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Fairly Future Series 1: After Dark

Chapter One: The Airport to Paris

"Frumkey! Family aloooone time in Paris!" Tommy cheered.

"For the first time in FOREVER!" Tammy yelled.

"Shhhh!" Someone said next to them.

The Turners were in the airport, waiting for their plane to come and fly them to Paris.

"Kids, quiet down!" Tootie whispered harshly.

"Shhh! I'm getting to the good part!" Timmy hushed.

"You reading a book?" His wife asked curiously.

"Pfst, right," He waved the comic book in front of Tootie "Crimson Chin, I found it stored away in the garage."

Tootie sighed, and continued reading Cosmopolitan, with Cosmo and Wanda on the cover hugging each other.

"THAT'S where they are," Tammy whispered to herself.

"Stop talking to yourself," Tommy said.

"Not," she replied quickly.

"Are too."


"Are TOO."

"I doubt that's even a complete sentence!"

"Neither is 'NOT'."

"How would you know?"

"'Cause, I'm intelligence!" Tammy rolled her eyes to her brother's use of words.

"It's intelli-GENT, and you're far from that."

"Yeah? A-a-tt-at leaaasstttt..." Tommy stuttered "I'm...not a geek!"

"I'm a happy geek!" She snapped, and hid her face in a book.

"What you readin'?" Tommy asked.

"If you MUST know, history on Paris. I got it from the library," She turned another page of her book "It's actually interesting, for someone of YOUR standards anyway."

"Hey! Are you makin' fun of me in some smart way?"

Tammy remained quiet and continued reading the book. She suddenly came across a page that didn't seem to be there before. It looked like an article from the early 1900s, and it was from a Paris newspaper. The words were in French, but Tammy could make out the story because of the pictures.

The first picture showed a rectangular-house with a flat roof, arch-like windows, and a white balcony on top of the house. The second picture showed the house on fire, and the last showed two young girls. They were crying for some reason.

Maybe it was their house, Tammy thought. Poor girls.

Suddenly, the airport reported an announcement. "Attention, 9:00 flight to Paris, board now."

Certain people got up from their chairs and walked to the gate. Cosmo and Wanda poofed into Tommy's and Tammy's luggage.

Well, time for PARIS! It will be awesome, nothing can go wrong. Tammy thought. Darn it, Turner, gotta stop thinking that. I've read enough books to know that when someone thinks that, something DOES go wrong. She shook the thought out of her head, and headed to the gate with her family.

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