her hips, they where rapt in white cloth. She wore a virgin white dress. And she looked like a hunted dear. Probably because of the three Saxons surrounding her.

"What's that on your arm savage?!" A large stupid looking Saxon demanded grabbing her arm roughly. The girl kept her mouth shout and looked at the ground.

"Probably a marking of her tribe." A smaller smarter one answered.

"I'm not interested in that, I'm more interested in what's underneath her dress." The third one said, he was clearly the leader. And something else what was clear, was that she understood what he meant. Her blue eyes widened and she began to shake violently.

Things would have looked bad for her if Arthur hadn't decided to help her. He pulled out Excalibur, it was a sign for the others there would be a fight. They stormed out of there cover and attacked the surprised Saxons. Who where fewer in number, the Saxons where easily conquered. Gawain was the only one hurt, and the only thing he had was a cut on his forearm.

The girl stared at the knights with wide-eyes she obviously didn't know that there intentions where better than those of Saxons.

Dagonet walked over to her, but she shivered even more.

"Dage, I think we are a little to intimidating." Bors said. "Tristan to." He added throwing a glance at the smirking knight.

Dagonet nodded. "She's obviously not a Roman so Arthur shouldn't try. Lancelot and Gawain might not keep there hands to there selves. I think Galahad is the least threatening."

"Not funny Dagonet." Galahad said.

"He's right Galahad. Try to win the girls confidence." Arthur said nodding towards the girl.

Galahad slowly approached her and extended his hand.

She looked at it puzzlingly.

"We mean you no harm." Galahad said southing. She seemed to get it because she placed her hand in his.

Okay hope you enjoyed it, I think there will be more.

And just so you know the story isn't about the girl. Its about...someone else.

-xxx- BillieLiv

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