This is my first time with anything LOTR. Just a poem I made up when I got bored. Hore you like it.

My soul is fading as I walk amongst the dead woods.

The once beautiful forests of Middle Earth, now barren and cold.

My kin have all crossed the sea, leaving me in this doomed land.

Where are the green leaves of Mirkwood, the golden ones of Lothlórien?

Have they all forsaken me, fair-haired elf that I am?

Or have they just gone into the west without me?

The trees do not sing anymore, their voices faded away.

They used to greet me, but they greet me no longer.

They called me their prince, but I rule nothing now.

I never thought their time would end so.

When I was young I used to hide in the trees.

But now I cannot, because they are bare.

Why is it so dark in this dead forest?

Has the sun also died and left me?

As each day passes I feel more vacant, my soul drifting away.

I remember when I used to laugh in these woods, that happiness all but forgotten now.

I have never felt loneliness like this.

Friendships of old, only memories of the past.

The time of the elves is over.

I am the last to go.

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