The silver winged falcon; part four; The Celtic village.

"Stop teasing him." Gawain smirked.

"Why? He's such an easy target." Lancelot said.

"Keep quite." Galahad said again. His temper was starting to show.

The knights saw the younger one his anger and thought it best to leave him be. Not longe after they arrived at a huge wooden gait. They saw Evan ride towards the gait.

"Fosgailte! Roimh tighearn Aiden!" Evan yelled. The knights know it meant something like "Open!"

The gait opened revealing a large village, a stone village. Many people where cheering and waving at the men who entered. Many women ran to the lady Myrna and embraced her.

"Nice people." Arthur said looking around.

"Beautiful village." Dagonet said, he looked at the beautiful trees and field flowers on the side of the dirt road.

"Knights!" Evan said ridding up to them. "Leave you're horses here. Let us see if we can find you some accommodation." He himself dismounted and waited for the knights to fallow his lead.

The knights did as he and dismounted there horses.

"Faire land you have here." Lancelot said looking at the women who where in the area.

"Thank you, it is mostly lady Myrna's work. She loves nature." Evan said leading the way.

"These people are more civilized than I thought." Galahad whispered to Arthur.

"I have heard many tales of the Celts and all say the same, The enjoy the fight and have a temper and are easily tempted to start a fight, but they are further kind and not bad mannered." Arthur whispered to the young knight. "And many soldiers fell in love with Celtic women, because of there beauty and simplicity." That last part he said with humour in his voice.

"Not funny Arthur." Galahad mumbled.

"Here it is." Evan said walking into a large house.

The men followed him inside.

"Falbala!" He called. Not long after a young women with thick blond hair and a rather curvy body entered the room.

"Lord Evan, how can I help you?" She asked she had a sweet voice.

"Do you have seven rooms?"

"Aye, upstairs." Falbala smiled.

"So this is a tavern." Lancelot said looking around.

Evan nodded.

"I'm Gawain dear Lady." Gawain said grabbing Falbala's hand and kissed it. Falbala looked like she wanted to laugh, badly...but instead gave him a small smile.

"I think you want to get ready for the feast this evening?" Falbala said pulling her hand from Gawains grasp.

"Feast?" Lancelot asked with a glint in his eyes. A feast was the perfect way to meet a woman.

"Aye, the first day of the winter started today." Falbala smiled. "Now follow me pleas." She said leading them up stairs, she brought them to a hallway.

"This is you're hallway milord's everything up here is for you. No excuse me I have work to do." She said and walked off.

"I'm afraid I most leave as well." Evan said turning his heal and leaving.

"These people are more civilized than most Romans." Bors said looking around.

"I agree, and pretty females as well." Gawain smirked.

"I know he was going to say that." Lancelot said amused.

The knights prepared for the feast and went downstairs at sunset. In the town squire there where many people dancing and laughing. There stood many tables around a the dancing place. The knights seated themselves on a table in the corner.

"Say, have you noticed all the women wear the same dress?" Gawain asked they others.

"Aye, they all wear the same long white dress, and there hear is let down." Lancelot said observing a woman with strawberry blond hair and see-green eyes.

"Are you enjoying you're selves?" A familiar voice asked from behind them. The knights turned there heads and saw Myrna. She looked very nice, her brown hair hung in front of here eyes and her eyes shone with joy, she had a rather childish look to here, yet she was grownup.

"Aye, but isn't there any bear?" Bors asked, he was trying to keep his manners in front of the young woman.

She nodded. "Elaine!"

The strawberry blond came walking over.

"Seadh." The blond said.

"Cane you bring them drinks?" Myrna asked.

"Of course Myrna." She said and walked of to wherever the bear was.

"Who is that Myrna?" Lancelot said patting the seat next to him.

"That is Elaine, one of my best friends." Myrna said sitting down next to him and Galahad.

"Is she married?"

"Elaine? Married? That's a good one." Myrna smiled. "She would never marry."

"Great." Lancelot grinned.

"How about Falbala?" Gawain asked Myrna.

Her eyes widened. "Stay away from Falbala! Everyone but Falbala!"


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