PG-13/R After Rogue betrays Bobby, Iceman begins his descent into the dark side, along Pyro in the Brotherhood. NO SLASH!

Pairings: Rogue/Iceman, Pyro/OC with Iceman/OC and Pyro/Rogue scenes.

Disclaimer: All of the X-Men and the world in which they exist are owned by Marvel Comics, with which I am in no way affiliated. Only the character of Shane "Apex" Troy belongs to and was created by me.


If Jean was still alive, her problems would be different, Rogue thought, sitting outside of Professor Xavier's office. After her tearful outburst in Theology class, she knew why Kurt had sent her to see him. After Bobby left, Rogue had cracked, because everyone knew it was her fault. The door opened as Jubilee left, smiling while talking animatedly to the Professor about Benjamin Franklin. It was no wonder - Jubilee's power made her so intrigued by the world of electricity.

As Jubilee saw Rogue, however, her face fell into a somber look of near pity as she attempted to regain a polite smile.

"Hey Marie... um, you wanna go over our English homework tonight?" Rogue muttered an almost inaudible 'sure-I-guess' and the Professor nodded that it was now time for Jubilee to exit. She walked off, and Rogue found herself wanting to gag at that horrible yellow jacket. Stupid little bi-

"Now, Miss D'Ancanto, surely you can find better thoughts about your friend than that." The Professor drawled with his British voice, waving her into the room, wheeling off as she followed him. "Now, what can you tell me about the incident in Professor Wagner's room?"

"I don't really wanna talk about it," she replied in her slight Southern accent, the two extreme dialects clashing immensely.

"Would you like for me to look?"

"Professor, I'll thank you kindly not to go into my head. It's kind of full of private stuff right now."

"Would you feel better discussing this with, say, Ororo?"

"I'd feel better discussing this all with Jean."

"Rogue, as mutants, we do have many powers, some of which have not yet been realized by the ones who control them, but as far as Cerebro can tell me, I have not yet found anyone to bring Jean back."

"I know," she whispered, her chin wavering.

"This has something to do with Robert's recent disappearance?"

"Professor, please don't read my thoughts," she said, and he reached out to wipe away one quiet tear as it rolled down her cheek. He didn't stay long enough to be affected by her noxious skin.

"I didn't. Go see Storm," he commanded.


Storm stood in the medical ward, looking at Rogue. She could remember such a happy girl back before Bobby left - even after Jean's death, her and Bobby had grown even closer. But after Bobby had up-and-left unannounced last month, she had turned back into that quiet hermit that she and Scott had found in the snow. "Well, you're not pregnant."